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3 Benefits of Having Community Guide Pages on your Website2020-10-29T21:47:22+00:00

3 Benefits of Having Community
Guide Pages on your Website

Community pages on your real estate website are a great way to attract new visitors and can help you define your niche on your website. Our analytics show that longer time spent on a website with more pageviews can increase customer engagement and our community detail pages deliver just that. Brixwork offers various custom design options for these pages and we ensure that each page is created for an easy and optimal user experience as they guide you through the best of each community.


You’re not just another Realtor® in Vancouver, or Toronto, or Edmonton, you’re THE Realtor® and you want that to be known! Neighbourhood pages are great at keeping your visitors interested to explore your website even further all while gaining more insight into your areas of expertise.

  • The neighbourhoods you specialize in are outlined in any layout and format you want to easily navigate where to explore more of next.

  • It helps to subtly showcase the depth of knowledge you have of the region by providing brief descriptions, highlights, stats and photos.

  • Neighbourhood pages are a useful tool for clients to learn more about different neighbourhoods and especially helpful for out-of-towners.

The Ameen Group specializes in Greater Toronto Area real estate and we created beautiful neighbourhood pages for them.
The Ameen Group has neighbourhood guide pages for Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and more.


These neighbourhood pages are keyword gold mines for Google™!
If you are trying to rank in certain neighbourhoods, you face a lot of competition to get those top spots on Google’s search pages. Custom content pages related to city/neighbourhood names are great for long-term Google™ Ranking.

  • Each neighbourhood page has space for you to write and describe the key highlights of the neighbourhood, list local amenities, etc.

  • You can highlight the average price of homes, townhomes and condos

  • All MLS® listings are frequently updated on your neighbourhood pages.

This leads to more frequent crawling of MLS® listings as more listings are brought up to the forefront. When you couple these custom content filled pages with an SEO campaign, results are proven to be explosive, just take a look at the Esposito Team’s results.
How Brixwork SEO Campaigns Work

Let’s add neighbourhood pages to your Brixwork website!

Contact us to get an upgrade quote now.

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    Custom curated content makes all of the difference in keeping visitors on your website for longer as it tends to be of interest to potential clients. The more appealing content you have on your site, the more time people spend on it. This allows more brand exposure and awareness of your name and your site. Interesting content also entices visitors to view more pages which increases clicks and ultimately gives you a much higher chance of converting that visitor to a potential lead.

    Take a look at Sigrid Wilcox, Tri-Cities Real Estate Expert neighbourhood pages:



    • Main neighbourhood intro image

    • Neighbourhood description and highlights

    • Google™ Maps embedded with location

    • Newest MLS® listings in that community


    • Walk Score®, HoodQ, parks & schools nearby

    • Shopping, restaurants & other amenities

    • Photo galleries & Video Intro

    • MLS® stats for houses, condos, townhomes, etc. 

    Having a neighbourhood page on your website makes it a one-stop-shop with all the details, highlights, photos and most importantly all of the MLS® listings in that area. These community pages are great landing pages for potential clients, whether it’s someone Googling a community, having it linked to your Instagram bio, or linking it to each suitable listing.

    Get a quote for nieghbourhood pages on your Brixwork website now!

    Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors2020-09-18T21:17:08+00:00

    Instagram Dos and Don’ts

    For Real Estate Professionals

    Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts can help you shine from
    all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals.
    Following these key concepts will help you create an impressive feed that will attract possible leads and to keep building a relationship with your followers.

    Here is a series of dos and don’ts that will greatly improve your Instagram content’s quality and will ensure you get the best results from your social media efforts:

    DON’T just screen-cap things from a phone or desktop and post them

    Have you ever looked at a great infographic while scrolling through the news on your phone and wanted to share it with your Instagram following? Screen-capping and then posting greatly compresses the image quality and the image will probably look out of place since there’s no consistency with your branding and your feeds look.

    DO – Design your own post using key info and adjust it to your branding

    Generating a creative graphic or image with real numbers and percentages is a great asset to consider. You can generate this by yourself or get some help from a graphic designer. A professional will know how to make it stand out while making it look good and educating your viewers. Not only will a custom graphic with your branding guidelines and colours look highly professional and attractive but it will help grow brand awareness of your name and build a reputation.

