We are excited to release yet another upgrade, to version 3.7.5. Along with many minor bug fixes and text changes, the most significant upgrade is the Buyers & Sellers inquiry forms.

Update #1 – Buyers & Sellers Forms

After a long debate on whether we should include this feature or not as a standard item, we have finally decided to give it a go. There was not enough demand for this previously, and also there was speculation on whether this would be effective since longer forms are less likely to be filled out.

The buyers form gathers relevant info from your customers

To see a demo implementation of this feature, you can visit Jacob Strigan’s buyers form here. This is the first implementation of this feature, and the same website also has the sellers form located under the “Selling” tab. The buyers form includes the following data capture fields:

  • Name, phone & email
  • Timeframe of purchase
  • Which city & neighbourhood
  • What type of property
  • The size and price range
  • and more
The sellers form gathers similar data, except geared more towards the specifics of the property that is to hit the market so that you can get information on the potential listing.

The above feature has been deprecated as of 2015.

Having more fields to fill out makes it less likely for visitors to fill out content. We have completely removed this feature and will never offer it again. It’s our job to get leads for our Realtors. The data mining & interview is to be done after the initial contact has been made, and these forms only turned people away due to its cumbersome nature.

Update #2 – Virtual Tour Fields Integrated

Now a “Virtual Tour” field is included in your back-end (found under the details tab, while editing property details). You can enter the full URL to a virtual tour webpage prepared by a vendor of your choice (if applicable), and the link can appear on the listing detail page. You can see a demo implementation on Dan Goluboff & Charlie Cameron’s property page. Note that having a photo gallery on the virtual tour page is redundant and not necessary, as the BRIXWORK websites feature a fantastic photo gallery that works on all mobile devices.

Also available on MLS® integrated listings

The MLS® listing pool also has a field for virtual tour URLs, so this is not restricted just on your OWN listings. This feature can be enabled for all listings on the system.

To enable this feature on your website

Same deal as above – to add this feature, please submit a support ticket and we’ll take care of it for you. Charges may apply in some cases. There is an important downside to note however – whenever there is a virtual tour link on a property, that URL will belong to a 3rd party website or the listing agent’s website, so there is a risk that your viewers may end up leaving your site – use at your own risk. The best way to mitigate this is to create a true video tour and upload it to Youtube. Our system supports seamless embedding of Youtube videos on our property detail pages, without any 3rd party webpages showing up.

Coming Soon!

I know we’ve been discussing this for quite some time – QR codes are coming on the next update. We’ve been busy ironing out other details on our software to provide a more stable & better experience.