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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate – The Myths & Truths2021-05-03T16:57:13+00:00

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

The Myths & Truths

Over 3.8 billion people globally use social media platforms to connect, communicate, entertain, and educate. However, there are still many misconceptions about the role and impact of social media in business, which often results in individuals shying away from using this impactful tool. It is important to debunk these myths so users can have a better understanding of the positive impact social media plays in a business’s success. Whether you are a new Realtor® or a well-established agent, social media should be a part of your tool kit. 

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about social media. 

social media user graph by age group

Myth 1: It’s for the younger generation only

Recent studies show more than half of social media users are eligible home buyers. While Facebook remains the most used platform, especially among the older generation, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are some other critical platforms to use within your marketing strategy. Recently, lifestyle oriented Realtors® have reported getting buyers from TikTok videos as they connect with the right people with a common passion.

Myth 1: It’s for the younger generation only

Recent studies show more than half of social media users are eligible home buyers. While Facebook remains the most used platform, especially among the older generation, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are some other critical platforms to use within your marketing strategy. Recently, lifestyle oriented Realtors® have reported getting buyers from TikTok videos as they connect with the right people with a common passion.

social media user graph by age group
Realtors use of social media is a long term game

Myth 2: Social media campaigns can get me leads right away.

Social media is a long-term investment and just like most things, consistency is key. Through consistent brand showcasing on social platforms, brand awareness can be created, which results in long-term benefits. Some long term benefits include: brand recognition, credibility, loyalty and associations. Whether you are helping your client find their dream home through or selling their current home, Realtors® will benefit from the long-term investment of creating strong brand awareness through social media platforms.

Myth 3: It is expensive

Truth: It doesn’t have to be

The great thing about social media is you can do it on your own! Free tools like Canva or video generators for Instagram stories allow you to create your own content if you don’t want to pay for the assets to be designed. Of course, it requires time and effort dedicated to content creation, audience engagement and tracking your progress, therefore, it requires a time commitment. Paid ads on Social Media is also a fraction compared to newspapers or magazine ads. However, don’t forget to continue with organic engagement with your audience!

Social media returns dividends if executed the right way. In the end, the cost of social media campaigns, whether that be time or money, is less expensive than losing a sale.

Canva graphs for Realtors® on social media
Canva graphs for Realtors® on social media

Myth 3: It is expensive

Truth: It doesn’t have to be

The great thing about social media is you can do it on your own! Free tools like Canva or video generators for Instagram stories allow you to create your own content if you don’t want to pay for the assets to be designed. Of course, it requires time and effort dedicated to content creation, audience engagement and tracking your progress, therefore, it requires a time commitment. Paid ads on Social Media is also a fraction compared to newspapers or magazine ads. However, don’t forget to continue with organic engagement with your audience!

Social media returns dividends if executed the right way. In the end, the cost of social media campaigns, whether that be time or money, is less expensive than losing a sale.

Later business content scheduling for Instagram (Real Estate)

Myth 4: It is time consuming.

Truth: It does take time but there are tools to make it efficient.

As previously mentioned, it takes consistency in order to be successful. However, there are many tools that can help you remain consistent while ensuring you are still being efficient. There are content scheduling tools such as Later that allow you to plan content days, weeks or months in advance. Additionally, these tools are able to generate helpful analytics that let you grow and track your posts. Engaging with your audience is something you can do between appointments, as you wait for your coffee order, or in lieu of TV time – it takes little time but it goes a long way. 

Check out some Instagram Do’s and Don’ts that will help your Instagram content.

Social media is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked in your marketing toolkit. With a bit of planning, this flexible marketing tool allows you to reach your desired audience regardless of their age or your budget. Without social media marketing, you could be missing out on your next opportunity.

Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors2020-09-18T21:17:08+00:00

Instagram Dos and Don’ts

For Real Estate Professionals

Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts can help you shine from
all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals.
Following these key concepts will help you create an impressive feed that will attract possible leads and to keep building a relationship with your followers.

Here is a series of dos and don’ts that will greatly improve your Instagram content’s quality and will ensure you get the best results from your social media efforts:

DON’T just screen-cap things from a phone or desktop and post them

Have you ever looked at a great infographic while scrolling through the news on your phone and wanted to share it with your Instagram following? Screen-capping and then posting greatly compresses the image quality and the image will probably look out of place since there’s no consistency with your branding and your feeds look.

DO – Design your own post using key info and adjust it to your branding

Generating a creative graphic or image with real numbers and percentages is a great asset to consider. You can generate this by yourself or get some help from a graphic designer. A professional will know how to make it stand out while making it look good and educating your viewers. Not only will a custom graphic with your branding guidelines and colours look highly professional and attractive but it will help grow brand awareness of your name and build a reputation.

