Ownership of Design VS Software

When a custom designed site is built, the ownership of the design and artwork becomes that of the client once the agreed initial customization fees are paid.

The Brixwork Website software that enables adding/editing/deleting listings, importing & utilizing MLS® data (where applicable), as well as all other dynamic website functionalities are exclusive properties of Brixwork and is offered on a subscription basis only. Clients do NOT own the website, as per standards SaaS terms. Please read our terms & conditions for more details.

The Contract Relationship

BRIXWORK is a software that is created and distributed by Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. When you get a BRIXWORK Real Estate Website, your legal contract is with Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc.

Limitation of Liability

While we engage in the service of one of the top server and hosting providers in North America, there may be scenarios where technical difficulties arise, resulting in the loss of usage of your website. No service provider has 100% uptime, and therefore we can not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that arise from a temporary service outage (including the website, emailing routes, MLS® data synchronization). That being said, we do our best to not let this happen, and we never go cheap when it comes to server selection.