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Helping Real Estate Professionals since 2005, our CEO Jeff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the digital, branding & media world to Realtors® in order to help them succeed.

Version 4.04 Released With New Features & Bug Fixes

This morning Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. version 4.04 was released with numerous new bug fixes and some new features. 4.04 Release Notes (February 20th, 2015) When featuring MLS® listings, the screen would freeze after processing. This has been resolved. Menu labels on the new navigation system glitch fixed (only applicable to sites set up [...]

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Plan your Xmas Shopping Ahead & Get it Done Stress-free

The holidays are here and besides having fun with your family & friends is also time to get crazy doing your Christmas shopping, right? Well, at least for most of people holiday shopping means congested malls, crowded stores and a tireless search for the perfect gift for those that you care about. But here is [...]

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Christmas Gift List Tips To Stay Within Budget & Get Everything In Time

Start your Xmas gift list on Google Spreadsheets! Remembering everybody on Santa's list while keeping in budget can be a stressful thing during every Christmas season. Fortunately there are technologies you can use to make this process much simpler. Using Google Spreadsheets, you can make a list you can access from your computer, smartphone, tablets [...]

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Brixwork Version 4.0 development underway

We are excited beyond anything to announce that the new version 4.0 of Brixwork is under development. It actually has been for several weeks now, and this is our first official release on the status of development. The overall direction of the new and improved version is to make the back-end much easier to use [...]

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4 Key Benefits of a Clutter-Free Navigation on Your Real Estate Website

4 Key Benefits of a Clutter-Free Navigation on Your Real Estate Website Many agents ask “Can I add unlimited pages?” and our answer is NO. Not because our Brixwork system cannot do it, but because we are firm believers in the “less is more” mantra. Too many navigation elements at the top of [...]

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5 Realtor® Branding Myths, And How To Avoid Mistakes

The term Branding can be an ambiguous word for many business people. When many so-called graphic designers cannot even get a full grasp of it, it is hard to define what exactly is entailed in this branding process. Our Realtor® Branding Services comprehensively address all the objectives you have when it comes to branding [...]

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