DON’T write typical salesman captions

Your posts on Instagram can have up to 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags.

Depending on the type of presence you want to build on your Instagram, your caption may be as short or as long as you desire. What you don’t want to do is to push a caption making it awkward or too forced. Doing so will push your followers away from wanting to engage with you or your brand. Nobody likes obvious sales or advertisement posts.

The most important recommendation to caption creating is to be yourself!

DO – write a short concise caption that invokes a question, makes a shocking/memorable statement, or is funny – or all of the above if possible!

Anything that initiates engagement with your followers is what you should be aiming for when writing captions for your Instagrams.
What is engagement? A comment. Although likes are good, those are often given without much thought, therefore they don’t have as much weight.

Samples of proper custom social media stories and posts created by Brixwork.  

Contact Us For A Custom Design

DON’T – post at any random time, or just make up hashtags on the spot.

Posting at any time you want may not bring you the results you are after. If you only post at night or in between your appointments, there is a great chance that most of your followers will miss it.

DO – plan your posts ahead of time.

Plan your posts out in a regular cycle, stick to your brand guidelines and use researched and planned out hashtags. Good results take time so make sure you put in the work to get the results you want.

DON’T repost another post just because it’s cool or funny.

When you re-post on your business account things that you normally would on a private and personal profile, it might deter the audience you’re trying to attract. Make sure you know how to separate the two and maintain a professional and on-brand profile on your business account.

This is not to say that a funny post is completely off-limits, however it is important to keep in mind the image you want to give out to potential leads and customers that may follow your Instagram account.

DO – Use your discretion on what to re-post.

If it doesn’t match your branding and you want to post it, have it redesigned to suit you. Consistency on a feed is critical!

Want to schedule your stories & posts ahead of time? 

Use Later

Are you looking to design your own posts?

Try Canva

Need professional help with social media design? 

Contact Us

Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World2021-01-04T22:31:23+00:00

Digital Dominance for More Listings & Buyers

Intelligent online tools to get more listing presentations, send out more CMAs, and get more buyers!

Now is a better time than ever to get creative, stand out, and use the digital world to your advantage!

Website traffic is up 15 to 20%, and social media engagement has increased by over 60% than normal usage rates since the COVID crisis began. More than ever before, people have become more hesitant to meet up right away. Being active on social media and being prepared with stunning online listing presentations could make all the difference in securing a lead instead of playing phone tag with them for days.

Here are a few key platforms that a real estate agent should have ready to go at any given moment:


A great online introduction can dramatically increase your odds of an in-person meeting with a seller or buyer. Now especially, it’s crucial to have a beautiful online presentation (like a Keynote by Steve Jobs) readily available to entice potential clients. Whatever great presentation booklets you have can be converted to a digital slideshow that can be sent by email or shown during a zoom call!

This is how these digital listing presentations can help :

  • Far more visually engaging than emails/phone calls alone

  • Capture potential clients attention with a digital presentation

  • Keynote/Powerpoint-like performance, but created on Google slides for optimal compatibility on all platforms

  • Increases your odds of an in-person listing presentation and a CMA

*The inner slides are not shown as they are uniquely designed for each client, and is proprietary material that we will not show to competitors.

Digital presentations are amazing additional ways to stand out, showcase your past successes and help get one step closer to securing a client.

The beautiful print booklets we create at Brixwork can be condensed and transposed to a Google Slideshow that can be easily shared to anyone to view online. And whenever they’re ready for an in-person meeting, they can take a look at the sharp print version, along with a CMA.

Digital Listing Presentations for Realtors®!

Contact us to create a digital listing presentation that you’ll be remembered for!

    This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


    With YouTube being the second most used search engine, after Google – YouTube still maintains its status of being one of the best platforms to use to your advantage to gain better traffic to your site.

    YouTube should always be a utilized platform for any real estate agent because:

    Brixwork understands the importance of having attractive media …

    available for your listings, and that’s why our websites support YouTube or Vimeo embedding for every listing!

    How to attach a video to a listing!
    How to attach a Matterport or 360 home tour!

    Another pivotal platform that changes the real estate game in virtual tours is Matterport. Matterport is an easy to use camera system that allows you to create immersive home tours and Brixwork happily offers Matterport enablement to your page, at no extra charge!

    Instagram & Facebook
    Live Videos

    Running virtual open houses and tours on live streams is an amazing way to dramatically increase your brand exposure, on top of promoting the listing itself of course.

    Instagram and Facebook help your real estate social media presence by:

    • Increasing your brand’s awareness on various platforms (the more the better!)

    • Maintaining an active status on social media

    • Providing more content on social media for a better ranking

    Since open houses are a lot less active during this time ..

    Having an active online presence will give your brand exponential exposure to potential clients. Using Instagram and Facebook to run virtual tours, share videos & photos that showcase your listings and your brand can greatly increase the chances of landing a private showing sooner or later.


    The Live video feature tends to be an under utilized feature – but definitely an additional step that should be included in your social media routine – here’s why:

    • Live videos are amazing for interactivity with viewers and you can add others to your Live video (opportunity to collaborate)

    • Viewers can watch, comment, like in real-time during live home tours

    • You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality and your brand to potential clients

    • Boosts your discoverability – your followers get notified every time you start a Live video! It’s like a free advertisement!

    • You can save your Instagram Live as a story for 24 hours for those who didn’t watch or want to rewatch (two in one)

    • Facebook Live videos can be downloaded and then uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account, or personal blog if desired

    • Facebook live videos get around 6x more interaction than a non-live video!

    Plan & Prepare To Get The Best Results On Your Live Stream

    Before you go straight to making the most of the Live video feature, it’s important to build some excitement around your Live video! Here are a few ideas for your live stream:

    • New listing announcement with a live listing tour (state the date & time of it!)

    • Real estate Q & A sessions

    • Collaborate with others and create a real estate market update segment

    Stay online and be digital-friendly!

    The ultimate goal in adjusting to a mainly digital world and creating content for newer social media platforms is to get you more visibility to help build your brand! Don’t miss out on these opportunities – reach new audiences by increasing your engagement and connecting to potential clients!

    Tips & tricks for the live stream feature:

    Ways To Increase Online Presence & Brand Awareness for Real Estate2020-05-20T16:22:33+00:00

    Ways To Increase Online Presence & Brand Awareness for Real Estate During COVID-19

    Empty opens, scarce showings – Where did all the clients go?

    Here’s what’s happening

    • The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver strongly recommends REALTORS® refrain from hosting open houses and minimize showing activities.

    • Home buyers seminars and other real estate related events are being cancelled.

    • The Brixwork servers experienced almost 15% higher traffic in the weeks following the COVID-19 isolation period in Canada & the USA.

    • The overall time spent by the general public online is up by almost 50% by some estimates (could be more!).

    • More people are spending time online (social & web browsing) as the social isolation measures are ramping up – this means a much bigger audience online than ever!

    What Does This Mean For Real Estate?

    This is a great opportunity for real estate professionals to connect with their audiences online while keeping everybody as safe as possible. Things will eventually go back to normal. What we do during downturns is what distinguishes those who are successful later. Being proactive in your online presence is important for traffic flow, activity, and recognition of your brand and your website for future opportunities.

    Ways to increase your website engagement

    #1 – Use photography & video editing tools

    Did you know that 92% marketers consider video as an important part of their marketing strategy? Keep ahead of your competitors by creating engaging cover videos and other engaging video content on your social media. Try InShot app and make your video just in a few minutes – all for free!

    Instead of just screen-capturing something and posting it, try tailored posts to provide updates on the market, policy changes by the government & banks, or discuss specific listings in detail. Use Canva – one of the best apps to design and edit your listing imagery or virtual house tours.

    Visualizing the effects of deep linking to let more pages become discovered

    #2 – Post links back to your listing detail pages on your website

    Posting photos of the listing is great. Reposting from Instagram is great too. But we often observe that many of these posts do NOT contain any links back to the agents’ website pages with the full details. This is a huge mistake that happens too often. See how you can easily share the listing page itself on all channels (Social Media, iMessages, WhatsApp Chats, emails & more).

    Pushing out the right quality/quantity of deep links will have an immediate impact on your site’s traffic. Need help with creating the meaningful deep linking content for SEO.? The Brixwork Team is here to help!

    #3 – Set the Virtual Tour field on MLS® (Paragon, etc.)

    Embed your Matterport, Youtube tours etc. into your listing detail pages, then set the Virtual Tour field on any MLS® system that supports it to the listing detail page on your website. This not only will boost your own domain’s ranking but why give away traffic directly to Youtube or Matterport, when you can direct them to your own website for further brand awareness?

    Matterport Tour

    Facebook Business Page Chat Widget on the Momentum website

    #4 – Add a Facebook Business Page chat widget

    Looking for a better way to connect with your potential clients? Let any customer contact you in real-time directly through Facebook (not only emails!). The Facebook chat widget effectively replaces all previous generations of chat widgets that can be embedded on your websites. Best of all it’s a free tool provided by Facebook Business Pages, and all Brixwork websites support it at no extra charge!

    Don’t miss out on additional leads. Enabling the Facebook chat widget on your Brixwork website is easy (you need to set up your Facebook Business Page first, of course).

