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Cast Your Votes For The Re-Branding of Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc.

1 April 2015

Every company has to evolve, and what better way to keep fresh than to keep rebranding over and over, every 2 years? That’s why Brixwork is going through a re-branding, and here are some candidates we wanted to share with you.

Candidate #1

Nothing says new technology and innovation like insanely decorated metallic textures!

Nothing says new technology and innovation like insanely decorated metallic textures!

We are an innovative, high-tech organization constantly moving forward with our focus on mobile experience as well as researching better ways to get noticed by Google. What better way to portray that than a Terminator 3 style branding & logo scheme, with heavy textures all around? Top that with gradients and bevels to create a truly 3D looking effect that are almost impossible to print reliably and we have a potential winner. Oh, and did we mention using the exact same font for the tagline as well as the logo to double-shove our brand down your throat?

Candidate #2

Nothing says warmth better than a poorly drawn flower.

Nothing says “welcome” better than a poorly drawn flower.

A logo has to be friendly, like a slobbering 9 week old puppy. That’s why we tried a combination of the Comic Sans font, along with a hand-drawn style font called “5thGrader” to give it that childish warmth. And nothing says “I’m important” like TRIPLE exclamation marks at the end!!! As a decorative measure we put the tagline on a curved path too. Flat is just boring! Oh, and did you notice the flower? People love flowers! Give them flowers and exclamation points!!!

Candidate #3

Because everybody else has been using it, we wanted to jump on board.

Because everybody else has been using it, we wanted to jump on board.

Trajan Pro is a great font. It was used by just about every other real estate agent in West Vancouver in the last 10 years or so, after it was heavily abused by too many Hollywood movie titles & posters in the 2000′s. If everybody else is using it, it must be good, so we are SOLD! After all, who cares about standing out – it’s about fitting in like the rest. Monkey-see, Monkey-do should be how marketing works. Forget originality! We improved it further by putting some gradients on to make it even less versatile to use on any other media than digital, then topped it with a generic fancy scrolling curvy thingy to make it look even more kitschy.

Cast Your Votes for a Chance to WIN!

You have three wonderful candidates to choose from to become our next logo, and we appreciate your feedback. Please comment below, and share this page with your friends on Facebook, to help us get the popular opinion.

Among those who cast your ballots by commenting on this post, or on Facebook, your prize is a unicorn – the same one that Kim Jong-Un found in the mountains of North Korea.


Prize – a Unicorn from North Korea! – Photograph by Alamy


Written on April 1st by Jeff Kee

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CEO & Director of Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc., with over a decade of industry experience and expertise. Jeff is passionate about helping real estate agents achieve their sales goals through effective and innovative design.
  • Jeff

    Definitely #1. I mean you are in the home demolition business, right?

    • Jeff Kee

      Death metal blares in the background as we work.

  • firebrand13

    Number 3 for sure, very classy

  • Nash

    Worst April Fools Joke Ever

  • Ryan Alty

    Is this a joke? Number 3 fo so yo

    • Jeff Kee

      April Fool’s haha. Basically we’re mocking all the poor execution methods of branding we would never implement on our jobs. Trajan pro being overused on every other logo is one of our biggest pet peeves!!! So many agencies cheap out and just do that though.

      • Ryan Alty

        haha thought so

  • Kayvon Motamed

    #3… But, have you considered instead of #1, a “brick” style, to go with the name?

    • Jeff Kee

      This iwas an april fool’s joke. #3 was a joke because there’s a certain branding firm that has used this same font on DOZENS of their clients’ logos in the North Shore. We would never go for something so typical and kitschy.

      • Kayvon Motamed

        good. that’s what i was hoping for!