Bilash & Charron
(BLU Realty)

Project Description

Bilash & Charron (Blu Realty)

Custom Website + Boutique Stationery

More Than Just a Website – A Digital Statement!

Hand-crafted quality is re-defined on this flagship real estate website design. Engaging & elegant are the words that come to mind when taking a look through this masterpiece. Every block, each statement, each call-to-action was carefully designed, revised, and coded to perfection on all devices (from mobile to big screen) to seamlessly present this dynamic real estate duo from Blu Realty (Vancouver, BC).

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Bilash & Charron Logo

Bilash and Charron Laptop realtor website design visuals

Bilash and Charron Real estate stationery booklet

Premium Print Presentation

Print media is not dead – it’s more alive than ever before, only if they are designed & produced to the high standards that we strive for. The premium brochures designed for Bilash & Charron are a perfect continuation of the outstanding online presence built by our team, and truly completes the rock-solid brand presence that they deserve.

Bilash and Charron Realtor Feature Sheet

Bilash and Charron Real Estate Feature Sheet

Engineered For Social Performance

It’s more than just posting listings, photos, and videos. We engineer and position the key messaging to your customers with a scientific approach. Our custom designed posts for the Bilash & Charron team received 3 ~ 4x higher engagement compared to regular posts. Design is more than just visuals – it’s about impactful communication, and our design team delivers such performance.

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