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How Brixwork 4.5 Brings You More Traffic With Faster MLS® Sync2021-02-23T22:20:20+00:00

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How Brixwork 4.5 Brings You More Traffic

In August we tested version 4.5 of the Brixwork Real Estate Website platform. It enabled more frequent MLS® syncs in most of the boards we cover (excludes any real estate board data supplied by CREA DDF). This has been launched in September 2019, and we are excited to share the details behind it!

. . .

How Does This Help Our MLS® Reciprocity Subscribers?

New content loaded frequently means your website is more up to date. This results in Google™ increasing the crawl frequency of your website. Ultimately this leads to your website showing up on more search results, at higher rank positions, for street/address/neighbourhood searches!

More Relevant Google Traffic leads to More high-quality Leads!

The Brixwork platform always allowed our Realtors® to live-query any listings by MLS # to quickly feature their own listings within minutes of it going live. The rest of the listings were synced 3~4 times a day. This has been improved to almost every hour during the day & early evening (12+ syncs per day).

Other Upgrades For Even Better Performance

Further optimizations have been made throughout the system for even better performance faster load-times, and better listing photo sync.

  • Photo storage and timestamping improved for all MLS® regions – smarter storage, faster load times, reduced bandwidth!

  • Smarter global cache systems mean listings & photos load even faster than before, especially for repeat customers!

  • Improved the sync mechanism to reduce bandwidth & delays by over 9x for every MLS® region.

  • Increased default photo size for TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) listings.

  • Optimized file storage mechanisms & sizes to reduce overflow storage (cost savings passed onto you – our monthly fees have increased only once in 3+ years so far).

  • MLS® Sync logging mechanism improved to handle the increased load and allow easier troubleshooting in case there are issues.

  • WordPress core version 5.2.3 has just been released, and websites with Blogs will be automatically upgraded (if not done already).

Always Be Better Than Yesterday

This is one of the mottos we live by, and the ongoing investment of time and resources by our team is our way of living up to our words while delivering better value to all of our loyal (and newly onboarding) clients.

The degree of expansion & improvements could not be possible without the great infrastructure that Amazon Web Services provides us! We are proud to be on the best cloud in the world, enabling us to work faster than ever to deliver better performance to our real estate professionals.


Jeff Kee & The Development Team

Create an online presence built to impress. Let us be part of your team.

    This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

    Hiring – Office Admin & Customer Support Position (Maternity Leave Contract)2019-02-15T02:19:47+00:00

    This position has been filled. Thank you for your applications!

    We are looking to fill an Office Admin & Customer Support Agent for a Maternity Leave

    This is a maternity leave fill-in position, valid for 10 to 12 months, depending on when the incumbent staff member chooses to return. If the current staff member who’s about to go on maternity leave chooses to NOT return to the position, there is a possibility of extending the position to a permanent full-time role.

    Start Date: 2018-01-21

    We have an opening for an entry level office admin & customer support agent, and here’s what we need help with:

    Does the following describe you?

    • Meticulously organized & disciplined.
    • Like to keep clean spreadsheets & records.
    • Enjoy keeping invoices/payments tracked with precision
    • Eager to help & provide communication between clients and production team
    • Able to meet monthly task cycles & deadlines
    • Have a good handle of written & spoken English
    • Quick at learning new skills on new software and understanding numbers at a glance

    The chosen candidate will be working out of our Gastown studio in Downtown Vancouver. Foreign contractors need not apply as we have a very strict policy of our entire workforce operating out of our Vancouver Headquarters. This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 standard hours.

