Project Description

Hasan Juma

Type Art Branding, Stationery, Semi-Custom Website

Hasan Juma Real Estate Type Art Branding Logo Design

Hand-lettered Branding

Our premium, smart type-art branding is not just another boring name in Arial. We carefully plan and design logos specifically to boost your brand and to keep your name in people’s minds. For Hasan Juma—one of Vancouver’s top Realtors®—we created a branding that would stand up to his reputation. The result was a classy hand-lettered branding, complete with a custom logo design.

Hasa Juma Real Estate Branding Logo Design Work Process using Illustrator

Hasan Juma Real Estate Branding Complete branding guideline

Deluxe Stationery

Hasan’s exquisite stationery was designed to impress his potential customers and leads, keeping his competition at bay. His unique branding and elegant colours blend together perfectly in his brochures, folders and feature sheets.

Greater Vancover Realtor® Hasan Juma Custom Designed Stationery - Real Estate Folder

Hasam Juma Real Estate Agent Website Homepage

Professional and elegant website

Filled with elegant elements that stay in-brand with Hasan’s image and business, his semi-custom site is one of our most ingenious works. The easy navigation and well-placed call-to-actions are designed and arranged to have a high success rate. Hasan’s site has the potential to make leads out of every visitor that visits his website.