DIY SEO for Every Realtor® – Part 1 – The Preparation


Over 90% of home searches start online.

Web searches and online presence is a critical way for Realtors to earn more business. Recent studies show that 90% of people use online resources when hunting for a new home. Websites produced by Brixwork come with a host of handy SEO tools available for self-serve use by each client in order to improve the odds of our clients picking up new clients from Google searches.

SEO breaks down largely to internal factors, and external factors

Internal, AKA On-Site Factors

  • Effective page titles for every page & property

  • Enticing descriptions for every page & property

  • Richer, enhanced text data

  • Well described images with proper descriptors & titles

External Factors, AKA 3rd Party Links

  • Linked up to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media

  • Backlinks from all of your social media accounts

  • Other reputable backlinks from 3rd party domains

  • Social and Search Traffic Popularity

#1 – Know Your Current Status & Traffic

The first step is to know your current numbers. Google Analytics will break down your current traffic (volume, sources, device type, geographic location etc.). To set up your Google Analytics account and install the tracking code into your page please click here. This is a critical step that every website needs! There is a limit to the number of websites we can attach to each email address, so each client needs to set this up on their own, then grant the Brixwork support team access to the email prescribed above.

Tracking Setup Checklist

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Share the data with

  • Brixwork support will continue to integrate Search Console setup along with Analytics to enable deeper-level keyword tracking (to learn more about our SEO services click here)

#2 – Social Media Setup is a Must!

Social media is a great way to generate immediate traffic, and get some backlinks – in other words, an important cornerstone for search engine optimization. Also, social media popularity metrics does play into determining the ranking of websites to a degree.

Social Media Setup Checklist

1. Accounts Must Be Set Up!
  • Set up accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Google Business page setup is critical (learn how here)

  • Important to create a Youtube Channel with consistent and original content

2. Linked Up Well & Looking The Way It Should
  • Enter the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter URLs are linked in the settings tab of the Brixwork website backend

  • Ensure all social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have a link back to your website URL

  • Social media cover photos, profile icons, and colours are all set to brand guideline and compliant

#3 – Website Major Title & Description Checklist

On major pages on your website, such as the homepage, listings top page, and biography & contact page, it’s important to customize the meta titles & descriptions. This meta title is critical for the page to rank well for specific keywords. The meta description is what will show up on search result pages and generate a higher overall ranking (but has little to no value for actual search ranking). Click here to learn how to set up meta title and description for your pages.

Setup for all major top level and second level pages:

Congratulations! At this point, you have finished initial stages of setting up your website’s SEO. With just a few more steps you will be well on your way to higher search engine rankings. If you need the Brixwork team to do this you can learn about our SEO Packages here. To continue learning how you can maintain your SEO ranking, visit Part Two of our Do-It-Yourself SEO article here.

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