    DON’T write typical salesman captions

    Your posts on Instagram can have up to 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags.

    Depending on the type of presence you want to build on your Instagram, your caption may be as short or as long as you desire. What you don’t want to do is to push a caption making it awkward or too forced. Doing so will push your followers away from wanting to engage with you or your brand. Nobody likes obvious sales or advertisement posts.

    The most important recommendation to caption creating is to be yourself!

    DO – write a short concise caption that invokes a question, makes a shocking/memorable statement, or is funny – or all of the above if possible!

    Anything that initiates engagement with your followers is what you should be aiming for when writing captions for your Instagrams.
    What is engagement? A comment. Although likes are good, those are often given without much thought, therefore they don’t have as much weight.

    Samples of proper custom social media stories and posts created by Brixwork.  

    Contact Us For A Custom Design

    DON’T – post at any random time, or just make up hashtags on the spot.

    Posting at any time you want may not bring you the results you are after. If you only post at night or in between your appointments, there is a great chance that most of your followers will miss it.

    DO – plan your posts ahead of time.

    Plan your posts out in a regular cycle, stick to your brand guidelines and use researched and planned out hashtags. Good results take time so make sure you put in the work to get the results you want.

    DON’T repost another post just because it’s cool or funny.

    When you re-post on your business account things that you normally would on a private and personal profile, it might deter the audience you’re trying to attract. Make sure you know how to separate the two and maintain a professional and on-brand profile on your business account.

    This is not to say that a funny post is completely off-limits, however it is important to keep in mind the image you want to give out to potential leads and customers that may follow your Instagram account.

    DO – Use your discretion on what to re-post.

    If it doesn’t match your branding and you want to post it, have it redesigned to suit you. Consistency on a feed is critical!

    Want to schedule your stories & posts ahead of time? 

    Use Later

    Are you looking to design your own posts?

    Try Canva

    Need professional help with social media design? 

    Contact Us

    Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World2021-01-04T22:31:23+00:00

    Digital Dominance for More Listings & Buyers

    Intelligent online tools to get more listing presentations, send out more CMAs, and get more buyers!

    Now is a better time than ever to get creative, stand out, and use the digital world to your advantage!

    Website traffic is up 15 to 20%, and social media engagement has increased by over 60% than normal usage rates since the COVID crisis began. More than ever before, people have become more hesitant to meet up right away. Being active on social media and being prepared with stunning online listing presentations could make all the difference in securing a lead instead of playing phone tag with them for days.

    Here are a few key platforms that a real estate agent should have ready to go at any given moment:


    A great online introduction can dramatically increase your odds of an in-person meeting with a seller or buyer. Now especially, it’s crucial to have a beautiful online presentation (like a Keynote by Steve Jobs) readily available to entice potential clients. Whatever great presentation booklets you have can be converted to a digital slideshow that can be sent by email or shown during a zoom call!

    This is how these digital listing presentations can help :

    • Far more visually engaging than emails/phone calls alone

    • Capture potential clients attention with a digital presentation

    • Keynote/Powerpoint-like performance, but created on Google slides for optimal compatibility on all platforms

    • Increases your odds of an in-person listing presentation and a CMA

    *The inner slides are not shown as they are uniquely designed for each client, and is proprietary material that we will not show to competitors.

    Digital presentations are amazing additional ways to stand out, showcase your past successes and help get one step closer to securing a client.

    The beautiful print booklets we create at Brixwork can be condensed and transposed to a Google Slideshow that can be easily shared to anyone to view online. And whenever they’re ready for an in-person meeting, they can take a look at the sharp print version, along with a CMA.

    Digital Listing Presentations for Realtors®!

    Contact us to create a digital listing presentation that you’ll be remembered for!

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      With YouTube being the second most used search engine, after Google – YouTube still maintains its status of being one of the best platforms to use to your advantage to gain better traffic to your site.

      YouTube should always be a utilized platform for any real estate agent because:

      Brixwork understands the importance of having attractive media …

      available for your listings, and that’s why our websites support YouTube or Vimeo embedding for every listing!

      How to attach a video to a listing!
      How to attach a Matterport or 360 home tour!

      Another pivotal platform that changes the real estate game in virtual tours is Matterport. Matterport is an easy to use camera system that allows you to create immersive home tours and Brixwork happily offers Matterport enablement to your page, at no extra charge!

      Instagram & Facebook
      Live Videos

      Running virtual open houses and tours on live streams is an amazing way to dramatically increase your brand exposure, on top of promoting the listing itself of course.

      Instagram and Facebook help your real estate social media presence by:

      • Increasing your brand’s awareness on various platforms (the more the better!)

      • Maintaining an active status on social media

      • Providing more content on social media for a better ranking

      Since open houses are a lot less active during this time ..

      Having an active online presence will give your brand exponential exposure to potential clients. Using Instagram and Facebook to run virtual tours, share videos & photos that showcase your listings and your brand can greatly increase the chances of landing a private showing sooner or later.


      The Live video feature tends to be an under utilized feature – but definitely an additional step that should be included in your social media routine – here’s why:

      • Live videos are amazing for interactivity with viewers and you can add others to your Live video (opportunity to collaborate)

      • Viewers can watch, comment, like in real-time during live home tours

      • You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality and your brand to potential clients

      • Boosts your discoverability – your followers get notified every time you start a Live video! It’s like a free advertisement!

      • You can save your Instagram Live as a story for 24 hours for those who didn’t watch or want to rewatch (two in one)

      • Facebook Live videos can be downloaded and then uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account, or personal blog if desired

      • Facebook live videos get around 6x more interaction than a non-live video!

      Plan & Prepare To Get The Best Results On Your Live Stream

      Before you go straight to making the most of the Live video feature, it’s important to build some excitement around your Live video! Here are a few ideas for your live stream:

      • New listing announcement with a live listing tour (state the date & time of it!)

      • Real estate Q & A sessions

      • Collaborate with others and create a real estate market update segment

      Stay online and be digital-friendly!

      The ultimate goal in adjusting to a mainly digital world and creating content for newer social media platforms is to get you more visibility to help build your brand! Don’t miss out on these opportunities – reach new audiences by increasing your engagement and connecting to potential clients!

      Tips & tricks for the live stream feature:

      What Is The Future Of The Real Estate Market?2019-05-14T23:28:35+00:00

      What’s in store for Realtors® in 2019?

      From CEO Jeff Kee

      Is this your last year in real estate? I think not.

      I’ve been helping real estate agents since 2005, and my first Realtor® website launches started in 2007. In 2008 we saw a great recession, which saw home prices & transactions fall significantly well into 2009 until the market recovered. A wise old proverb says what goes up must come down, and the real estate market is no different.

      Throughout the second half of 2018 the number of homes sold in Metro Vancouver saw double-digit drops, many of the months recording about 40% lower sales compared to the same period in 2018. It is, without a doubt, a slow period for real estate professionals.

      I’ve seen this before; this was coming again without a doubt — and here we are:
      • Homeowners (sellers) have been used to double-digit increases in home prices, and were (and some still are) expecting to sell at a certain price point.

      • Buyers, due to increase in mortgage restrictions and other factors, are taking a breather and standing on the sideline, watching.

      • Many Realtors® report that open houses show very low activity, often completely void of visitors even in the most popular parts of the city.

      • The result: less transactions, more inventory than ever, lower sales-to-listing ratio; a market stagnation, a stalemate, or a buyers’ market… however you want to call it.

      • After a historically slow summer, November 2018 still saw 42.5% lower transactions than November 2017!

      • During this stagnant period, many less-established real estate agents give up & drop out of the market.

      • As any market goes, it will recover, and start rising again, as it did in 2009 and on, until now.

      This is an opportunity for many real estate agents! But this also means new real estate agents will flood the market again as things recover, increasing competition.

      Greater Vancouver Real Estate Prices from 2005 to 2019

      What To do During A Slow Real Estate Market As a Realtor®

      It’s not the end of the world, nor the end of the real estate market. Homes will be sold, commissions will be made again. It’s a question of when, and by whom. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make during recessions (this applies to all businesses, not just real estate) is to skim down on marketing budget first. Many businesses made this mistake during the 2008 recession and hurt their stagnant sales even more.

