Alexandra Bailey


Alexandra Bailey Premium Print Media, Stationery Premium Print Media Premium print media helps to cultivate a prestigious image. Through careful curation, the imagery in Alexandra Bailey's listing presentation + buyer's guide shares a consistent tonal palette from page to page. Together with crisp, high-contrast text, [...]

Creatively Sold


Creatively Sold Type-Art Branding, Semi-Custom Website, Stationery, Print & Digital Media, Signs   Type-art branding Elliot Mandelcorn and Darren Smurthwaite came in full of enthusiasm and passion for their new venture: CreativelySold.com. We decided to brand the website name in order to [...]

Joe Isberg


Joe Isberg (Vancouver Realtor®) Type-Art Branding Bringing an extensive corporate and financial management background through one of the largest corporations in Canada, Joe wanted to present himself as the result-oriented, investment-savvy Realtor® that he is with an affinity for great numbers and results. To establish his authority in [...]

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