Google has had some fantastic innovations; and of course, they had some flops (such as Google Buzz, and Google Wave). Google, however, has been showing some strong ambition to venture into the hardware world in the recent years by expanding their services to more than just web search and peripherals. Their Android phone market is expanding rapidly, and good on them! They are at the forefront of changing the computing industry by offering more web-based, platform independent solutions that are not constricted to what software you have on your local machine.

The design is stylish as well - which helps!

Here’s another mind-blowing project that Google has recently shown a glimpse of – Project Glass. It appears to be a wearable device with a mini screen hovering right above your eye, and it is effectively a mini computer that works as your personal assistant by notifying you of your schedules, directions to places, weather and more. It also keeps you connected with your social networks through Google+, from what I can see on this video. Although I’m sure they will include Facebook and Twitter. Voice recognition appears to be a basic feature of course.

I’ve got no clue on when this will be available for the general public, or how much it will cost. But with the rapid improvement we see in electronics and communications technology, this may come to your local cell phone dealership sooner than you think. Wireless data is becoming more and more accessible, as well as faster. Our data devices have long before evolved away from needing a wi-fi hotspot to operate.

How will our Realtor clients use this? That’s a great question. Implementing a web-app that can run on this device, and automatically pull in listing information as one walks/drives by active listings could be an interesting idea. It could, on the fly, give pertinent information (price, size, bedrooms etc.) and get them in touch with the listing agent so that a showing can be set. Or, upon entering a street, the user could get a notification on how many active listings there are on that street. The possibilities are infinite. Ideas are welcome. Not that we’re able to develop anything for this right away, but just having some food for thought will help us shape our roadmap!

Check out the demo video here of Project Glass by Google. And here is the original post by NY Times, where we first found this information.