We’ve been busy (as usual) to bring you some more upgrades, and here they are. This week’s updates mostly revolve around search engine optimization, and the update is on the homes section. Keyword density on your website is very important to gain higher rankings on Google, and here’s how we can help you.

Keywords and meta

Meta Title

Meta Titles are fundamental for SEO purposes. The goal here is to use an accurate, but concise description of your listing as Google only displays the first 55 characters of a meta title. It’s important to not overlook them since they appear in three places: at the top of browser and in tabs, on Search Engine results pages, and on external websites. When you write tour meta title, keep prospective visitors in mind: what keywords will they type ? What title will compel them to click on your website ?

Meta Description

Apart from the actual home description that you get to enter on each of your listings (MLS® fed listings have default description only), you can also set up a custom description that will show on Google’s search results. This field is limited to 156 characters. Our new SEO tab on the home editing screen allows you to enter this description manually. With a blank description, the home description will be used (but truncated to 156 characters automatically). Keywords are used to identify the subjects and related concepts of each page. While these keywords are not visible to the common eye of the visitors, the search engines look at these items to determine your content.

Custom URL slug

For the longest time we’ve offered a rich URL scheme that includes the full address and city name of the listing in order to be more clear to the human eye, as well as give more relevance to the page on search engines. It seems like our competition is barely keeping up on this matter – Ubertor just recently moved away from the poor URL structure they had before (property.php?id=13413). Now we’re giving you even more options – you can customize the way your property page URL reads any way you like. That being said, we recommend you leave the address/city values as it is. Some great ways to leverage this would be:


Like this, you can emphasize some key features of the listing to increase your performance on google over that of competitors’ sites.