5 Trending Custom Modules
To Elevate Your Website in 2024!

We use these web design modules to add finesse to our real estate websites!

Plastic dashboards and fake shiny handles will do the job, but luxury vehicles feature leather-bound interiors with real chrome, and customers pay more for that feeling of decadence.

Websites are the same – here are modules that improve customer perceptions of you dramatically, resulting in better online performance!

Deliver The Big Picture Beautifully

#4 – Full-Screen Navigation System

Got lots to say and offer, but don’t want a cluttered menu with dropdowns after dropdowns? Full-screen menus that pan out on click are your solution!

  • Showcase the full range you offer in a glance
  • Well-branded thoroughly for a wholesome feel
  • Better grouping of menu items in columns and rows

More Than Just Looks – These Modules Deliver Real Business Results

Not only do they make your website look and feel several levels up, they also have a practical impact to delivering better business results and achieving sales objectives.


Better Value Communication

The strengths and edges of your business are conveyed better and faster with these intelligent modules.


More Brand Engagement

Keep more eyes on your pages longer for more brand awareness, and deliver your offerings with clarity.


Set The Bar Even Higher

Getting better clients and more revenue starts with setting the right tone – don’t look cheap and flimsy.

“Custom Designed” is more than just a nice photo with a cool caption over it

Proper custom design is about more than just nice looks. It’s about understanding the business objective and innovating a better way to deliver it on digital and traditional medium.

MLS® Integrated Doesn’t Have To Be Cookie-Cutter

We deliver some of the best-in-class websites that reflect unique brands to perfection that look like they came out of different agencies rather than built on the same real estate specific SaaS platform. Powerful website add-ons such as the neighbourhood/community guide module, or the building/presale module for farming specific developments/stratas show how strategic and intentional our custom web development services can be.

Take a look at our recent portfolio along with our website customization services to explore more options and draw inspiration for your next step in building up your real estate footprint online.

Ready To Invest Into More Than A Generic Template Website?