Squamish Life


Squamishlife.com Type Art Branding, Website Type-Art Branding Squamish, BC is a special place - just close enough to the city, yet far away enough to nurture your soul in nature. We worked with Jody Wright and Angie Vasquez to provide a stunning new branding [...]

Progressive Vancouver Team


Progressive Vancouver (Angell Hasman & Associates) Branding, Stationery, Marketing Print Media, Team-Oriented Real Estate Website Custom-Illustrated Branding After contemplating between many different shapes including abstract silhouettes of West Coast style houses and more, we finalized the branding for Pouya & Marc with a pillar-shaped [...]

Zubor & Associates


Zubor & Associates Custom Illustrated Branding, Customized Website, Signage & Ads, Print Media Custom Illustrated Branding Sean Zubor and his team wanted to show their great work ethics, great teamwork, and a solid foundation in the real estate industry. Many branding concepts were suggested [...]

Sunny Sangha


Sunny Sangha Custom Illustrated Branding, Customized Mobile-Friendly Website, Print Media & Stationery Custom Illustrated Branding Trends come and go. Art lives forever. Regal, easy to identify - a brand to symbolize the letter S was created to help Sunny Sangha & his team stand out from the crowd. A [...]

Ali Mahmoudi


Ali Mahmoudi Type-Art Branding, Personal Realtor® Website and Development on a mobile-responsive framework, essential stationery and marketing material for both digital & print. Type-Art Branding Ali's branding was further improved in 2017 to go more minimalist with a strong emphasis on his name. The [...]

Neacsu Denner


Neacsu Denner Custom Branding, Mobile-Responsive Website, Stationery, Print & Digital Media Branding Coming up with a simple, timeless branding that will stand the test of time was a challenging process. To achieve this result, we went through a lengthy discovery process to find a [...]

Matt Canning


Matt Canning Type-Art Branding, Template Real Estate Website with Mobile Responsiveness, finalized by essential stationery design. Type-Art Branding Strong, simple & savvy. These are the words that sum up this type-art branding project. Great typography combination between the primary and secondary type, careful selection of crisp colours created [...]

Kevin Lam


Hand-Lettered Branding An initial is just an initial until our talented design team hand-crafts it into a unique masterpiece! A fully custom hand-drawn branding scheme ensures a unique piece just for Kevin - one can imitate it, but can never replicate it. The accompanying colour and typeface scheme [...]

Joe Isberg


Type-Art Branding Bringing an extensive corporate and financial management background through one of the largest corporations in Canada, Joe wanted to present himself as the result-oriented, investment-savvy Realtor® that he is with an affinity for great numbers and results. To establish his authority in the competitive Vancouver real [...]