Anticipating the growth in the condo/townhouse market and pre-sales across major metropolitan regions in Canada, we have been heavily investing in our buildings/condos related modules in the last several years.

Our newest offering is a tool to allow our real estate agents to showcase anything from Presales to active condo towers in the most effective way possible.

List And Map Hybrid Search

Check out a live preview here!

Nest Presales has one of the best Metro Vancouver Presales & listings available to the public curated on our map/list hybrid search module. Lynn and Colin have done an absolutely amazing job of putting in a wealth of data and information on the buildings section. They also have some of their key Metro Vancouver condo buildings with active MLS® listings flowing through regularly.

  • Location, Location, Location – Google Maps enabled search!

  • Search by city/subarea, or drag the map

  • Quickly scan through the list instead of the map

  • The map & list interact with each other on hover/click for easy browsing.

  • Pets and Rental availability flags and filters

  • Type of homes and listing price ranges whenever available

  • Click on row to highlight on map

  • View more for full details & all listings

  • Search engine-friendly URLs for Each Building

  • Optimized for mobile view, scroll and tap

  • Each search generates a unique URL to share on Facebook & Social media

  • Each search also can be a unique page for Google to crawl

Building/Presale Detail Pages To Your Liking

Once a visitor clicks on the details, they can see a full description of the development, and browse through any assignments or listings available.

  • Photo gallery and YouTube Video Tours

  • Features and amenities available

  • Floorplans available in PDFs

  • Google Maps and Street View embedded

  • Active MLS® listings in the building

  • Exclusive and Assignments can be displayed

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Presales & Buildings Search Module
How much is it per month? How much to set up?

This add on is offered on a monthly subscription basis. However, the page that displays the details of the building is a one-time setup to determine the layout & design according to your site, with a range of options available. Please contact us for more details.

How much customization is available?

The map/list hybrid search module is a centralized module maintained and updated by the Brixwork team, so no customization is available as each software update would render the customizations useless. Because of the complexities involved in such a system, we cannot offer customization on this system.

How is this better from the existing building gallery?

This system allows our Realtors® to constantly add a large inventory of presales from all across the city, not restricted to a singular neighbourhood. Also, because the map & list talk to each other, it’s an intuitive tool that helps understand which building/presale is where.

What’s an alternative method from this when it comes to marketing/farming buildings?

Our existing building galleries module can be seen here on Momentum Inc.’s Buildings Gallery. This is useful when targeting a set number of buildings in a geographically limited region.

Where does the presale data come from?

There is no central data for all presales, such as the MLS® IDX provided by Paragon, for example (in the REBGV region). All the photos, descriptions, amenities, unit types, PDF floorplans must be entered by each website owner. Brixwork can assist in such data population at an additional hourly rate if you prefer.

Which buildings/presales can be loaded to my list?

Because each client has to load & populate the data, it’s up to each agent/team to decide that. Brixwork only provides the tools and framework needed to allow our customers to continuously add more to the stock.

How about MLS® listings integration? How will that work?

Any listings that match up with the address ranges (our system accounts for multiple buildings in one development) will be automatically displayed under the same building. That means that any presale building that morphs into an active building with MLS® listings loaded will automatically get such listings populated and displayed. With update 4.5 – where we updated our listing sync X3 – any new presale listing will be swiftly reflected in the presale page.

Want this building search module on your website?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, shoot us an email to set up a consult!

  • I work with a lot of pre-sale buyers, or listings in condo buildings that are completed.
  • I’ve always wanted to show off how much knowledge and information I have about the buildings/presales I specialize in.
  • I want to curate a better online gallery of the products I have expertise of, in order to gain more online leads, or show to existing clients.

Happy Selling!

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