Project Description

Filer & Welch

Branding, Stationery & Semi-Custom Website

Type-Art Branding

We took a modern, SoHo approach to branding for Filer & Welch to attract the sophisticated & modern Vancouver demographic. While remaining professional and timeless, the custom branding for Filer & Welch focuses on showcasing their client-centric approach to Real Estate that Filer & Welch takes.


Professional, sleek and modern – the stationery for Filer & Welch, printed on top quality material will capture the attention of buyers and sellers.

Semi Custom Website

Following the fresh approach that Filer & Welch takes to the Vancouver Real Estate market, we designed a timeless, semi-custom website with MLS® integration to make a lasting impression. With highly customized services pages that focus on showcasing the client’s first approach to selling and buying, clients can easily find the necessary information they need throughout their home buying and selling journey.

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