BRIXWORK version 3.8.3 is to be released overnight, ready for you by Friday morning (October 19th). This update includes several bugfixes and features throughout the back-end as well as some other SEO related features.

Updates To The Admin Section

Drag And Re-Order module glitch fixed

There was a minor glitch on the new drag & reorder module that we released a short while back, where if the mouse is off the target by just a pixel it would select the drag icon, causing confusion. This has been addressed.

MLS® Listing to OWN Listing Convertor Error Fixed

The format of the tax field of the MLS® system (Vancouver/Fraser Valley Real Estate Board) was causing a glitch. This was tested well a while back, so we suspect a slight format change on the board’s part. When converting MLS® listings to OWN listings, our system was picking up only the first digit of the tax amount ($3,297 was turning into $3.00 due to this error). This has been rectified. If you have recently converted any MLS® listings to your OWN listings, it is important that you edit those listings to update the tax records manually. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Updates To The Front-End Features

Contact Form Made Convenient

The previous versions of the contact forms had a behaviour where it empties itself after an email has been sent to avoid duplicates. However this posed a problem when somebody wanted to send a second email right away, because the name/email/phone fields would also be reset. We upgraded our scripts so that only the content & the CAPTCHA visual verification fields are emptied, making it easier for your visitors to write another email to you immediately after the previous one.

Pinterest Buttons Available (optional)

Pinterest Is a Premium Social Media Outlet

Each listing detail pages can now show a Pin-to-Pinterest button beside the pre-existing Facebook/Twitter/Google+ buttons. This is an optional feature – if you want this enabled, please contact our support desk. To see a sample of the Pinterest button active, check out Mel Montgomery or Jesse Williamson‘s websites.

In case you don’t know what Pinterest is, here are Pinterest demographics that will make you want to use Pinterest more actively!

Google XML Sitemaps Available (optional)

We already announced this minor update a few days back – Google XML Sitemaps are now available upon request. Read this update article on the XML Sitemap for more details.