    Your Primary Duties

    • Handle inbound inquiries via phone or email from new and existing clients

    • Disperse & assign emails as they come in to the right staff/department

    • Organize new projects/tasks into our project management platform

    • Create new invoices, recurring monthly invoices & incidental invoices

    • Track & log payments, collections, and account suspensions for delinquent accounts

    • Provide content entry & photo upload support for websites

    • Provide basic (non-technical) tech support for clients

    • Provide executive assistant services on occasion for the CEO

    Technical Knowledge & Skills

    • Comfortable with basic software (spreadsheets & word processing)

    • High level of written and spoken English skills

    • Understand cloud drives and docs such as Google Drive/Docs/Sheets and Dropbox

    • Basic sense of invoices & receivables (payment & collection)

    • Comfortable with basic numbers & math

    • Well organized and able to track multiple tasks/projects at once

    Experience & Qualifications

    • Team-oriented work experience in any office or retail environment (min 6 months)

    • Legally able to work in Canada

    • Attention to detail with ability to proof-read

    • Able to handle complaints and difficult situation with clients with professionalism and strict adherence to policy

    • Open to learning new softwares and being resourceful to find answers

    What We Offer

    • Full time employment in a dynamic, fast-paced team!

    • $16/hr probation period (first 3 months), to be bumped to $18/hr + benefits

    • Performance based bonuses and pay-grade change upon periodic

    • Opportunity to learn & grow in a Vancouver-based start-up with years of operation history.

    • Free coffee, lattes & tea all day long, plus ice cream in the summer, chocolate in the winter!

    • 27″ iMac + 22″ monitor dedicated workstation provided with an amazing keyboard/mouse set and your own headset

    How To Apply

    • Please send your applications by email to!

    • Include your resume & brief cover letter

    • The email subject must contain “Office Admin & Customer Support”

    • Do not phone – if you call us, you will automatically be disqualified.

    • References from previous employers or post-secondary professors

    Open House & Buildings/Presales Search Overhauls on Version 4.452020-09-21T19:27:09+00:00

    Our System Evolves With The Real Estate Market

    This round of upgrades showcase major focus on helping buyers’ find suitable listings easier on our clients’ websites. Software upgrades are more than just functionality – it’s about being mindful of what our clients’ needs are as they shift.

    Our last major upgrade to finalize our move to the AWS cloud has springboarded us for even more enhancements to the Brixwork system, and version 4.45 packs some amazing new features to help our real estate pros gain more business.

    . . .

    More Buyers’ Activity, especially in Vancouver & GVRD

    2018 – Over the summer, and into September, we’ve observed that the number of transactions plunged by roughly 40% across Metro Vancouver compared to previous years. While market conditions are out of our control (as well as our top-notch real estate agents), how we respond to such changes is what defines the winners and losers in the changing real estate market.

    The most critical upgrades in version 4.45 revolve around catering to buyers’ ease of search.

    Open House Search Module Added with Share-Friendly URLs

    You can narrow your MLS® search results to listings with open houses coming up! This has been added to the Fairview template, and the Main Street template is next. Better yet, the URL is modified so that sharing the live search results on social media or by email is simple and easy for all parties, and Google can pick up the …/openhouse/city-… portion in the URL along with the city & neighbourhoods for better search engine performance.

    This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

    Open House Search Module Added with Share-Friendly URLs

    You can narrow your MLS® search results to listings with open houses coming up! This has been added to the Fairview template, and the Main Street template is next. Better yet, the URL is modified so that sharing the live search results on social media or by email is simple and easy for all parties, and Google can pick up the …/openhouse/city-… portion in the URL along with the city & neighbourhoods for better search engine performance.

    This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

    Try it yourself

    This sample page of Kerrisdale listings with an open house this coming weekend (November 3 & 4) demonstrates this new functionality. Try sharing this page on Facebook, and see how well the title & preview image of a sample home in Kerrisdale show up!

    try it yourself

    Faster & More Agile Presales & Buildings Search Module

    The deep-level engineering upgrades on our presales & buildings Google Maps™ Search module is quite incredible – we’ll save you the nerdy talk and summarize the new features:

    • Faster loading time when switching pages, or zooming in/out.

    • Better cluster handling where the results are dense – this happens often in dense city cores such as Vancouver West and Downtown Presale Searches

    • Better mobile search form with slide-out function
    • Improved scrolling and tapping functions on mobile devices

    Nest Presale Search Module

    Nest Presale Search Module

    Sharing MLS Searches on Facebook Never Looked Better

    When sharing MLS® search results of all varieties, the main image used to share can make or break the # of clicks that you induce. We fixed some bugs that made this behaviour inconsistent (would fall back to the logo occasionally) and also upgraded the system to look for 2nd and 3rd listing’s photos if the 1st listing doesn’t have a photo yet (which is often the case when brand new MLS® search results are shared).

