904, 2018

Brixwork Version 4.4 Launching With Speed & Function updates

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Further to our listings fetch mechanism upgrade, the page fetch upgrade marks another major overhaul to improve our entire system for faster page loads, as well as reduced lags during peak times. Other upgrades for better Mailchimp integration as well as

203, 2018

SSL Now Available on Brixwork Real Estate Websites!

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Real estate websites perform better on Google while offering peace-of-mind for visitors willing to submit their contact information on their websites. Brixwork is happy to offer this add-on service at a nominal monthly cost.

3001, 2018

Angell Hasman & Associates Websites Showcase

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With an incomparable volume of luxury sales in West and North Vancouver, Angell Hasman & Associates has established themselves as one of the leading elite brokerages in Vancouver. With this high reputation in mind, we developed some of the most beautiful websites for Angell Hasman as well a number of individual Realtors. Proud to present such an esteemed team, today we are showcasing a broad range of their websites, from templated sites to fully customized masterpieces.

2912, 2017

Launching New Content Curation & Editing Services

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We are excited to unveil a new service category to further help our clients save time, get the most out of their websites, and stand out from the competition. Learn more about our new content curation & editing services, and how our team at Brixwork can help you can add unique, search engine aware content to your website.

512, 2017

Do It Yourself SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 2

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Setting up your SEO tools is vital but maintenance is key! In the second article of this two-part post, read about the 5 essential steps to take for your own listings to improve your search engine ranking over the long term.

1011, 2017

Do It Yourself SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 1

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Web searches and online presence is a critical way for Realtors to earn more business. In the first article of this two-part post, Learn how utilizing a variety of SEO tools can help improve your search engine ranking and the increase the odds of those results leading to new clients!

1309, 2017

Photo width and height ratios, landscape and portrait, and cropping

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Photos often need to be cropped on our real estate websites, or for social media posting for agent/listing promotion. We created a definitive guide on preparing and cropping photos to best represent your business and your properties.

1009, 2017

Notable Real Estate Websites Launched in 2017

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Cinematic intros, better mobile browsing modules, and infographic-centric designs help our real estate agents acquire and retain even more website traffic. Marketing is competitive - and our new design module & trends can help you lead the charge!

1007, 2017

The Downfalls of Single-Property Websites and The Better Solution

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While single-property websites may look enticing with their own easy & short domains, changing up your own real estate listing detail page will have much better results in the longer term, and more cost-effective.