Comparing the Brixwork Platform To Other Real Estate Website Platforms

There are more real estate website platforms than ever before in the marketplace. Choosing the right platform for your business is critical for better long-term operation to meet your business goals and be efficient with your time.

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Comparing Brixwork To WordPress Websites

WordPress is an open-source platform born in the early days of the web for blogging. Over the years, the platform has morphed into a full CMS (content management system) and is used by over 75 million websites across thousands of industries.

Open Source? What does that say about WordPress?

Because the system is collaborated on by web developers world-wide, it offers the most flexibility, but it comes with several drawbacks for business owners.

WordPress Websites Are Better If You…
  • Want to constantly spend time on making layout/content changes on your site

  • Have the time & HTML/Graphic/Web skills to self-maintain a website

  • Have the patience to learn a new web platform NOT tailored for real estate

  • Have a web-savvy assistant or an in-house web developer

  • Are able to keep up with website security & updates to keep up with new hack attempts

Brixwork Websites Are Better If You…
  • Prefer to utilize professionals for hand-crafted quality pages with great mobile presence

  • Don’t want to spend time figuring out new software not built for Realtors®

  • Want to keep website maintenance to a minimum without sacrificing looks/performance

  • Don’t want to worry about code updates & security check-ups against hack attempts

If you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll hate WordPress

Do you remember the frustration when things flew off your screen with a single keystroke when using Microsoft Word? Or a whole image disappearing? And after hours of editing, it still just doesn’t look quite right? If you’re not proficient with HTML code, layout dynamics & grids, mobile-web concepts, WordPress is a difficult wrestle.

Too many choices is a prison!

Because it’s built for everybody (not just real estate) in mind, you’ll see 40 buttons where you just want 5, and a myriad of different options. It’s like seeing an airplane cockpit full of things you don’t understand rather than an easy dashboard of a car.

Brixwork adds a true WordPress system for clients who want a blog, because it is the best blogging platform in the world, and ties in seamlessly with the Brixwork platform. The WordPress portion ONLY runs the blog, and not the rest of your Brixwork site.

Easy & fast day-to-day management on Brixwork

Because the Brixwork platform was built exclusively for the real estate industry from scratch, the screen buttons & options are minimal & easy to use, saving you time when it comes to listing management (photos, PDF floor plans, video tours are a breeze to manage). Drag and drop dozens of photos, and attach Youtube/Vimeo tours with ease, while knowing everything will look perfect, always!

Our system allows you to spend more time on what you do best – charm clients, show homes, and sell real estate.

WordPress is great for DIY new modules & layout changes

With more modern layout editors and plug-ins, those who are tech-savvy can manipulate the layout of pages, add more sections & menu items – as long as you don’t get carried away and fill the site with too many pages & drop-downs, turning your website into a clutter (resulting in low conversion). And, you must have several hours a week to devote to website management, before factoring in listings & media management.

More layout changes & new pages can be done by the Realtor®, only if you have the time & skills for it.

More layout changes & new pages can be done by the Realtor®, only if you have the time & skills for it.

Brixwork pages are hand-crafted crafted by our team

Our high-performing clients prefer the help of a professional design team to set everything up with minimal maintenance. The up-front costs for custom sections are far higher, and major changes require our development team’s hands. Realtors® are limited to text/photo changes, and some sections can be extended (most pages cannot be). Leave the heavy lifting to the pros, while minimizing website involvement time – thats’ the motto of most Brixwork clients.

Hand-crafted with finesse by our design team, and low-maintenance for busy Realtors!
Hand-crafted with finesse by our design team, and low-maintenance for busy Realtors!

Adil Dinani Group website screenshot
Sidra real estate listing gallery custom design website page

Ongoing Security & Maintenance Is Necessary For Any Website

Subscription (SaaS) Includes Security Monitoring and Updates
The Most Frequently Hacked Website Platform In The World – WordPress!

WordPress is cheap. Open source software is free, and developers who handle WordPress are plentiful, and templates are mass-produced and sold by the hundreds on websites like Themeforest. This means there are more websites built on WordPress than any other platform, also making it the most hacked website platform in the world. The return-on-investment for a successful hack is much higher as there are more targets available.

WordPress needs to be constantly updated with security patches (by web developers who have nothing to do with real estate), and plugins need to stay compatible with the core upgrades. Also, insecure plugins are vulnerable to hacks, and also need constant updates.

The maintenance of WordPress sites requires a lot of high-level tech hands on deck with unpredictable frequency of updates, and this often cancels out the cost savings during the setup phase with more premium solutions such as Brixwork.

If you prefer to invest in a high-quality website with hand-crafted distinction, and spend the least amount of time updating your own website, Brixwork is the better option.

Create an online presence built to impress. Let us be part of your team.

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