    #5 – Post your listings & market updates regularly

    Showing your audience a sense of activity as well as passion for your industry is critical for building brand awareness. You want to be “The Realtor®” in the minds of as many people as possible, AND you can build this up easily on Instagram. Check out’ s new listing updates, as well as’s market update posts for how they keep their audience engaged. You can also change your profile URL to a specific listing you want to feature, rather than defaulting to your homepage.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Erika Bishop | REALTOR® ( on

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Amin Shahbaz DULE, BA, MBA ( on

    The Ocean Park Place Webpage

    #6 – Check on your website traffic stats

    Knowing where your traffic comes from, which pages are performing well (and not), and how much activity you are getting on your website pages is the first step to creating a strategy. Once you know which pages need more work to perform better, you can improve your website content on your own by following our Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips & Steps.

    Too busy to spend hours a week on SEO? We can help you with our dedicated SEO programs that significantly improve your site performance, and consequently get you more leads.

    SEO Tips & Steps 1
    SEO Tips & Steps 2

    #7 – Consider running display ads & retargeting ads

    Building brand awareness is easier than ever through social & Google ads. A well-planned ad campaign with the right landing pages is a great way to get quality leads for a great price. They also give you a great opportunity to re-engage with your past website visitors, and pull them back to your website through retargeting. Running display ads and re-targeting ads are especially useful for the presale projects to reach a larger audience as quickly as possible.

    Businessman getting social media messages on his smartphone

    We help you emerge stronger than ever

    Smart businesses prepare for the next great season at all times, not just in good times – but especially in dire times. There’s no doubt we are in a recession, but this too shall pass – we hope that you can be best prepared to perform well when things go back to “normal” by maximizing your efforts during this period. Keep calm and grind away! ⁠We help you to stand out as a  Realtor® during this challenging time.

    We hope you are staying safe, healthy & positive during these difficult times. The Brixwork team has fully moved to work from home to keep normal operations running while minimizing health risks to our team and the public, and we are here to help.

    Explore our professional services now!

    Better Website Performance
    Real Estate Websites Features
    Project Marketing Services

    Increase Realtor® Website Traffic with this Essential Tool2018-10-25T01:19:31+00:00

    Don’t Miss out on Opportunities for Better Website Traffic

    Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google

    • Google owns youtube, and the meta data (descriptions, links etc.) are taken into consideration.
    • A link back to your URL from a youtube video description is taken into consideration as a backlink, selectively.
    • Embedding a relevant Youtube video to your webpage increase the value of your page.

    • Showing all previous home tour videos on one channel serves as a sold-gallery as well to show your tenure & expertise – the sooner you start building, the better.

    • When sharing listings on Facebook, you can share it two ways – if you share the Video link, the video can be played WITHIN the Facebook feed, which is convenient for users. However this doesn’t drive traffic back to your website. Make sure to include a URL to the listing detail page directly within the description so people can click to see more. If people click on the Youtube video to open in a new browser tab, they can still access the listing detail page via the link in the description.

    More Website Traffic by Youtube Channels & Video Descriptions

    With minimal effort, many real estate agents can benefit from a tool they already use on a day-to-day basis – Youtube. Youtube is a great home tour, or neighbourhood guide video platform but it can be used for search engine optimization to drive more relevant traffic to your website, and serve as a gallery to showcase your tenure & expertise.

    A dedicated Youtube channel can also serve as an impressive gallery of your real estate tour videos!

    DJ Denner’s Gallery

    3 Mistakes Realtors Often Make With Youtube Videos

    Many real estate professionals fail to get the most out of their Youtube home tour videos however, and with very little time & effort these can be remedied.

    #1 Mistake – Not having your own Youtube channel!

    Many video tour companies will offer to upload the video on Youtube, and provide you with the link. Sounds great, right? Wrong. The home tour videos are only attributing to the content on their channels, not yours. Every Realtor® should create their own Youtube channel where they start uploading their videos (see Sidra’s impressive Youtube channel full of luxury listing videos in and around White Rock).

    • Serves as an impressive gallery of previous home tour videos to showcase experience.

    • Especially beneficial for higher-end real estate agents to show off great home tour videos!

    • Gives you full control of the video meta description (covered in the next section)

    #2 Mistake – Not providing a link back to the listing detail page on your website

    Did you know you can put a link in your Youtube video descriptions? Putting a link back to the listing detail page on your website is critical for any home tour video. If the video is a general neighbourhood guide or market update, simply link it back to your website only. One way or another, you want to provide a backlink to your website.

    This video by Nest Presales contains a link back to their listings page from their East Vancouver condo listing tour video (since the listing is sold, they linked it to show other active listings) – this is a great example of a backlink.
    Check Out Video

    #3 Mistake – Not using Youtube!!!