      In the 2008 downturn, the REBGV saw over ⅓ of Realtors give up their licenses and walk away.
      Will you be part of the ⅔ that remain, or drop off?

      When there’s less pie, you need to work harder for a slice!

      Slowing down your marketing, or reducing the quality of your material, is the worst thing you can do during a recession. In fact many business leaders call for increased marketing expenses during slower times. There are still competing agents in the field, with even less action. You have to work harder to get a piece of the smaller pie. Remember that being a Realtor® is a zero-sum game. The deals others close, are the deals you lost out on. Are you going to compete, or sit back and lose? Your call!

      This is a turning point and an opportunity. In the 2008 downturn, the REBGV saw over ⅓ of Realtors® give up their licenses and walk away. Will you be part of the ⅔ that remain, or drop off? This slow period can be an opportunity for veteran agents to secure their presence, and for new & motivated agents to rise up to the call. We can help you avoid being on the bottom ⅓.

      Sharpen Your Swords During Your Rest Period; Don’t snooze!

      The time you are NOT spending on back-to-back showings, or dealing with multiple offers into 11PM is the time you should re-invest into bettering your marketing. We offer the most unique & high-performing listing marketing material to help you rock your next listing presentation or buyers meeting.

      What do you bring to your Listing Presentations?

      Listing Booklets

      By preparing now, you can be better-established for when the next wave of new Realtors® flood the scene and try to take a piece of your action away.

      Invest & work ON your business,
      not just IN your business.

      More Leads, More Qualified Leads, More Sales from Your Website

      Our custom websites take a scientific approach for results. Because first impressions are made on the listing detail pages almost 40% of the time, we offer an industry-leading design solutions. Upgrading your listing gallery can help you entice even more buyers & sellers, and potentially attract even more Google traffic from qualified leads.

      “We win half the battle when we make up our minds to take the world as we find it, including the thorns.”

      Orison Swett Marden

      More Attention To Detail & Finesse During A Slow Period

      Our design team can work with you closely to brainstorm and create the best marketing platform ever. With your valuable input, and our genius creativity, we can hit a home-run together. You are a cut above other Realtors® – our real estate branding services can set you up on the right base!

      Your feedback matters, and your voice needs to be reflected.

      Your feedback matters, and your voice needs to be reflected.

      Ready to Upgrade Your Marketing for 2019?

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        3 Stand-Out Instagram Posts for Real Estate Agents2018-12-17T21:32:52+00:00

        Instagram is extremely popular as the second most used social media platform after Facebook (it is also owned by Facebook) and its instantaneous mobile reach to your audience is incredibly valuable.

        To Help Our Realtors Capitalize On Instagram & Facebook

        We’ve all seen the “Happy Holidays” or similar postings throughout Instagram, but many of them are poorly designed, or regurgitated from an meme-creation website, and it lacks the finesse you deserve. This year we are introducing our own line of pre-designed holiday postings to be fully branded to your own specs (limited to Brixwork subscribers only – if you wish to sign up with us, click here).

        Branded Holiday Instagram Postings For Real Estate Agents

        We have thoughtfully pre-designed some Instagram post images that can be altered to quickly fit into your brand and business. To avoid too many duplicate copies, we are limiting these for use of Brixwork clients only, and no other entities are permitted to use these custom designed elements without written permission from Brixwork.

        Order Now

        Halloween Posting (Oct 31st)

        Halloween Instagram Posting

        Castles, Cats & Bats

        Simple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

        Customization Offered: Placement of your branding. Halloween colours are set & finalized. 1 Draft, 1 Revisions offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
        Cost: $58




        Thanksgiving Meme (Oct 10th in Canada, Nov 24th in USA)

        Instagram Photo For Thanksgiving - Realtors

        Word Art!

        The ever-so-popular, attention grabbing, witty & crafty word-art meme, custom designed by Brixwork! They are very popular on Social Media. This can be quickly customized to your branding. Note that the order deadline for Canadian Thanksgiving is already over (October), and we are providing this for our US customers.

