Major Improvements on the Admin User Interface

We are very excited today to announce the launch of another exciting version upgrade that has a lot of positive enhancements to your user interface. Version 3.8.2 includes an innovative new solution for ordering your photos & listings. In our previous versions, this was a task that took a little bit longer. Each click of the blue arrow meant the item moved up and down 1 spot, while the double arrow moved the item to the very top or very bottom.

Drag & Drop To Re-Order Your Real Estate Listings & Photo Gallery Items

We are introducing a drag & drop functionality on the photo gallery section as well as the listings section. Instead of using the blue arrows, you can now simply use your mouse to grab the handle and drag items up and down. As you drag, the other items will shuffle around to give you an intuitive view of where you are placing the item in question.

Immediately Updates In The Database

Upon completing the movement of an item, it automatically updates the database right away to reflect those changes – there is no need to click another “SUBMIT” button in this drag & drop interface.

Faster Photo Title Updates

The photo title also updates quicker in this new release without a delay. The same goes for the Homes section where you can update the published/sold/featured status of the listings from the list view with the drop-downs. These speed changes may appear minor but it adds up in the long run to save you time when managing your real estate listings.

Pagination On Homes Section

The homes user interface is now much faster and nimble, thanks to the pagination module. While this was not an issue for many customers, some of our customers had way too many listings (good for them) which slowed down the screen when dozens, or sometimes hundreds of rows popped up into view. You also have the option to determine how many listings to show per page (10, 20, 50).

Upcoming Improvements To Look Forward To

Upgrades never stop in our industry – constant improvement is necessary for us to stay competitive, and in return, make our real estate agents competitive in the field as well. Here’s some new features that are coming along!

Better Leads Tracking Module

We are in the process of standardizing the lead capture forms across our real estate websites in order to enable better tracking through Google Analytics. The new lead capture schematic will allow our websites to trigger a notice to Google Analytics when a visitor uses any of the contact forms on your site (unless you are integrated using Wufoo Forms through our Marketing Suite).

This will allow our real estate agents, as well as us, to better analyze the source and patterns of the best quality traffic & leads. The ability to accurately track the sources of your business allows you to get a much better handle on your ROI, as well as seek improvement opportunities.

We are committed towards the design of the best real estate websites, and these upgrades are part of our plan to enhance the overall performance of your marketing campaign.

Better Listing Search Results for Search Engine Optimization

Our MLS® search form has received many compliments. We are enhancing the page title & meta descriptions that are auto-generated for pre-set listing searches as well as custom-created searches. Titles and meta descriptions, along with the content & URL structure, makes a big impact on your search engine performance.

Our Last 3.8 Upgrade

If you missed our last software update, here’s our recent article on the release of Brixwork version 3.8.