Mobile Browser Usage VS Desktop Browser Usage

The fact that mobile browsing of the internet is on the rise is no secret nor surprise – but by how much, and what are the current statistics for the real estate industry, specifically? We took the Google Analytics statistics on 10 of our most active Realtor® websites, and aggregated the total visitors from mobile and non-mobile devices.


More Than a Third

The numbers we researched based on the last 30 days of traffic (as of March 25th 2015) revealed that more than 1/3 of the visitors were visiting from mobile phones or tablets. 61.64% were visiting from conventional desktops or laptops.


What This Means to Realtors®

Whether your clients are using your website to search for listings, or checking out your credentials to ensure you’re the real deal, your website must be mobile responsive and ready for all screen sizes. This also has implications on your Google rankings.