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Christmas Gift List Tips To Stay Within Budget & Get Everything In Time

By |2014-11-24T17:33:40+00:00November 24th, 2014|Technology & Trends, Uncategorized|

Start your Xmas gift list on Google Spreadsheets! Remembering everybody on Santa's list while keeping in budget can be a stressful thing during every Christmas season. Fortunately there are technologies you can use to make this process much simpler. Using Google Spreadsheets, you can make a list you can access from your computer, smartphone, tablets [...]

April 2014

The Heartbleed Security Bug and Brixwork Data Security

By |2014-04-10T17:56:31+00:00April 10th, 2014|Company Updates, Technology & Trends, Uncategorized|

As of a couple days ago, a serious internet security risk called the "Heartbleed Bug" has been detected on a large number of websites that can put your private information at risk. Information transmitted to an Internet site affected with this bug, such as a log-on page for online shopping, may become available to a third party. The [...]

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