After weeks of planning, designing and coding, our new website has just launched. Our product had out-grown our sales website over the past year or so, as we have been actively making upgrades to serve our customers better.

Upgrades To Our Realtor® Websites Over The Past Few Months

Try opening this page on an iPhone!

This website is optimized to re-size, re-shuffle based on the size of your viewport. Whether you are visiting from an iPhone, an iPad, Blackberry, Android, or a computer, the content will re-organize itself for the best viewing experience!

Responsive grid design is the best way to accomodate different mobile browsers in today’s diverse marketplace. It is the most cost effective and quickest way to deploy high-quality mobile-optimized websites that work instantly, delivering the same content and same branding. Do not miss out on the mobile browsing market – it is growing, and you cannot ignore it anymore. We have gone the flash-free route years ago already, and our video tours have been served by Youtube in the past year or so, for complete HTML5 compliance.

What’s Next?

More upgrades of course. We will be offering more features on our MLS® search forms to better serve the public (and consequently, the Realtors® who have a website with us), enhancing the Google Map search, upgrading the back-end to make maintenance of your website easier, and much more. We are also working on a Craigslist ad generator so you can quickly and easily share your listings on Craigslist with full photos, links and all the details you need. Stay tuned!