Digital Dominance for More Listings & Buyers

Intelligent online tools to get more listing presentations, send out more CMAs, and get more buyers!

Now is a better time than ever to get creative, stand out, and use the digital world to your advantage!

Website traffic is up 15 to 20%, and social media engagement has increased by over 60% than normal usage rates since the COVID-19 crisis began. More than ever before, people have become more hesitant to meet up right away. Being active on social media and being prepared with stunning online listing presentations could make all the difference in securing a lead instead of playing phone tag with them for days.

Here are a few key platforms that a real estate agent should have ready to go at any given moment:


A great online introduction can dramatically increase your odds of an in-person meeting with a seller or buyer. Now especially, it’s crucial to have a beautiful online presentation (like a Keynote by Steve Jobs) readily available to entice potential clients. Whatever great presentation booklets you have can be converted to a digital slideshow that can be sent by email or shown during a zoom call!

This is how these digital listing presentations can help :

  • Far more visually engaging than emails/phone calls alone

  • Capture potential clients attention with a digital presentation

  • Keynote/Powerpoint-like performance, but created on Google Slides for optimal compatibility on all platforms

  • Increases your odds of an in-person listing presentation and a CMA

*The inner slides are not shown as they are uniquely designed for each client, and is proprietary material that we will not show to competitors.

Digital presentations are amazing additional ways to stand out, showcase your past successes and help get one step closer to securing a client.

The beautiful print booklets we create at Brixwork can be condensed and transposed to Google Slides that can be easily shared to anyone to view online. And whenever they’re ready for an in-person meeting, they can take a look at the sharp print version, along with a CMA.

Digital Listing Presentations for Realtors®!

Contact us to create a digital listing presentation that you’ll be remembered for!

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    With YouTube being the second most used search engine, after Google – YouTube still maintains its status of being one of the best platforms to use to your advantage to gain better traffic to your site.

    YouTube should always be a utilized platform for any real estate agent because:

    Brixwork understands the importance of having attractive media …

    available for your listings, and that’s why our websites support YouTube or Vimeo embedding for every listing!

    Another pivotal platform that changes the real estate game in virtual tours is Matterport. Matterport is an easy to use camera system that allows you to create immersive home tours and Brixwork happily offers Matterport enablement to your page, at no extra charge!

    Instagram & Facebook
    Live Videos

    Running virtual open houses and tours on live streams is an amazing way to dramatically increase your brand exposure, on top of promoting the listing itself of course.

    Instagram and Facebook help your real estate social media presence by:

    • Increasing your brand’s awareness on various platforms (the more the better!)

    • Maintaining an active status on social media

    • Providing more content on social media for a better ranking

    Since open houses are a lot less active during this time ..

    Having an active online presence will give your brand exponential exposure to potential clients. Using Instagram and Facebook to run virtual tours, share videos & photos that showcase your listings and your brand can greatly increase the chances of landing a private showing sooner or later.


    The Live video feature tends to be an under utilized feature – but definitely an additional step that should be included in your social media routine – here’s why:

    • Live videos are amazing for interactivity with viewers and you can add others to your Live video (opportunity to collaborate)

    • Viewers can watch, comment, like in real-time during live home tours

    • You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality and your brand to potential clients

    • Boosts your discoverability – your followers get notified every time you start a Live video! It’s like a free advertisement!

    • You can save your Instagram Live as a story for 24 hours for those who didn’t watch or want to rewatch (two in one)

    • Facebook Live videos can be downloaded and then uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account, or personal blog if desired

    • Facebook live videos get around 6x more interaction than a non-live video!

    Plan & Prepare To Get The Best Results On Your Live Stream

    Before you go straight to making the most of the Live video feature, it’s important to build some excitement around your Live video! Here are a few ideas for your live stream:

    • New listing announcement with a live listing tour (state the date & time of it!)

    • Real estate Q & A sessions

    • Collaborate with others and create a real estate market update segment

    Stay online and be digital-friendly!

    The ultimate goal in adjusting to a mainly digital world and creating content for newer social media platforms is to get you more visibility to help build your brand! Don’t miss out on these opportunities – reach new audiences by increasing your engagement and connecting to potential clients!

    Tips & tricks for the live stream feature: