Project Description

Victoria New Homes Group (Colleen Ferguson)

Branding, Semi-Custom Website

Mockups of Victoria New Homes Group's website and responsive design on multiple device screens.

Hand-Drawn Logo Design

Colleen’s vision as a specialist in new homes (especially condos & townhomes) in Victoria came to life in this uniquely designed logo. It encapsulates the modern vibe along the beautiful waterfront of Victoria, BC.

Victoria New Home Group Logo with custom illustrated emblem design
Hand illustrated branding drafts for a unique logo design
Digitized illustrations to vector format for a refined logo design process
The final logo design with type mark and a vector emblem from the illustration
Presales and Newly Built Condo Townhome Strata Feature with MLS Listings Auto-fed

Semi-Custom Website

The custom-built presale/strata page features new developments which keep growing in quantity. The result is an excellent growth in organic Google traffic for those looking for information on Victoria’s newly built real estate listings. This module is effective for getting sellers who are snooping for comparable listing prices, as well as buyers browsing for available inventory for sale.

Colleen Ferguson Realtor® bio page design on website
Victoria presales and listings page design on iPhone (mobile) view.