We Help Builders & Developers
Market Their New Homes Better

Builders and Presales of All Scales Deserve To (and need to) Look Their Best!

Impress potential buyers on first glance, and your odds of selling out improve significantly (and probably will sell quicker too). The new build scene is more competitive than ever – make sure you get the best foot forward!

High-Grade brand presence isn’t just for Concord Pacific or BOSA Properties anymore!

Connecting You To The Right Buyers In Style

Great first impressions lead to better inventory movement. Our expertise in real estate runs deep, and our taste in design reaches far.


Presale Campaigns

From branding to websites, presentation kits, email and social media graphics, to Full Funnel Flow Ad Campaigns.



Our real estate first platform makes it easy to manage your website showcasing all of your projects & photos!


Environmental Graphics & Signage

Site signage & hoarding, showroom interior design – our boutique agency services cover the physical world too!

Mockup of The Southbend's website displaying on a mobile phone, laptop, and tablet

The Southbend – Townhomes (Nanaimo, BC)

A Modern Presale Branding & Marketing Project

Built by Akers Property Solutions, these 47 townhomes in the heart of Nanaimo needed the best image possible, and we delivered.

  • A modern and striking logo design became the foundation
  • A premium presale website with a site plan + floorplans module
  • Stunning location and activities graphics to enhance the presentation

JTB Installations (Metro Vancouver, BC)

Showcasing a Unique Niche Trade To The World

James Bates’ team at JTB provides some of the best looking (and functional) high-end glazing, exterior cladding, and interior glass work that elevates all of their projects to the next level.

  • Storytelling design of their key services and products
  • Showcase their top projects and awards with visual finesse
  • Designed with an open concept look to represent their style
Mockups of JTB Installations' website displayed on multiple devices.
Branding mockups for Azure Properties Group on various stationery and website displayed on tablet.

Azure Properties Group (Lower Mainland, BC)

A Family Legacy Of Building Communities, Re-born!

From land acquisition to construction management, Azure is a powerhouse as far as home development goes in BC.

  • A re-brand set the foundation for the full revamp of their presence everywhere
  • Stunning animated infographics that showcase their development process
  • Upscale and elegant design throughout to convey their well-established status

If Products Sold Themselves, Marketing Wouldn’t Exist As An Industry

The amount of interest you invoke, the depth of trust you convey, and the scale of excitement you generate makes a big difference in how well and fast your projects sell out.

Brand Awareness Through Design

Consistency across print, digital and physical presence is critical to build the brand awareness you need to compete. Brixwork is not just a website platform provider for real estate – we are also a boutique brand & design agency.

We are militant when it comes to brand consistency. This is a terrible trait for partners, but a great trait for a design agency.

Purposeful Designs With Meaning

Slapping a caption or a quote over a nice photo isn’t enough. Our strategic infographics, crafty amenities maps, and intuitive interactive floor plates to floorplan modules are just one of the few things that set us apart from the rest of the pack.

Want to know more about how much deep thought and effort goes into our projects?