UPDATE – as of 20:50 Feb 3rd, it appears to be fixed as per Facebook’s status updates.

This is an update as of 19:57 on Feb 3rd Friday, 2012 – Facebook’s Javascript platform is having an issue where it returns absolutely no viable results, consequently breaking the “LIKE” buttons on BRIXWORK {real estate} websites. This includes most of our newer websites. However it backfired this way tonight. We’re terribly sorry for it, although this is an event completely out of our control. Perhaps they were too busy & excited with the $5 billion IPO and they lost focus on the development side of things.

Anyway, here’s the Facebool SDK status page: http://developers.facebook.com/live_status/ if you like to check it out.

Facebook JS is down!

I see some other realtor sites by your competition still having the LIKE buttons displayed. What’s up with that?

The really ironic thing about this breakage is that the folks who are using the old iFrame embed method on their sites are having no issues with the LIKE button. We, as we thrive to be cutting-edge all the time, used the HTML5 method. This is the recommended method for 2012, while the iFrame method is so 2004. For being up-to-date with technology, tonight we suffer the humiliation that our buttons are down, while our competitors’ buttons are mostly up (as they are still stuck with the old technology which is going to be phased out soon). Such is life, and such is irony.

How do I post to Facebook?

Well you still have options, obviously – the easiest way is to simply copy-paste the URL of the page you wish to share or “like”, and paste it into your status update box on your Facebook profile pages. That will do the trick for now.