    Other Technical Updates In The Core (inside the Matrix)

    Working with Paragon & REBGV IDX feed issues & upgrades

    A recent change in metadata from the Paragon MLS® IDX system caused issues not only for Brixwork’s integration but with several other providers. Our coding team worked with the real estate board technicians to help iron this issue out not just for us, but for the entire system.

    Other User Interface & Social Media Display Upgrades

    During these troubleshooting steps we took measures to perform some more upgrades:

    • Improved open house integration for quicker updates of dates & times – essential for more accurate and up-to-date data for our new MLS® search form upgrades to include open house filters

    • Homes list (on the Admin section) update to easily show which listings have video tours, or PDF feature sheets/floorplans attached

    • Better default image & title for MLS® search result page open graph tags for image feed – if the first MLS® result does not show a picture yet, it falls back to listing #2 or #3 on the list to make the Facebook share results look better & detailed.

    Upcoming Upgrade Plans For Brixwork In Winter of 2018

    More frequent MLS® Listings Sync

    On our new and improved hardware (AWS Cloud) and software (better & faster mechanisms) we are starting to roll out more frequent MLS sync for select regions, starting with Vancouver.

    • Customers can see more new listings faster – increase frequency of visit.

    • Google will crawl your new listing pages even more frequently.

    • Improves your overall chances of showing up for new listing address/street/neighbourhood searches

    • Improves your existing social media URL share or SEO campaigns

    • To leverage these benefits, please read our DIY SEO tutorials for real estate agents part 2!

    Further Vimeo integrations

    On our newly built templates, we are improving our handling of videos from the core. While we still recommend Youtube videos for listing tour videos for SEO reasons, Vimeo offers better visual display as far as background videos or other decorative elements go, and aligns with our principle of “Looking good matters.”

    Want to make the most of your MLS® Listings?

    Our SEO campaigns have brought in measurable & significant results! Our team can make great use of your upgraded search modules, along with other existing functionalities that the Brixwork platform has to offer. Please check out our SEO services for real estate websites to learn more about how we can bring more leads for you.

    Our SEO Services

    We Are Now 100% Running on the Amazon Cloud!2021-02-24T00:17:02+00:00

    Vancouver Real Estate Websites on the Amazon Cloud for faster service and speed

    We Are Now 100% Running on the Amazon Cloud!

    Hello Amazon! In the last while we have been incrementally working to migrate our website infrastructure and digital assets towards the Amazon Cloud (known as Amazon Web Services). We are ecstatic to announce that on September 10th 2018, we successfully completed the final stages to fully migrate everything to Amazon Web Services.

    Real estate website speed comparison between old server and new amazon cloud

    Faster Site Load, Better Reliability For Our Customers

    Our real estate websites are now running on a far more superior network that benefits our customers with faster load-times and more reliability, while giving our development team more productivity and power.

    Our response/latency tests show solid results. Logan Wilson’s Victoria Luxury Group website responded 44% faster, and Nest Presale’s Vancouver Presales/Assignments website responded 22% faster on the new Amazon Cloud!

    These figures show the time spent to start downloading the website & attached assets, which has a significant impact in page load time. Total load times vary depending on number and size of photos.

    Our Website Features

    Up to 45% Faster Response Time!

    The graphs show the average response time reduction for each file/resource download, which accumulates to page download speeds.

    Every webpage requires dozens of assets to load – style files, javascript files, logo image files, buttons, listing photos… the list goes on. 

    Reducing the response time between requests responses from your computer to our servers mean exponential improvement in total page load time, resulting in a much smoother & pleasant browsing experience.

    Did we mention faster-loading pages are preferred by Google as well?

    Our Website Features

    Real estate website speed comparison between old server and new amazon cloud

    Exponential Growth Potential on AWS!

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is very well-known to constantly stay ahead of the curve, offering newer & better cloud services for better IT management.  On AWS, expanding our server capacity is a breeze compared to conventional servers, preparing us for enterprise-grade IT management and scalability!