        Customization Offered: The background colour, text colour, and the business name at the bottom. Note that we did not include any room for a logo on this one – your logo emblem will be visible above the image with your username clearly on Instagram however. 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
        Cost: $58


        Christmas Posting (Dec 25th)

        Xmas Instagram Posting Option A for RealtorsXmas Instagram Posting Option B For RealtorsSimple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

        Customization Offered: The colours adjusted to your brand, and placement of your branding. While we used black & white to simplify, feel free to get colourful on this one! 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate. 
        Cost: $88



        New Year & Chinese New Year Postings

        Coming Soon from our design team!

        To Order Your Own Instagram Postings click on the link below to fill out the form, or email us directly at!

        Order Now

        Why Instagram?

        Instagram is one of our most recommended methodologies for our real estate agents for better social media brand awareness because:

        • The sporadic nature of access (no bloat – purely images/videos). More people quickly check their Instagram feeds between tasks, while in line, during lunch, etc.
        • The visual nature of it (more focus on photos rather than its descriptions) means it’s better for branding propagation.
        • Easier to be discovered – the Explore feature on Instagram is more often used by people to find fresh new media, giving you more exposure even to those you are not connected to (yet). This is the stark difference between Instagram and Facebook, as Facebook posts are available to those who have you as a Friend already (unless you run a paid/sponsored ad).
        • Easy to share to Your Website & Facebook – Our in-house developed Instagram widget automatically posts all of your Instagram photos directly on your website. You can view a demo on Nick Neacsu (West Vancouver Realtor®). As you post your pictures on Instagram, you can immediately share it to Facebook & Twitter as well. Time saved is time earned.
        • The user base is still on the climb, meaning the potentials are even greater. Since the introduction of Instagram stories, many users are expected to ditch Snapchat and use Instagram even more!

        Social Media Is About Consistency

        Constantly being noticed is what Instagram, Facebook and other similar online outlets do for you, and social media marketing is a long-term game of brand recognition rather than immediate advertisement.


        “Through this post I should get a lead. If not, it’s ineffective.”

        The Truth:

        “Let people know who I am, what I do, and how much I love doing it, and be remembered as the go-to person for real estate.”

        3 Ways To Make Mailing Campaigns More Effective2017-11-09T17:47:15+00:00

        3 Ways to Make Mailing Campaigns More Effective

        Despite the prominence of online marketing, print media is not dead if it’s done right! If it were ineffective, that would spell the end of the Unaddressed Admail program run by Canada Post. One of the issues we see with many Realtor® mailers is that they are not planned nor designed to be as effective as they can be, therefore do not achieve the goals Realtors® usually expect – new clients. Here are the 3 rules we live by when it comes to mailers that achieve brand awareness, which leads to that call/email when the customer is ready to hire a Realtor®!

        #1 – Repeated Exposure Is Key, It’s a Long-Term Game

        Your first mailer will have almost zero impact. Among the other Realtors sending out mailers, as well as items that contain everyday usable coupons or discount offers from grocery stores, the real estate ads will be the last thing they hold onto. Many marketing experts debate the exact frequency required, and the numbers range from minimum exposure of 6 or 20. Even if you benchmark your target at 6, you should be then planning to send out the mailers to the same group of people every MONTH before you see any returns at the 6 month mark.

        • Do:

          Pick a smaller target area that you can afford to hit at least 6 times within the next year, and follow through with it at a regular frequency. It’s better to hit 500 homes 6 times than 5,000 homes just once.

        • Do Not:

          Hit an area once based on just one listing, without a concrete plan to hit it repeatedly. Don’t give up after 2 mailers when you don’t get any calls. That’s like quitting the gym after 2 weeks of training.

        Hitting the same small target repeatedly has better ROI than hitting larger areas fewer times.

        Hitting the same small target repeatedly has better ROI than hitting larger areas fewer times.

        #2 – Paper Thickness & Quality Matters

        Your mailer will most likely be in a pile with other mailers. The touch on the fingers does make a difference. Instinctively people gravitate towards a heavier & thicker feel as it’s considered to be more premium and valuable. That initial feeling of value will increase the odds of your mailer getting a second look before it is tossed into the recycling bin. Your objective is to get the customers to look at your brand & name, not to have it wedged between the grocery store and Chinese delivery flyer because it was too thin & flimsy.

