Social Media Postings Custom Designed for Realtors®

Having a consistent presence on Social Media is now widely accepted as a standard, no longer an option. Competition for a piece of the real estate market in major Canadian/US cities is heating up, and with more social media outlets the opportunities to reach more leads grows as well.

Consistent brand presence is one of the most critical aspects of any real estate agent’s marketing strategy, and the Brixwork team is always working hard to bring innovative design products to help our agents achieve this with more efficiency and frequency.

More real estate professionals are ramping up their activity on Instagram & Facebook.

Don’t miss out, don’t be left behind, don’t be cut out of future deals.

These transactions will happen one way or another, with or without you.

Our custom designed Instagram postings can help you reach more people, grow your lead base, and increase referrals.

Showcase, Show-Off Your Brand & Listings

  • Custom-designed to your branding & needs

  • Repetition & consistency for long-term brand-awareness

  • Information & Intrigue based design for more attention!

  • Remind people who you are – your local Realtor®, and a very good one!

  • Reach an even larger audience through discoveries & hashtags!

Success Breeds Even More Success!

  • Show how active and busy you are as a Realtor®!

  • Drive more website traffic, as well as open house visits!

  • Even more reach & traffic is possible through PropertySpark Ads!

  • Get more LIKES and FOLLOWS on your accounts – they snowball!

  • Other creative designs are available – show off your sales stats, sale price/asking price ratio, or days on market!

Get The Design Started Now!

Expand Your Reach Further!

Easier than you think – more cost-efficient than ever! Try self-managed Instagram & Facebook through our partner, PropertySpark!