Custom-Designed Webpage Modules For Realtors® With Real Impact

Measuring a website’s efficacy isn’t just about the traffic – it’s about how people interact with your website. Achieving front-of-mind awareness of your brand requires more than just a glance. To really convert leads into transactions through your website, the impact of each page matters a lot.

Engagement Metrics That Matter The Most on Real Estate Websites

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Here are some custom designed modules on real estate websites which have proven to positively impact engagement. These modules really make an impact on our clients’ businesses.

#1 – Your Services, Visualised For Sellers & Buyers

These pages look better than a text-only page full of bullets that list your listing strategies (that most will not even read). The hard proof is in the Google Analytics reports showing they do in fact increase engagement significantly.

For example, The Esposito Team’s 4 Service Pages are more than 2X effective in keeping visitors
  • In a 30 day sampling, Analytics shows people who saw at least 1 of the 4 services pages increased engagement by almost DOUBLE (23.34% closed the website early, compared to the 57.52% that didn’t see those pages).
  • Time spent on those pages reach nearly 1:30 on each page, comparable to how long is spent on the property detail page of homes for sale.
  • Seeing is believing: take a look at how The Esposito Team visualizes their buying, investment and marketing service pages.
Infographic displaying how long visitors stay on the services pages for The Esposito Team.

#2 – Community/Neighbourhood Guide Pages

You can showcase the local areas where you work more effectively while establishing yourself as a knowledgeable authority with our custom designed neighbourhood info modules. But did you know that these pages have a massive impact on visitor engagement as well as Google traffic? Not only do these pages help potential homebuyers learn more about the neighbourhood they could be moving into, but they can also help potential homebuyers find your website.

More than Double The Time Spent On Victoria Luxury Group’s Website
  • Reports show that those who opened 1 or more Victoria community pages on Logan Wilson’s website browsed 4.81 pages per visit compared to 2.03 of the rest. They spent an average of 3:16 on the entire website, compared to the 1:29 of their counterparts.

Our SEO Campaigns also showed higher traffic increases were achieved on websites with custom city/subarea exploration modules than those without. You can learn more about our custom neighbourhood module here.

An infographic contrasting the difference in time on the website.
An infographic contrasting the difference in time on the website.
Examples of Well-Crafted Community & Neighbourhood Pages

Victoria New Homes Group

Ken Stef & Co. Real Estate

Filer & Welch Real Estate Group

#3 – Individual Listing Detail Pages Upgrades

Visitors don’t just enter your real estate website via the homepage.

In fact, many visitors first access your website via your listing detail pages. This can either be through a property listing shared via social media, or by directly searching for a specific address on Google. As such, you need to make sure your listing detail pages make a good impression just like your homepage.

To illustrate this, we looked at some of our clients’ websites. In 6 of the most active websites, 6,282 out of 14,480 sessions were initiated on the listing detail pages. This averages out to 43.4%, which is a huge segment of visitor sessions and they all bypassed the homepage. As a result, there’s information on the homepage these visitors may have never seen – so these listing detail pages better be good enough to stand on their own.

Here’s a breakdown of entries via listing detail pages for 6 of our clients:
  • Devon Owen: 283 of 748 sessions, 38%
  • Victoria Luxury Group: 1330 of 3059 sessions, 43.4%
  • The Esposito Team: 2,118 of 6817 sessions, 31.1%
  • Ali Khan: 2022 of 2612 sessions, 77%
  • Anthony Trinetti: 529 of 1244 sessions, 42.5%
  • Mel Montgomery: 197 of 580 sessions, 34%
An infographic displaying the statistics of average time on page for different Realtor websites.

Another important website metric is average time on page which tells you the average length of time a visitor spends on a given webpage. This can give you a sense of how your content is engaging visitors who come to the webpage. For a listing detail page this could be from reading the property’s details, watching a video tour, looking at the photos and weighing pros and cons.

Below is the average time on page specifically for listing detail pages:
  • The Esposito Team (2:44)
  • Victoria Luxury Group (2:31)
  • Anthony Trinetti (2:11)
  • Ali Khan (2:10)
  • Devon Owen (1:57)
  • Mel Montgomery (1:28)

For context, these average times are good. Real good. According to Klipfolio, which makes business intelligence software, a good average time on page for most industries is 52 seconds. Other sources use a range of 50-60 seconds as a good average time on page. Since real estate transactions are themselves big deals, it makes perfect sense for visitors to linger on listing detail pages for so long. This also reinforces how important it is to have eye-catching, professional listing pages because your visitors can be looking at this webpage longer than others on your website.

Take a look at how we help Realtors® take their listing detail pages to the next level.