Chris Sieffert


One of  our most elegant hand-lettered branding projects to date, this brought the unique yet simple distinction to Chris' brand that he always wanted. The ensuing stationery design and website launch helped compliment this hand-crafted branding scheme, and solidify his presence in the competitive West Vancouver real estate market.

The Williamsons


One of the Brixwork originals, Jesse and Monique approached Brixwork for a re-modelling of their business and catapult it to the next level. A clean and elegant W emblem, with eloquent colours and typography to convey a sense of commitment to tradition & family, coupled with their modern & progressive marketing, was created for this wonderful husband & [...]

Liv Properties


Looking The Part Chic, modern, crisp & bold - such is Sophia's approach in the real estate market in Vancouver. The LIV PROPERTIES branding embodies her personality & style. Growth To A Team The vision was greater than just an individual Realtor®. To make this dream happen, the re-brand cemented the team [...]

Chas Woodyer

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Bringing his global experience in a multitude of industries, Chas Woodyer is a new entry into the foray of Vancouver Real Estate, and we had the privilege of designing a beautiful branding scheme for him. With a material-design concept inspired paper-ribbon W emblem, along with strong & bold typography, finished off with a beautiful cobalt-blue, [...]

Brock Smeaton


We created an iconic, unique and distinct branding scheme for one of West Vancouver's most prestigious real estate agents with an established record of excellence in luxury real estate sales. The customized website we built showcases the large photos & videos of luxury West Vancouver Listings to the world, in a mobile-responsive website.

VPG Realty


Good People, Great Agents! VPG Realty Inc. and Brixwork put some heads together to come up with new and clean marketing material that differentiates this unique, customer-focused brokerage. The marketing material procured for VPG truly stands by its commitment to be customer-centric, information-first, and beautifully designed. Providing something different for Realtors® who want to bring [...]