3 Benefits of Having Community
Guide Pages on your Website

Community pages on your real estate website are a great way to attract new visitors and can help you define your niche on your website. Our analytics show that longer time spent on a website with more pageviews can increase customer engagement and our community detail pages deliver just that. Brixwork offers various custom design options for these pages and we ensure that each page is created for an easy and optimal user experience as they guide you through the best of each community.


You’re not just another Realtor® in Vancouver, or Toronto, or Edmonton, you’re THE go-to Realtor® and you want that to be known! Neighbourhood pages are great at keeping your visitors engaged and ready to gain more insight into your areas of expertise.

  • The neighbourhoods you specialize in are outlined in any layout and format you want to easily navigate where to explore more of next.

  • It helps to subtly showcase the depth of knowledge you have of the region by providing brief descriptions, highlights, stats and photos.

  • Neighbourhood pages are a useful tool for clients to learn more about different neighbourhoods and especially helpful for out-of-towners.


The Filer & Welch Real Estate Group specializes in Metro Vancouver real estate and we created beautiful neighbourhood pages for them.
Filer & Welch has guide pages for Vancouver neighbourhoods like Fairview, Olympic Village, Coal Harbour, and more.

Victoria Homes Group's Community Page desktop mockup

Oracle Group's Community Page tablet mockup


These neighbourhood pages are keyword gold mines for Google!
If you are trying to rank in certain neighbourhoods as your hyper-local specialization or farm a neighbourhood, you face a lot of competition to get those top spots on Google’s search results. Custom content pages related to city/neighbourhood names are great for long-term Google ranking as they associate organic, helpful content with your web presence.

  • Each neighbourhood page has space for you to write and describe the key highlights of the neighbourhood, list local amenities, etc.

  • You can highlight the average price of homes, townhomes and condos

  • All MLS® listings are frequently updated on your neighbourhood pages.

This leads to more frequent crawling of MLS® listings as more listings are brought up to the forefront. When you couple these custom content filled pages with an SEO campaign, results are proven to be explosive, just take a look at the Esposito Team’s results.


Custom curated content makes all of the difference in keeping visitors on your website for longer as it tends to be of interest to potential clients. The more appealing content you have on your site, the more time people spend on it. This allows more brand exposure and awareness of your name. Interesting content also entices visitors to view more pages and gives you a better chance at converting that lead into a client. Our MLS integration can also allow you to display up-to-date real estate statistics and neighbourhood-specific average home prices too!


Take a look at these neighbourhood pages:

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    • Main neighbourhood intro image

    • Neighbourhood description and highlights

    • Google Maps embedded with location

    • Newest MLS® listings in that community


    • Walk Score®, HoodQ, parks & schools nearby

    • Shopping, restaurants & other amenities

    • Photo galleries & Video Intro

    • MLS® stats for houses, condos, townhomes, etc. 

    Having a neighbourhood page on your website makes it a one-stop-shop with all the details, highlights, photos and most importantly all of the MLS® listings in that area. These community pages are great landing pages for potential clients, whether it’s someone Googling a community, having it linked to your Instagram bio, or linking it to each suitable listing.