Launching New Content Curation & Editing Services

Time is precious, and we understand that Realtors® are short on time

We are excited to unveil a new service category to further help our clients save time, get the most out of their websites, and stand out from the competition. Over the years we recognized that content write-up such as writing biographies and other unique website content can be very daunting and time-consuming tasks for real estate agents. We took it to the next level.

Faster content curation has many benefits and the delays can be costly

When a website launch was delayed due to lack of content, it often resulted in a chain of negative consequences. The longer the site is live, the more history it builds on the indexes of Google and other search engines. When a site launch is delayed, there’s a massive opportunity cost loss.

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Uniquely written with quality, and search-engine aware content

Our content write-up team was trained in-house. Specifically for the real estate world! We get your lingo, your business objectives, and we have your success in mind when it comes to curation.

  • Uniquely written content to help you stand out from the competition – avoid being a cliche!

  • Human-inspected then vetted through Grammarly to minimize any typos or grammatical errors

  • Organized/edited for better keywords/headings placement, and make scanning of the content easier.

  • Research, gather and recommend photography & PDFs where applicable for a richer experience and better Google indexing

Supercharging your presales, buildings, and development marketing

A well-groomed presale/building page with unique content, floorplan PDFs, and photography can rank very well. In fact, many of our clients’ websites rank within top 5 for dozens of notable presales/buildings across the Lower Mainland.

  • Clients provide us with a list of presales/buildings to target, and any existing content already in possession to save time and cost

  • Our team conducts research online to gather more information, floorplan PDFs, photography and other critical details

Targeting Neighbourhoods & Niche Geographic Segments

Custom designed websites with a rich neighbourhood information section can really help this boost of great content. Researching and procuring a large amount of content for many neighbourhoods/subareas can be very time-consuming – we can help.

  • Clients provide us with a list of neighbourhoods & niche zones and any existing content you have

  • Our team conducts research online to harvest more information and link-back sources and relevant data.

Biographies, Marketing Methods, and Other Verbiage

  • Clients provide us with information on their target demographic & property types as well as any other unique selling points.

  • Our team organizes the notes into headings & sentences that are concise and has great flow.

  • Upon client’s approval, we publish & adjust on the website for a finessed look & feel.

Read Kevin Lam’s Full Biography
Brixwork marketing Kevin Lam about page custom curated content

What are the costs involved in this service?

Our specialized content curation & writing services are offered at $75/hr, a lower rate than our design & coding labour. All write-up is done in-house by staff trained internally and in daily contact with our entire team. We can bill by the hour, or provide a fixed quote if you have a firm parameter drawn out.

What’s the difference between the existing admin service rate of $40/hr? Why is this service significantly more expensive?

Our content curation & writing service involves research and active content procurement by our specially trained team, making it a much more involved and intelligent process than just loading in provided data as-is.

Typical consumed hours costs:

  • Write up of an agent bio & brief mission statement: 1~1.5 hours

  • Presale/Building/Development information research & writing: 1~3 hours per building (older buildings are harder to find information on such as floorplans and features)

  • Neighbourhood write-ups: 0.5 to 1 hour per neighbourhood (depending on how much information and details are needed)

  • Marketing/Buying page headings & content write-up: 0.5 hours per small block

Admin Service ($40/hr)
Content Curation & Writing ($75/hr)
Client must supply all write-up. We don’t read or review your content. Our team proactively does the research for content based on the list of buildings/ neighborhoods or point form notes.

We copy-paste what is provided, as-is. This is merely to save you a small amount of time & effort.

Our team reviews and rearranges the sentences, while performing spelling and grammar checks for better content.
We then rearrange and reformat the content into headings & separated paragraphs, place relevant links, and perform a basic keyword optimization for better ranking on Google.
We creatively write sentences and headings to avoid redundancy and to avoid being caught by Google’s plagiarism filters which can potentially harm your website ranking.

Photography, PDF, and other media are entirely up to the client to provide, and we upload as-is.

We look for and download then upload photography, PDFs etc. as we see fit – no heavy lifting from you.

Inquire About Content Curation & Writing Services

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    Don’t miss out on the chance to have a great marketing team behind you. If you need help with your Brixwork website content, please contact us! Please note, this is a service exclusively provided to Brixwork website subscribers, as we are not a freelance content writing agency.