One of the greatest selling point that BRIXWORK Real Estate Websites has is its strong search engine optimized core. With advanced URL schemes, proper headers & text placement, clean structures and tagged images, we boast some of the best SEO results in and out of town. Recently we have converted some new clients from our competitors and we did some site search traffic analysis on those sites before and after the new BRIXWORK site was launched, and the results were impressive.

In the past 2 years, we have only lost one client back to a competitor after a transition (and even that was due to a mis-understanding of some sort between the partners etc.). The remainder of the new converts have remained loyal with us in the wake of solid leads from search engines and other sources.

Jamie MacDougall

4,500 impressions -> 10,000 impressions per month, with nearly 3X click-throughs

Jamie’s former website was hosted by one of the larger competitors who boast a lot of volume – and Jamie converted to BRIXWORK in September 2012. His search query exposure & traffic saw tremendous increase since then, and more than half a year later he’s sitting on more than 2X impressions, and nearly 3X clicks from Google Search (according to Google Webmaster Tools).

Real Estate Website Traffic Increase SEO Results

Jamie’s impressions went from 4.500 to 10,000 on average. Clicks improved to over 700.

Jamie’s website contains some significant search engine optimization work, such as listing pages pre-defined from the MLS® feed. You can easily browse Vancouver Westside Real Estate, West Vancouver Real Estate, and North Vancouver Real Estate. You can also quickly narrow down to condos & townhomes in Downtown Vancouver as well.

Harvey Kardos

Steep Increase in Traffic within 2 weeks of new website launch

Harvey’s previous website was littered with flash animation blocks (which are terrible for Google performance) with no significant search engine optimization done. The following graph compares the month before and month after the launch. The blue lines rising says it all! Harvey has a good inventory of West Vancouver real estate for sale.

Harvey Kardos Traffic

Visits soared from 41/mth to 1,930/mth, with pages-per-visit increase of 29%.

Haya Halabi

Immediate spike in Google impressions & clicks

Haya reached out to us all the way from Burlington Ontario, looking to improve her website. The previous website was managed by a competitor in Ontario. After the switch to BRIXWORK, her search engine exposure & traffic saw an immediate and significant improvement. This is our most recent conversion launch, and we are excited to see more statistics come out of this. With the Burlington MLS® System fully integrated, as well as the Burlington Community well portrayed, we are anticipating great long-term results from this website.

Quickest re-index of pages we have seen in a while by Google!

Quickest re-index of pages we have seen in a while by Google!