Brixwork has gone through many changes in 2011, with more to come in 2012. In order to streamline updating Brixwork {real estate} on each client’s website system, we’ve made some key upgrades to the file structure:

  • Centralizing the javascript & css libraries
  • Utilizing smart plug-ins for quicker loading, more unified functionality
  • Clients’ code referring back to the master repository for file fetching
  • Increasing code backward-compatibility

With these upgrades done, we have finally moved onto a distribution chain upgrade; an automatic upgrade module. Note that this is available only on newer clients (2011 January and after). If you are on a legacy system & pricing plan, your site needs to be updated manually (additional charges apply) before you can get on the automatic upgrade system.

Happy 2012 From Sonika Studios Inc.

The automatic upgrade module is a secured file exchange mechanism with full security of all code & data; it seamlessly integrates the admin interface files, as well as the object handler files that determine how data is fed & displayed on your website. Only the centralized files are being updated; there are files created uniquely for each & every realtor, and those files are not affected by the upgrade module.

As of now, we plan to insert the upgrade module on a weekly check & update schematic. Manual updates are not available, as we are still ironing out some backward compatibility issues throughout, and each update has to be checked by our staff. The upgrade module was currently tested properly only on – we will be making further tests, and increase the distribution to most of our Brixwork {real estate} clients!

Lastly.. Happy New Year! We wish all of our clients (and future clients), distributors, partners, designers & coders, providers of plugins and 3rd party assets a great 2012. Special thanks to creators behind PHP, the jQuery Team, the jQueryUI Team, MoxieCode, Github, Mokamedia and many many others.