    Some of the world’s largest corporations rely on AWS for their web & cloud computing needs, including Netflix, AirBNB, General Electric, Phillips, Toshiba, Yelp, Zillow and more. We are very excited to be prepared for growth & innovation with the Amazon Cloud as our foundation!

    amazon web services exponential growth potentials with web and cloud computing needs on aws

    Serving More Real Estate Professionals Across The Continent

    Brixwork has expanded its offerings to Victoria BC (VREB), Vancouver Island BC (VIREB), Kelowna BC (OMREB), Edmonton AB (EREB) and Ottawa ON (OREB). We have launched , and will launch, several brokerage websites with more performance demand than ever. The migration to AWS positions us well to quickly respond to the increasing demand from all over North America without being shackled by hardware limitations & delays. Check out our real estate website design servicesas well as the MLS® Reciprocity Integrations we offer.

    Our Design Services
    Our MLS® Services

    Hiring a Co-Op Student for Junior Web-Development, SEO & Customer Service2016-05-02T20:43:18+00:00

    Brixwork Real Estate Marketing provides boutique marketing services for the real estate industry in Canada & USA. We are a small team expanding quickly and are looking to fill a position for an entry-level Junior Web-Developer with some basic knowledge in Search Engines & SEO, Social Media & Link Propagation, and of course, a great zest to learn & develop their skills further.

    The chosen candidate must be a first-term co-op applicant with studies in the related fields (web development, software development or front-end/UI design), and will be part of a pilot program for a slightly different website & marketing angle.

    This position has potential for a full-time web developer & SEO engineer position, so students in their final year of study looking for full time employment in the long term will be given a preferential treatment.

    The ideal candidate should have the following skills:

    • Great handle of written & spoken English, punctuation
    • HTML Tag Structure and basic understanding
    • Basics of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    • Google & Keywords
    • A good sense of mathematics, graphs & charts, metrics etc.
    • Social Media & Sharing Environment

     The preferred candidates will have the following traits:

    • A zeal for achieving numbers, targets & goals
    • Take instructions well from senior / superior team members, and be open to learning
    • Be resourceful and quick thinking to solve problems
    • Know when to ask a question, and when to do a Google search
    • Efficiency driven and utilitarian
    • Respect for data security, privacy & security

    The Work, Location & Details:

    • You will be working out of our Gastown studio with all equipment provided. Bring your great attitude (and a packed lunch, or explore some great lunch spots around us)
    • You will be working Tuesday-Saturday, 8 hours a day with a 0.5 hour lunch break (75 hours pay per 2 week pay period), 9AM~5PM
    • Your co-op pay will be $13/hr for the 4 months duration
    • You will start as early as next week (May 9th), if not even earlier depending on how well the interview goes
    • You will be part of a team of 6 people, and will be working closely with 2 of the teammates as we nurture & train you

    Candidates MUST be (for legal and other reasons):

    • A Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident with no working restrictions (Working/Student Visas do not qualify)
    • Free of criminal history
    • Enrolled in a post-secondary school in BC recognized by the BCIC

    How To Apply:

    Write an email to info at brixwork dot com (you can also find this email address on our website, with the following conditions met:

    1. The email subject must contain “Co-Op Web Developer Position”
    2. Attach your resume
    3. Attach a cover letter, or write in your email, detail what you want to learn, achieve & work on after graduation.
    4. Attach examples of your work, either live on a website, or code snippets.
    5. Don’t phone us, please. We’re busy as it is with client phone calls. We will review your resume on our own time and get back to you when we are ready.
    Some Changes To Our Rates, Facility Upgrades & New Team Members2016-04-18T20:04:58+00:00

    Changes In Pricing

    To offer the best-in-class boutique web/print/branding services for our real estate professionals, we are introducing some changes to our services. With expansion of services & hardware facilities as well as operations cost increases, we will be implementing changes in pricing effective on the next billing cycle. As of April 21st (beginning of next cycle) the following rates will apply to our design services:


    $90/hr (billed at 15 minute increments, unlike the industry standard of 1 hour or 30 minute increments)

    Administrative, or Photo/Data Exchange Only

    $36/hr (billed at 30 minute increments)

    Mailwalk (Canada Post) set up, packaging & delivery to the outlet (Applicable only to Vancouver customers)

    $55 Per Mailwalk up to 1,000 units (not including postage costs owed to Canada Post)
    $10 per 500 units additional.