        • Do:

          Spend a few hundred bucks more (or a few dozen cents more per piece) on better quality paper, and choose a quality print shop (talk to your graphic designer, they know best).

        • Do Not:

          Pick the cheapest, thinnest paper you can find, or take it to Staples (we love staples, but they are not a premium offset printing company).

        #3 – Clean Design, Simple but Bold Attention

        Many Realtors are overthinking how to “show off my expertise” and many mailers end up being very convoluted. It becomes a journal or a study with statistics, notations, and long paragraphs. Most will simply not read it. By shoving more content, pictures, awards emblems and bullet points and photos of your dog into a mailer and filling up the space, you’ve simply made the piece very unattractive. Just like designing effective advertisements with the less-is-more mantra, mailers should have very few elements on each side that catch the eye. The objective here is brand exposure, to be remembered, and to get that call when he/she is ready to buy or sell.

        • Do:

          Put up one bold infographic, or a statement, or a humour-filled line, or even JUST your branding, to grab that initial attention.

        • Do Not:

          Try to fill up space with more and more. Unprinted area is NOT waste. White space is good. Breathing room is good. Don’t try to design this on Microsoft Word at home, you may as well throw more mailing costs down the drain.

        Popular Pages & Not-So-Much On Real Estate Websites in 20152019-02-12T19:36:09+00:00

        Popular Pages & Not-So-Much On Real Estate Websites in 2015

        Almost two years ago we discussed page view distribution on real estate websites to see where most consumers click once they reach our Realtor®’s websites.

        . . .

        Still All About Listings & Photos

        It’s 2015, and we have a more up-to-date set of numbers, although the core messages remain the same – listings, listing photos & the homepage remains the most consistent performers, while viewership of buyers/sellers, or neighbourhood guides remain relatively flat. However, we were surprised to see the rise of page views allocated towards those informational pages even though the changes were minimal.

        Pageviews are still heavily focused on listings & listing photos, like it or not.

        There are a few factors we believe affects this:

        • Last time in our 2013 post, we didn’t include the page views that landed on the “Not Found” pages as part of listing views. When a listing is no longer on the MLS® and removed, those pages will then go to our custom /notfound pages. With these excluded from the number from the listing page portions, the numbers may have been slightly off.
        • The sites we used are some of our higher-performing benchmark sites, which means their visitors may be more active, and also those pages may be viewed by more marketers who are targeting new SEO customers (our customers are solicited by shady SEO service providers all the time).

        Using This To Your Advantage

        Serve to your customers what they want to see. Here are some ways you can leverage the photo-centric, or product-centric short attention span of the general public you face as a Realtor®:

        1. Share listing detail pages, or sets of listings by certain criteria on Facebook or Twitter (i.e. “Today we want to feature all 1 bedroom Condos in Yaletown under $400,000 for first-time home buyers..”).
        2. Make sure your homepage has listings as a slideshow, or links to listing pages. This can either make or break your bounce-rates from your homepage.
        3. Make sure photo/video of each home is the first thing on individual listing detail pages.
        4. While you are at it, please start using Instagram. It’s a visual, short-commitment medium that can do wonders for brand marketing on social media. We have our own in-house developed, ad-free Instagram widget available. Check out Terry Osti’s website footer for an example.

        *Note on the above statistics

        1. These statistics are based on 6 of our more active & established sites, randomly selected out of a candidate of 20 top sites based on high level of traffic.
        2. Naturally this does not reflect all of our websites, nor the industry standard. Individual websites may experience different results.
        3. These statistics exclude page views to blog pages, as not all sites have it, and blog pages get direct traffic from social media shares, so we felt they do not represent the average visitor behaviour accurately.
        4. The dates used for this research was July 14 ~ Aug 13, 2015, from Google Analytics data. Different times of the year may show different proportions.

        Plan your Xmas Shopping Ahead & Get it Done Stress-free2014-12-03T14:47:15+00:00

        The holidays are here and besides having fun with your family & friends is also time to get crazy doing your Christmas shopping, right? Well, at least for most of people holiday shopping means congested malls, crowded stores and a tireless search for the perfect gift for those that you care about.
        But here is the thing: everything will be easier if you have a plan set. So follow our tips and enjoy the Christmas season more.

