Why is the price increasing?

The natural increase of costs of everything and the implementation of regular upgrades to our system for the benefit of all of our sites are the main reason for the increase. 

As you may remember we migrated our system to a premium cloud platform with AWS services. This has improved our sites dramatically, our storage, speed and site’s traffic is better than ever – however, this also means the cost for this service is increasing.

When was the last time your prices changed?

Our prices haven’t changed since 2016.

Is the Base monthly fee of $55 changing as well? 

No. Your base monthly fee remains at $55. The increase is on the MLS® and Presale map module add-ons, as well as brokerage accounts (high volume). The increase really does have to do with our raw costs increase on storing & distributing massive amounts of MLS® listing photos and processing costs of such.

Is minimum wage affecting the monthly subscription fees?

No. The increase in the minimum wage in the province didn’t have an effect on our prices, however, this may affect our labour rates in the not so far future.

Can I be considered for a discount?

Unfortunately, no. For maximum efficiency, we streamline all of our process and billing. We are unable to make an exception for anyone, as we do not have the administrative capacity to do case-by-case scenarios – if anything, these activities will increase our prices even more.