    Monthly Subscription Cost changes will be effective as of monthly billing dates of May 21st and after:

    Brixwork Website Base: $55 (previously $50)
    MLS® Reciprocity Add-On: $25 (no change)
    Enable both commercial & residential: $25 (no change)
    Enable Rental module: $25 (previously $20)
    WordPress Blog: $15 (previously $10)

    Full rate sheet is here:

    Facility Upgrades & Expansion

    Our production force has grown to double the size since a year ago. In addition to Rebecca & Jovan (Graphic Designer & Web Developer, respectively) we now have Cindy-Lynn (Graphic Designer) and Bruno Fontanella (Web Developer) to help you with your needs. Our office has also been significantly renovated with new computers, new monitors & mounts, and of course more workstations to accommodate the larger workforce.


    Q: When was the last price change?
    A: 2014 was our last rate change to our labour rates, while monthly fees have remained the same since 2012.

    Q: Does the price change have any relation to USD/CAD exchange rate?
    A: Partially yes. Costs of computers as well as the web based software we use to keep ourselves organized has gone up due to the weakened Canadian Dollar.

    Q: I’ve became a subscriber very recently (less than 6 months ago) so it seems a bit soon to raise my prices, no?
    A: While our labour rates will increase for everybody at the same time, we can definitely keep your monthly fees the same for the first six months of your subscription. We need you to email us your domain and the date of your first subscription invoice or the invoice number (if it’s less than 6 months ago) so we can freeze the price until the 6th monthly fee point.

    Q: When’s the cut-off for design of marketing material and/or new website customization at the old rate?
    A: Any orders placed on or before (confirmed by email to April 18th (Monday) can be processed under the current rates, since we operate on a 1 business day turn-around to start on inbound inquiries. Our billing cut-off is April 20th, after which point the new labour rates will become effective.

    If you have any questions please email us at and we will be happy to answer them.

    Part Time Junior Graphic Designer Position2015-06-11T18:01:18+00:00

    The position has been filled. Thank you for your applications.

    Brixwork is looking for a junior graphic designer to handle the day-to-day tasks of handling listing feature sheets, print media & email newsletters for our Realtor® clients. You will be in charge of placing photos & data of properties, setting up Mailchimp newsletters, business card/folder/presentation layouts, and some social media management.

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Technical Knowledge & Skills

    1. InDesign & Illustrator skills
    2. Photoshop Skills
    3. Comfortable On Macs
    4. Knowledge of typography.
    5. Knowledge of colour spaces (CMYK, RGB & Pantone).

    Experience & Qualifications

    1. Minimum 1 year in design school or equivalent self-obtained education.
    2. Preferred 1 year in any type of customer service or administrative/office experience.
    3. Legally able to work in Canada.
    4. Attention to detail & proof reading data.
    5. Good handle of English & clear communication skills.
    6. Able to work in a team environment and under pressures of deadlines.
    7. Good organization skills to keep track of multiple projects.
    8. Willingness to learn & progress with new skills and techniques.
    9. Work ethics, and able to work without supervision.

    What We Are Offering

    1. Part time hours to start (2~3 days a week, Mon/Tue/Wed)
    2. $12/hr probation wage for first 2 months, then up to $14/hr.
    3. Opportunity to grow to a full time position.
    4. Opportunity to learn & grow in a Vancouver-based start-up with years of operation history.
    5. Free Coffee & Lattes all day long.
    6. iMac workstation provided.

    How To Apply

    Email only please – to Jeff Kee ( Things to include:

    1. Resume & Brief Cover letter
    2. Email subject including “Junior Graphic Designer Position”
    3. Graphic Portfolio: include at least one raw InDesign and one raw Illustrator file for inspection.


    Brixwork version 4.0 launch is imminent!2018-11-05T22:56:36+00:00

    Brixwork Version 4.0 Launch is Imminent!

    Welcome to your new administrative system for Brixwork real estate websites. With easier to use features, more automation, more on-screen guidance, we made the system easier for you to use. Spent less time on your website, update with ease, and keep selling!

    Deployment schedule: Today (January 30th) we successfully deployed the new software on a handful of websites as a test. Further testing will happen over the weekend, and next week we expect a full-scale deployment.

    Drop to Reorder Everything

    Listings, Buildings, as well as gallery photos, can be dragged and dropped to change display sequence.

    dragreorder image blog

    Drag Photos From Computer To Galleries

    Galleries, feature images & PDFs can now be drag & dropped directly from your laptop, or even uploaded from your mobile devices.


    Google SEO Preview As You Type

    See your listing, page or building preview on how it will appear on Google™ as you type it in. SEO became easier.


    Towers Townhomes Grouped Properly

    See all townhomes tower units in one screen. Marketing mixed developments has never been this easy.

    Image Buildings

    Click-To-Expand Sub-Pages Category Items

    Quickly see which pages belong to which top-pages using the new click-to-expand module, along with drag drop.

    Click to expand

    Easier To Access From Mobile Devices

    Get information, make quick changes to your website from your mobile devices. You can even upload pictures from your iPhone now!

    Mobile access

    As a provider of boutique real estate marketing services, we undertand that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping our customers achieve success as well. We are committed to providing you with ongoing improvements to our system. We value your loyalty and the Brixwork staff are here to help you whenever you need assistance through our support channel.

    January 19, 2021

    Century 21 Agents & Brokerages Website Design Showcase

    Brand compliance doesn't mean you cannot stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these gems for Century 21 brokerages & agents across Canada!

    Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

    October 29, 2020

    3 Benefits of Having Community Guide Pages on your Website

    Custom content pages are a gold-mine for Google™ and even better you can curate the pages to your audience and entice readers to stay longer. Take a peek at what the 3 key benefits of community pages are.

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion

    November 12, 2020

    Hiring – Production Line Graphic Designer

    Join our team to create beautiful visuals in one of the most active niches in Canada - marketing real estate. We are a boutique firm with in-house design only.

    Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

    September 18, 2020

    Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors

    Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts will help you create an impressive feed that will outshine all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals. Check out the do's and don'ts for Instagram!

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

    July 15, 2020

    Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World

    Modern business requires modern tools. Here are a list of critical cloud software & apps that every real estate professional can use to increase efficiency & close more deals.

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

    April 14, 2020

    Ways To Increase Online Presence & Brand Awareness for Real Estate

    There is increased online presence & brand awareness for real estate during COVID-19 crisis. Check out great ways to increase your website engagement here!

    Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing

    July 15, 2019

    Offering Edmonton Real Estate Website with EREB IDX Integration!

    Hello Edmonton! Brixwork has completed the integration of the EREB MLS® IDX (Reciprocity) system. We are bringing our beautiful website templates with great search engine & social media performance to Edmonton real estate agents! Take a look through our website design options!

    Written By Jeff Kee | Features & Development

    June 6, 2019

    Boutique Project Marketing for Townhomes and Condos

    Brixwork has been providing project marketing services for new builds for years. As demand for more new boutique townhome/condo projects increases, so does the need for higher-level project marketing. No matter how big or small, your project deserves a proper brand presence that'll set you apart from the rest.

    Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Features & Development

    May 7, 2019

    Notable Realtor® Teams and Brokerages Custom Website Showcase

    High performance teams and boutique brokerages need the best online image possible. Brixwork combines functional features and exceptional visuals to create custom website designs built to stand out!

    Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

    April 11, 2019

    Comparing Brixwork and WordPress

    There are more real estate website platforms than ever before in the marketplace. Choosing the right platform for your business is critical to meet your business goals and be efficient with your time. Let’s compare how WordPress vs Brixwork works for Realtors® and their websites.

    Written By Jeff Kee | Features & Development, Technology & Trends

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