        1. Take Your Christmas Gift List

        Remember our last post about learn how to organize the best Christmas Gift List and keep within budget? So it’s time to take it! Hopefully, now you have an idea of what you are going to buy for family & friends.
        And if you are missing clients and colleagues’ presents, sign up for Nimble to find out the best gift for them. It will help you to know what they have been up to and subsequently, it will make your life much easier.
        In addition to this, remember that you have a budget so that you will not end up overspending.

        2. Try The Online World & Skip The Lineups

        If shopping centers sound like a mayhem and you would do anything to avoid it, so Internet will be your best friend! You can search options and prices, find Xmas wish lists, order gifts online and all this from the comfort of your own home.

        Here are some ideas of website that you should take a look at:

        Amazon l Chapter Indigo l eBay l Home Depot l FutureShop Online l Marcy’s l Toys R us l Walmart

        And even if you still have to go shopping afterall, searching online first will definitely help you to save time & money.

        3. Check The Malls’ Schedules

        Try to hit the mall as soon as the stores are opening, when there is no lengthy lineups and store clerks are all available only for you. And it’s even better if you can shop during the week.
        For those who can only go after work, the good new is that most of the shopping centers are open until later.

        Check out some of the schedules:

        Metrotown l Oakridge Centre l Pacific Centre l Park Royal

        4. Stop postponing

        Last but not less, Xmas shopping is inevitable. So put off procrastinating, make your plan and go shopping right away! Call a friend and enjoy the opportunity to hang out and see all the kind of ornate around the city.

        It’s all about Christmas, so have fun and Happy Holidays!

        Follow us for #30daysxmas on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram!

        5 Realtor® Branding Myths, And How To Avoid Mistakes2017-11-03T00:25:15+00:00

        The term Branding can be an ambiguous word for many business people. When many so-called graphic designers cannot even get a full grasp of it, it is hard to define what exactly is entailed in this branding process. Our Realtor® Branding Services comprehensively address all the objectives you have when it comes to branding your real estate business.

        Lack of understanding of what a true branding job is can lead to a series of mistakes that can be costly down the road, both time wise and financially.

        Myth #1 – I will brand later when my business grows.

        Many real estate agents take the position that investing money into a branding scheme is something they should do later when there is more budget, and will hold off on it. This is one of the most common and costly mistakes you can make.

        Why it’s a poor choice for your business

        Whatever business cards, envelopes or feature sheets you get from your brokerage or print off on your own from your computer will not have any originality to it, rendering it mundane and forgotten among the pile of other junk. At this phase of your business when you are new & fresh, you don’t want to emphasize the lack of experience. Self-made cheap stationery, or generic brokerage provided items (unless you are with a heavily branded firm like Sotheby’s) will scream “I’m green and fresh with no budget nor experience!” Is that the brand message you want to send?

        How it will cost you more $$$ in the long run

        Eventually as your business grows, you will invest into a branding system (hopefully). When that is done, whatever business cards you have printed, whatever letterheads printed etc. have all gone to waste. You will also have wasted valuable months of your business phase during which your gorgeous, noticeable brand could have been exposed to more customers in your community, and online. The lost printing costs as well as the opportunity cost will far outweigh the cost of our branding packages, which start at a mere $400.

        Myth #2 – I can just get my friend who’s good with Photoshop to do this.

        Everybody has that one friend who’s “good with Photoshop” that offers to design a logo for you for a bottle of wine. It seems like a great cheap (or free) way to get your branding set up. Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong.

        Why this will dissapoint you

        We’ve seen countless incidents of such, with real estate agents bringing us a “logo” done on Photoshop. For one, Photoshop is not a vector processing software meant for press printing, so whatever looks decent on the screen has a good chance of not working out so well once printed. A proper branding job should be consistent across print & digital. Many logos have fancy metallic, gradient designs etc. without any plans on how to effectively translate that into printed surfaces. If your online logo and your business card logo has no cohesion, you do NOT have a branding scheme at all. You just have a stand-alone emblem that cannot play with others!

