Ken Stef


Ken Stef Custom Illustrated Branding, mobile-responsive Realtor® Website with Cinematic Intro, essential stationery and marketing material for both digital & print. Custom-Illustrated Branding Hand-drawn, from scratch - it's the only way we do our custom illustrated branding in order to help our clients stand [...]

Joe Isberg


Type-Art Branding Bringing an extensive corporate and financial management background through one of the largest corporations in Canada, Joe wanted to present himself as the result-oriented, investment-savvy Realtor® that he is with an affinity for great numbers and results. To establish his authority in the competitive Vancouver real [...]

Kevin Lam


Hand-Lettered Branding An initial is just an initial until our talented design team hand-crafts it into a unique masterpiece! A fully custom hand-drawn branding scheme ensures a unique piece just for Kevin - one can imitate it, but can never replicate it. The accompanying colour and typeface scheme [...]

Neacsu Denner


Neacsu Denner Custom Branding, Mobile-Responsive Website, Stationery, Print & Digital Media Branding Coming up with a simple, timeless branding that will stand the test of time was a challenging process. To achieve this result, we went through a lengthy discovery process to find a [...]

West Coast Ivana


West Coast Ivana (Ivana Smolcic) Type-Art Branding, Website, Stationery, Print & Digital Media   Type-Art Branding Ivana wanted to break out from the norm, and emphasize her West Coast presence strongly through her branding. Another aim was to bring the focus of the brand [...]

Selling Vancity (Tina Yarn)


Selling Vancity For Tina Yarn - Branding, Mobile Responsive Website   Branding Tina wanted a brand that emphasizes her presence in the beautiful city of Vancouver - and she had already acquired a most attractive domain, Revolving around this concept, we created a [...]

Alice Rei Ho


A truly unique and multi-cultural branding system designed for Alice Rei Ho. Our Chinese Calligraphy Branding starts with our master calligrapher's unique, hand-drawn artwork. Alice is a Vancouver real estate agent with international exposure and we delivered that message through her mobile responsive website.

Chas Woodyer


Chas Woodyer (Realtor®) Branding, Real Estate Website & Stationery Design Bringing his global experience in a multitude of industries, Chas Woodyer is a new entry into the foray of Vancouver Real Estate, and we had the privilege of designing a beautiful branding scheme for him. With a material-design concept [...]