We have made yet another upgrade to your software, and we are now celebrating the launch of version 3.7.2. The launch of the previous update, 3.7.1, was about a month ago, which introduced the new extended login mechanism, better photo gallery management, and more features.

Flexible Real Estate Listing Sorting Function

One of the most anticipated features that add on to our MLS® Search system was the ability to display the listings by price, square footage etc. Now your website visitors are able to order the listings by listed price, size of the property, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the listed date – in both ascending and descending order as they wish.

This search/sort function features a very smooth & responsive user interface that leverages jQuery & jQueryUI’s functionality for a rich web experience. The search functions are also mobile friendly – it will show up just fine on iPads, iPhones, Androids & Blackberries.

Better MLS® data exchange

Prior to this update, when our Realtor® clients designate a listing as his/her “OWN” listing, it was no longer affected by the MLS® data feed. This was an inconvenience when there is a listing price drop, or if an incorrect value (such as the square footage of a home) had to be rectified. Now, critical data such as price/sqft/bedroom/bathroom are periodically synced with the MLS® database, regardless of whether it’s your own listing or not – so price drops can be reflected automatically as soon as the MLS® database feeds that change to our BRIXWORK servers. 

“No Image Ready” display fixed

On some clients’ websites, when an image of a property is unavailable, the “NO IMAGE YET” replacement image was not appearing at the proper size. That issue has been rectified.

Other Bug Fixes And Security Updates

There were numerous small bugs & security updates made. One of the issues include the inability to delete certain images from the property gallery – that issue has been resolved.

How to Best Leverage Your Search Functions

Our search function is innovative in the sense that each search generates a fully descriptive URL that contains the data of the search. In plain English, this means you can share the URL of any search result, and the recipients will see the exact results pre-populated, and are able to further manipulate the search from that point on. This means that you can easily share listing search results with clients, and post these results on forums, blogs, social media engines (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and your visitors will see exactly what you see!

Search results can be shared easily!

Try an example here: on Yujin’s website, we’ve created a search for Port Moody Townhomes with at least 2 bed/2 bath, ordered by highest price to lowest price. This link can be posted anywhere by copy-pasting the URL in the address bar! Or you can also hit the Tweet/Facebook LIKE/Google+ buttons to share the results instantly to your social networks.

This has several benefits to our Realtor® clients:

  • Maintain full branding of yourself when presenting listing search results
  • Generate more niche-specific traffic to your site, directly to search result pages. People are impatient – give them what they want right away!
  • Increase your position on Google with more listing search results such as this, by posting this URL to your social networks, 3rd party websites/blogs/forums, and more!