    Youtube is owned by Google, and is the second most popular search platform in the world after Google. Please upload your videos on Youtube, not Vimeo.

    Best Practices When Sharing Listing Tour Videos on Facebook

    When real estate agents share listings on Facebook, often we see the Youtube video being shared directly, instead of the listing detail page on the website (which already has the video embedded from Youtube). The advantage of this method is it allows video playback within the Facebook feed itself. However, it’s important to take steps to ensure visitors have a way to see the listing detail page. This not only drives more traffic to your website to encourage more people to be exposed to your branding for a longer period of time, but it also creates more backlinks from social media platforms.

    • After you attach the Youtube video, make sure to copy-paste the listing detail page URL from your own website. This gives the viewers an option to click for more information.

    • If you fixed mistake #2 from above, then even those who click on the video link to open it up on a new browser window/tab can still link back to your website from the video description.

    • This rule applies also to Instagram videos being auto-shared to your Facebook wall – you should edit the description Facebook afterward to include a link to the listing detail page on your website. (notice how Nest Presales links their listing detail page from their Facebook post here)

    The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, and generate more backlinks to your domain!

    Don’t have time for your own SEO? Do you want to delegate this?

    SEO Services Page
    DIY SEO #1
    DIY SEO #2
    Deep linking for SEO

    Steady, Solid, Strategized SEO Results in Significant Traffic Growth2018-10-12T18:03:30+00:00

    34% More Traffic From Google Searches

    Such is the astonishing result of our latest Search Engine Optimization campaign. Well actually, this figure (34%) compares only 2 quarters. When comparing a 1-year span, their organic Google search traffic grew by over 10 times.

    Primarily works updating, managing, and creating content for main company website.

    Primarily works updating, managing, and creating content for main company website.

    How Did We Achieve This?
    What’s the secret behind this?

    It’s not much of a secret actually. The SEO world continues to evolve, with many debates over the decade. However, one thing that all reputable SEO engineers can agree upon is that it all starts with a solidly built site, with plenty of original content that keeps growing, and proper linking to make the content easy to find. There are no easy pills, shortcuts, or quick-fixes for long-lasting ranking on Google, unless you risk getting blacklisted for using black-hat techniques.

    Our dedicated SEO campaigns for real estate websites helped’s traffic increase by over 34%, quarter-after-quarter – and that’s ONLY counting organic Google search traffic.

    How Long Did It Take To Get Such Results?

    In April 2017, the website averaged less than 9 organic search visits per day. By August 2017, the number grew to over 40 per day, with light SEO work.

    First 4 months – The Foundation That Took 9 visits/day to 43 visits/day!

    In the initial launch stages, the Brixwork team worked closely with the Nest Presales team to populate the website with plenty of building/presale data, including building features, photography and more. As we provided active back-linking and meta title/description cleanups, we wanted to first measure the results for a benchmark before we began the intensive SEO campaign.

    In April 2017, the website averaged less than 9 organic search visits per day. By August 2017, the number grew to over 40 per day, with light SEO work.

    The Next Step! – Dedicated SEO Activities Kicked in later in 2017

    The website required a much heavier volume of content curation, meta title/description optimization, backlink acquisition and more. Soon, our dedicated SEO program was initiated.

    By mid 2018, we brought an average of 90+ visitors a day from Google to, an astonishing 10X growth from April 2017.

    nest presales park george condo listing blog post boosts their seo

    Park George Condos

    Are you looking for more buyers leads online?

    Over 90% of home searches begin online, and there are more realtors than ever in the Vancouver/Toronto/Victoria areas, as the real estate market has heated up over the last decade, drawing in more competition. Our boutique websites, with our dedicated SEO services, can help you score more leads in this zero-sum-game.

    Check out Nest Presale’s Park George blog post for a sample of effective SEO in action

    Park George Condos

    Are you aiming to list & sell more homes?

    Homeowners who are curious to see the property value will often start by searching for MLS® listings around their neighbourhood. Don’t miss out on this valuable Google traffic of motivated homeowners seeking to sell their precious assets.

    The most valuable Google searches are long-trail queries.

    Our SEO Services

    Launching New Content Curation & Editing Services2018-09-14T23:14:04+00:00

    Launching New Content Curation & Editing Services

    Time is precious, and we understand that Realtors® are short on time

    We are excited to unveil a new service category to further help our clients save time, get the most out of their websites, and stand out from the competition. Over the years we recognized that content write-up such as writing biographies and other unique website content can be very daunting and time-consuming tasks for real estate agents. We took it to the next level.

