The holidays are here and besides having fun with your family & friends is also time to get crazy doing your Christmas shopping, right? Well, at least for most of people holiday shopping means congested malls, crowded stores and a tireless search for the perfect gift for those that you care about.
But here is the thing: everything will be easier if you have a plan set. So follow our tips and enjoy the Christmas season more.

1. Take Your Christmas Gift List

Remember our last post about learn how to organize the best Christmas Gift List and keep within budget? So it’s time to take it! Hopefully, now you have an idea of what you are going to buy for family & friends.
And if you are missing clients and colleagues’ presents, sign up for Nimble to find out the best gift for them. It will help you to know what they have been up to and subsequently, it will make your life much easier.
In addition to this, remember that you have a budget so that you will not end up overspending.

2. Try The Online World & Skip The Lineups

If shopping centers sound like a mayhem and you would do anything to avoid it, so Internet will be your best friend! You can search options and prices, find Xmas wish lists, order gifts online and all this from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some ideas of website that you should take a look at:

Amazon l Chapter Indigo l eBay l Home Depot l FutureShop Online l Marcy’s l Toys R us l Walmart

And even if you still have to go shopping afterall, searching online first will definitely help you to save time & money.

3. Check The Malls’ Schedules

Try to hit the mall as soon as the stores are opening, when there is no lengthy lineups and store clerks are all available only for you. And it’s even better if you can shop during the week.
For those who can only go after work, the good new is that most of the shopping centers are open until later.

Check out some of the schedules:

Metrotown l Oakridge Centre l Pacific Centre l Park Royal

4. Stop postponing

Last but not less, Xmas shopping is inevitable. So put off procrastinating, make your plan and go shopping right away! Call a friend and enjoy the opportunity to hang out and see all the kind of ornate around the city.

It’s all about Christmas, so have fun and Happy Holidays!

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