brixwork for realtors website theme

Our New Red Biscuit Theme

Some of you may know that Sonika Studios Inc. is the creator of the Brixwork semi-custom CMS. Our first standard distribution of Brixwork is in the form of Brixwork for Realtors – a fantastic website management system for the best realtor websites. Currently all of our clients are on front-ends that are fully custom designed. However we are in preparation to offer an alternative – a template-based monthly-subscription service to Brixwork for Realtors will allow more realtors at all budgets to have access to our services.

Some of our new themes being designed are:

  • Greywood (our first master theme, consisting of classic wood textures and green)
  • Red Biscuit (a contemporary & modern theme with a splash of colour)
  • Classy Glass (incorporating beautiful glass tones and an open design – coming soon!)
  • The Boss (classic black & leather texture for the upscale – coming soon!)

Brixwork for Realtors allows realtors to manage their websites with ease, while focusing heavily on a beautiful user interface & design, along with a well-composed and consistent content delivery scheme.