    Faster content curation has many benefits and the delays can be costly

    When a website launch was delayed due to lack of content, it often resulted in a chain of negative consequences. The longer the site is live, the more history it builds on the indexes of Google and other search engines. When a site launch is delayed, there’s a massive opportunity cost loss.

    Brixwork marketing content curatation and editing graphic

    Uniquely written with quality, and search-engine aware content

    Our content write-up team was trained in-house. Specifically for the real estate world! We get your lingo, your business objectives, and we have your success in mind when it comes to curation.

    • Uniquely written content to help you stand out from the competition – avoid being a cliche!

    • Human-inspected then vetted through Grammarly to minimize any typos or grammatical errors

    • Organized/edited for better keywords/headings placement, and make scanning of the content easier.

    • Research, gather and recommend photography & PDFs where applicable for a richer experience and better Google indexing

    Supercharging your presales, buildings, and development marketing

    A well-groomed presale/building page with unique content, floorplan PDFs, and photography can rank very well. In fact, many of our clients’ websites rank within top 5 for dozens of notable presales/buildings across the Lower Mainland.

    • Clients provide us with a list of presales/buildings to target, and any existing content already in possession to save time and cost

    • Our team conducts research online to gather more information, floorplan PDFs, photography and other critical details

    Targeting Neighbourhoods & Niche Geographic Segments

    Custom designed websites with a rich neighbourhood information section can really help this boost of great content. Researching and procuring a large amount of content for many neighbourhoods/subareas can be very time-consuming – we can help.

    • Clients provide us with a list of neighbourhoods & niche zones and any existing content you have

    • Our team conducts research online to harvest more information and link-back sources and relevant data.

    Biographies, Marketing Methods, and Other Verbiage

    • Clients provide us with information on their target demographic & property types as well as any other unique selling points.

    • Our team organizes the notes into headings & sentences that are concise and has great flow.

    • Upon client’s approval, we publish & adjust on the website for a finessed look & feel.

    Read Kevin Lam’s Full Biography
    Brixwork marketing Kevin Lam about page custom curated content

    What are the costs involved in this service?

    Our specialized content curation & writing services are offered at $75/hr, a lower rate than our design & coding labour. All write-up is done in-house by staff trained internally and in daily contact with our entire team. We can bill by the hour, or provide a fixed quote if you have a firm parameter drawn out.

    What’s the difference between the existing admin service rate of $40/hr? Why is this service significantly more expensive?

    Our content curation & writing service involves research and active content procurement by our specially trained team, making it a much more involved and intelligent process than just loading in provided data as-is.

    Typical consumed hours costs:

    • Write up of an agent bio & brief mission statement: 1~1.5 hours

    • Presale/Building/Development information research & writing: 1~3 hours per building (older buildings are harder to find information on such as floorplans and features)

    • Neighbourhood write-ups: 0.5 to 1 hour per neighbourhood (depending on how much information and details are needed)

    • Marketing/Buying page headings & content write-up: 0.5 hours per small block

    Admin Service ($40/hr)
    Content Curation & Writing ($75/hr)
    Client must supply all write-up. We don’t read or review your content. Our team proactively does the research for content based on the list of buildings/ neighborhoods or point form notes.

    We copy-paste what is provided, as-is. This is merely to save you a small amount of time & effort.

    Our team reviews and rearranges the sentences, while performing spelling and grammar checks for better content.
    We then rearrange and reformat the content into headings & separated paragraphs, place relevant links, and perform a basic keyword optimization for better ranking on Google.
    We creatively write sentences and headings to avoid redundancy and to avoid being caught by Google’s plagiarism filters which can potentially harm your website ranking.

    Photography, PDF, and other media are entirely up to the client to provide, and we upload as-is.

    We look for and download then upload photography, PDFs etc. as we see fit – no heavy lifting from you.

    Inquire About Content Curation & Writing Services

      This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

      Don’t miss out on the chance to have a great marketing team behind you. If you need help with your Brixwork website content, please contact us! Please note, this is a service exclusively provided to Brixwork website subscribers, as we are not a freelance content writing agency.

      Do It Yourself SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 22019-08-30T19:34:58+00:00

      DIY SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 2

      In our last blog post we covered part 1 of Do-It-Yourself SEO strategies that help you set up the foundations for more Google traffic. We covered the differences between internal factors (on-site) and external factors (inbound links). Phase 2 of DIY SEO on Brixwork real estate websites are more specific to each and every listing you handle.

