Project Description

The Kate MacPhail Group

Elegant Minimalism At Its Finest

Rising Up To The Discerning Demand

“We need it to look a very certain way.” was the first inquiry.

Every detail had to be executed perfectly so that The Kate MacPhail Group’s website did not fall into the pile cookie-cutter websites with MLS®. Our exceptional ability to customize our websites to meet the strictest demands of a unique brand guideline rose up to the occasion.

Taste, Meet Finesse

Words cannot describe how beautiful the visuals are, and videos cannot convey how clean it looks on all devices.

A tasteful vision requires a finessed execution. Our custom design capacities on our solid SaaS framework is second to none – and it shines on Kate’s website.

Fully branded listing detail page for Kate MacPhail at StilHavn Realty
Mockup of Kate MacPhail's website design through 3 different sizes

Big Impact from Small Touches

Texture and feel is a major factor in emotional engagement. Fine tuned loading animations and thoughtful hover effects complete this masterpiece of a website to help Kate’s client feel in sync with her.