        What a proper branding job looks like

        For one, it starts with an in-depth interview of who you are, then the artwork is produced, along with a proper colour scheme and a font scheme that works in harmony. We also ensure that the brand can be consistently replicated on digital & print, on coated and uncoated surfaces, as well as on black & white. The brand should also look good in inverted colour schemes (Whether you print on black or white backgrounds), and easily applied to unconventional methods such as engraving, stitching or round-surface printing.

        A good business branding system is more than just a doodle on Photoshop. Overuse of gradients, shadows, shines and other effects that ONLY look good on computer screens will lead to failure, as the main effect you considered critical to your brand cannot even be printed consistently.

        Realtor branding fake logo

        A great example of a poorly designed photoshop logo that has a lot of shiny visual effects that will NOT print very well at all.

        Myth #3 – I should use the font used on my logo on all material.

        Your name on your logo that your photoshop-fluent friend is written in a fancy font, and your first instinct is to ask “Can I have that font file?” because you want to use it on EVERYTHING you print. That is one of the worst ideas you can have.

        Why this is a terrible idea

        Look at some of the greatest brands in the world that have a world-wide recognition. Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson for example have very memorable fancy fonts on their logo. You will not see that logo repeated anywhere else on any of their packaging, product titles, descriptions etc. The reason is that repetition of the same fancy font is an over-indulgence that actually dilutes the brand rather than strengthens it. It’s contrast that makes you stand out, not by drowning in the same font over and over.

        What to do instead

        A professional branding scheme will come with a set of recommended font faces to use in conjunction with your brand to ensure the brand is emphasized well. If you didn’t get your branding done by the professionals here at Brixwork, there’s still a way. Find generic, easy-to-read fonts that contrast heavily from the style of your logo font, and you are miles ahead of the amateurs who think that repeating the font is a great idea to get the brand across.

        Examples of some of the most successful and widely known brands that utilize text based logos.

        Myth #4. I don’t think I need one, it’s not worth the money.

        This is probably a worse mistake than #1. Many agents have all sorts of excuses to avoid the branding process. It could be that they feel that their brokerage brand is enough, or that their name & personality is enough. Also cost is another objection point.

        Why it’s a gross act of mis-prioritization.

        With the amount of competition of real estate agents out there, generic cards and names will be drowned out into oblivion very quickly. Our professional branding schemes, done in-house here in Gastown Vancouver, BC, cost between $400 ~ $1600 at most. Many car lease payments for just one month can fall somewhere in the middle of this range. To say that you cannot invest the equivalent of a month’s car lease payment into the face and forefront of your business is like saying “Why buy a suit when I can just wear my sweat pants to the meeting? I already have one, and a suit will cost me more money.” 

        How it will cost you in the long run

        Similar to #1, the amount of time you are in business without your personal branding scheme is NOT helping you at all, and the lost opportunity cost can be enormous at the end. The longer you trudge along without a clear identity presence, the more business you are losing.

        This website is the result of a poorly done, or non existent branding scheme.

        Myth #5. A brand/logo has to be a complex shape.

        Many people think of “logos” as a complicated piece illustrated artwork that involves swirls, lines, symbolic shapes etc. and see it as a daunting process. Not all logos need to look like a complicated medieval coat-of-arms.

        False. Because Less is More.

        Less is more has never been a truer statement. In a world that is over crowded with over stimuli, the simplicity and elegance can often make a bigger impact. We offer a full range of services from illustrated branding which involves custom hand-drawn, hand-crafted unique symbols, all the way to type-art branding, which leverages intelligent and elegant usage of beautiful typography and simple shapes.

        Check out the gallery of elegance.

        Some of the branding systems we’ve created over the years demonstrate this well. Check it out on our gallery of real estate agents that we’ve had the pleasure of working with!

        This is a branding scheme we did for our client Chris Brown. It features bold shapes and text that are simple and memorable.

        In Summary, You Need to be Branded

        We’ve helped properly brand and present countless real estate agents over the years, and we’ve seen first-hand the tangible benefits of a proper branding system.

        Our clients have reported getting more compliments from their clients, which means they are more likely to remember him/her over the competitor. We’ve heard of new & unexpected listings being acquired through proper presentation of marketing material at open houses. We’ve heard of listing customers who were excited to see all the properly branded & consistent property feature sheets and mailers, which indicates confidence in our clients.

        Our Branding Services
        Our Portfolio

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