      Missed part one? Start with the foundations so you’re not left behind

      DIY SEO Part 1

      5 essential steps to optimize your own listings and photos:

      • Write a custom meta title & description for the listing

      • Upload more, better photos than what MLS® allows

      • Name/label all gallery photos properly

      • Enhance the listing heading & description

      • Share listings throughout social media

      Custom Meta Title & Meta Descriptions

      (Internal Factor)

      The meta title and descriptions are programmed to default to the address and critical features of a listing. While this Brixwork feature is handy, there are ways to improve this for your own listings (note that you cannot do this for MLS® reciprocity listings that are not your own – you are not authorized to modify how it displays on your website).


      DIY SEO custom meta title and meta description example before


      DIY SEO custom meta title and meta description example after

      Updated specific meta title and description for Peter Coppard. View his site here


      DIY SEO custom meta title and meta description example before


      DIY SEO custom meta title and meta description example after

      Updated specific meta title and description for Peter Coppard. View his site here

      The meta title is critical for Google ranking – so make sure the best and relevant keywords are in there. This is also visible on Google search results, so make sure it’s easy for humans to read & understand. Instead of the address being the default, the title can be more descriptive about the key features or location of the property based on what you think people may be looking for.

      • Name of the building/complex name

      • Critical features such as rental regulations, outdoor space etc.

      • Proximity to important landmarks such as transit or schools

      The meta description is often what helps users determine which links to click. This section has little to no effect on actual Google rankings – so make sure to write for humans, not Google. This 2 line description is what most users scan through before choosing which one of the 10 results to click. Key benefits (move-in ready!) or time-sensitive information (Open House Nov xx) are some great things to leverage. Learn how to update the title and description for listings on your website here.

      Photography Titles

      (internal factor)

      When photos are uploaded, they often default to the filename, and may often take on random titles such as “DSC0021” which are meaningless. Google’s algorithm takes into consideration what keywords are related to Real Estate searches, so describing photos with keywords such as “Bedroom”, “Kitchen”, and “En-Suite” gives your listings massive benefits. Learn how to rename individual photos on your website’s gallery here.


      Uploaded photos with original titles


      Updated titles with descriptive keywords

      Brixwork’s recent upgrade to store and load all the photos on the Amazon Web Servies cloud is another factor that will help your ranking. The photos load several times faster on Amazon CloudFront, and Google gives better rankings to faster-loading websites. This was one of the most major upgrades that we’ve performed, spanning across an 8 month period, to re-distribute all real estate photography onto the cloud, and will benefit all of our customers.

      Update Listing Heading & Descriptions

      Most of our website’s headings above the description defaults to describe the location and property type. This can be overridden easily to be more specific to the property at hand. Your own listings can have an enhanced description with multiple paragraphs and heading separations. This is a great feature for search engines to pick up more critical keywords with a higher degree of importance, but it also serves to help your visitors scan through the key features of your listings faster.



      Updating a listing’s title and description to something more specific could help improve your website’s SEO.
      To learn how to modify this, visit our support page here.

      Post Listings or MLS® Search Results to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Regularly

      Peter Coppard Real estate facebook account post example

      Sharing the listing URL from your website to your Facebook business page and personal wall is a great way to drive more traffic while acquiring more backlinks. Also make sure to post the same link to your Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the effects will be even greater.

      This is not only limited to specific listings – any MLS® search on the Brixwork website generates a keyword-dense URL that is uniquely for that specific search and can be shared with the public easily.

      Consistently, and frequently sharing links to pages within your website is one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking over the long term.

      After following these steps, as well as the initial steps listed out in Part One, your chances of greatly improving your website’s SEO will increase over time. Putting the effort into improving your SEO will make it more likely for potential buyers to look at listings and pages on your site, and begin generating the kind of traffic you want to see.  This process may be extensive but it is vital in helping you attain higher search engine rankings.  Thankfully you’re not alone! Our team at Brixwork would love to help you with every step of the way.  To learn more about our SEO Packages, click here.

      Our SEO Services
      Contact Us for a Consult Now!

      Do It Yourself SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 12019-08-30T19:32:23+00:00

      DIY SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 1 – The Preparation


      Over 90% of home searches start online.

      Web searches and online presence is a critical way for Realtors to earn more business. Recent studies show that 90% of people use online resources when hunting for a new home. Websites produced by Brixwork come with a host of handy SEO tools available for self-serve use by each client in order to improve the odds of our clients picking up new clients from Google searches.

      SEO breaks down largely to internal factors, and external factors

      Internal, AKA On-Site Factors

      • Effective page titles for every page & property

      • Enticing descriptions for every page & property

      • Richer, enhanced text data

      • Well described images with proper descriptors & titles

      External Factors, AKA 3rd Party Links

      • Linked up to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media

      • Backlinks from all of your social media accounts

      • Other reputable backlinks from 3rd party domains

      • Social and Search Traffic Popularity

      #1 – Know Your Current Status & Traffic

      The first step is to know your current numbers. Google Analytics will break down your current traffic (volume, sources, device type, geographic location etc.). To set up your Google Analytics account and install the tracking code into your page please click here. This is a critical step that every website needs! There is a limit to the number of websites we can attach to each email address, so each client needs to set this up on their own, then grant the Brixwork support team access to the email prescribed above.

