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Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google+ business pages, or Google My Business) is an essential piece of online presence for any real estate professional. It affects how you appear on Google results, as well as how often you appear. This directly correlates to your website visits. It also affects how easy you can be found from mobile devices.

#1 – Higher chance of appearing on mobile & map search results

Having a listing on Google Business gives you a better chance of being found by people searching online. With the sharp increase in mobile device usage, more and more people are searching up business on the fly as they are on the road, using the mobile Google Maps app available on most handheld devices.

#2 – Easier for your customers to find your phone number & website

Google Business results on mobile or desktop have a quick-link to the phone # (great on mobile searches) as well as a link directly to your website, making it easier for people to reach you.

#3 – Enhanced search appearance on Google search results

Websites can be embedded with meta data that claims a relationship with any Google Business Profile. In the example below when searching for “Manny Bal”, along with the primary website being at the top, the Google Business page details show up on the right with even more information such as your star rating, reviews, and additional photos.

#4 – Post Updates & Events on Your Google Business Profile

With a Google Business Profile, you can add Updates which are visible to searchers. These Updates can engage visitors before they enter your website and can even direct them to specific webpages. These Updates can include photos, text and links.

Realtors® can post a variety of content as Updates on Google Business Profiles including:

  • Blog posts about real estate markets, professional milestones, etc.
  • New listings with relevant information and your best photos.
  • Open houses with specific hours and locations, along with photos to show the specific property.
realtor google profile and location on google search results

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Real Estate Profile on Google Maps!

#1 – Go to Google Business

First thing you should do is to visit the Google Business page. If you’re not logged in with your Google Workspace email account or a account, you will have to do so.

#2 – Create your listing or claim an existing one

Follow the prompts or buttons to start entering your business data. It’s very straight-forward – just read everything on the screen carefully as you progress.

If an independent Google user has registered that a certain business or store exists, Google will attempt to find that listing based on your phone number or address entered. This is often the case with small retailers. This is probably not the case with most real estate agents, so chances are you will have to create a brand new listing.

#3 – Verify that you belong in that address

To ensure that no false or misleading business listings are created, Google will send out a postcard to the address that you specified, which contains a verification code that you need to enter on the Google Business system in order to verify that you are indeed the owner or operator of the business at the reported location.

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