      Tracking Setup Checklist

      • Google Analytics Setup

      • Share the data with

      • Brixwork support will continue to integrate Search Console setup along with Analytics to enable deeper-level keyword tracking (to learn more about our SEO services click here)

      #2 – Social Media Setup is a Must!

      Social media is a great way to generate immediate traffic, and get some backlinks – in other words, an important cornerstone for search engine optimization. Also, social media popularity metrics does play into determining the ranking of websites to a degree.

      Social Media Setup Checklist

      1. Accounts Must Be Set Up!
      • Set up accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter

      • Google Business page setup is critical (learn how here)

      • Important to create a Youtube Channel with consistent and original content

      2. Linked Up Well & Looking The Way It Should
      • Enter the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter URLs are linked in the settings tab of the Brixwork website backend

      • Ensure all social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have a link back to your website URL

      • Social media cover photos, profile icons, and colours are all set to brand guideline and compliant

      #3 – Website Major Title & Description Checklist

      On major pages on your website, such as the homepage, listings top page, and biography & contact page, it’s important to customize the meta titles & descriptions. This meta title is critical for the page to rank well for specific keywords. The meta description is what will show up on search result pages and generate a higher overall ranking (but has little to no value for actual search ranking). Click here to learn how to set up meta title and description for your pages.

      Setup for all major top level and second level pages:

      Congratulations! At this point, you have finished initial stages of setting up your website’s SEO. With just a few more steps you will be well on your way to higher search engine rankings. If you need the Brixwork team to do this you can learn about our SEO Packages here. To continue learning how you can maintain your SEO ranking, visit Part Two of our Do-It-Yourself SEO article here.

      Contact Us for a Consult Now!

      Ready for part two? Move on to the second half of this two part post to learn how you can further improve your SEO

      DIY SEO Part 2

      Notable Real Estate Websites Launched in 20172017-10-10T03:29:15+00:00

      Bigger & Better Initial Impressions

      The new websites we want to showcase today have some key improvements compared to many of our previous years’ projects. One of the bigger focus was on having a Cinematic Intro on many website sections such as the homepage & team pages, or the listing detail pages which is an entry point for visitors almost 40% of the time.

      Full width images with menu items overlaid on top, as well as video background intros became more popular. Optimization for mobile devices for a better first look was also a major focus – not only for visual purposes, but also for load-time purposes. There have been many engineering improvements under-the-hood that contribute towards a much faster loading time, which is loved by both clients and Google™.

      How Customization Can Help Realtors®

      Truth is that every real estate agent in town has equal access to the current MLS® listings, all sales history of any property, as well as the same statistics provided by each respective real estate board. Even our template websites get the hand-crafted attention to match the colours & text, as well as the overall feel, to your brand specifically. Our customized websites help to distinguish our agents even further from the crowd. Impressions do matter, and therefore custom designed real estate websites with hand-crafted labour behind them makes all the difference.

      Not only is it better looking – but having a brand-specific message, with a unique set of content helps your website stand apart from the crowd on search engines as well. Content is king when it comes to SEO.

      Ken Stef (Custom Designed Website)

      ken stef real estate branding and website design
      ken stef real estate branding and website design

      Cinematic Intro Homepage with Video

      Ken Stef (Vancouver Westside Realtor® specializing in luxury residences)’s custom illustrated branding was brought to life beautifully in this custom designed website.

      View Case Study

      Kevin Lam (Custom Designed Website)

      Vancouver Realtor® Kevin Lam Custom Website Design
      Mobile Responsive Real Estate Website Design for Kevin Lam

      Custom Listing Icons with Cinematic Intro

      Another beautiful usage of the Cinematic Intro, but with a gorgeous Vancouver photography gallery is showcased on Kevin Lam’s website. His listing gallery icons were also customized to be a seamless tile of 3-per-row with a neat hover effect for better information delivery of real estate listings.

      View Case Study

      Nest Presales (Presale/Building Search Enabled)

      Vancouver and Burnaby Presales Map Search Website Design
      Vancouver and Burnaby Presales Map Search Website Design

      Presales and Buildings Google™ Maps Search

      Nest Presales has a more specific niche which our team helped them capitalize upon. Not only is there presale search module easy to use, but coupled with the amount of rich information on the presale buildings, their website has performed outstandingly well on the Google Traffic front.

      View Case Study
      Other Case Studies
      Inquire About Your Website

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