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Put your best foot forward, no matter what device your clients are using. Responsive websites are the best way to target all mobile users with full consistency of your brand.



Put your best foot forward, no matter what device your clients are using. Responsive websites are the best way to target all mobile users with full consistency of your brand.

Less is more

User experience & behaviour research shows that simple navigations with less menus, as well as clean and image-driven pages, perform better. Our websites reduce the clutter, and enhance your online image.

A better focus

Design efforts are put into factors that keep people on your website – big beautiful photos, video tours and other impactful content. Analytics prove that text-heavy pages such as buyers/sellers, sale stages & tax information pages get very little to no traffic at the end.

Always Responsive

Our websites show well from small handhelds (such as iPhones) to large desktops (such as iMacs). Mobile-responsive websites have been a standard for us for years already. Our analytics show more than ⅓ of real estate website traffic is from mobile devices.

Elegant & Clean Design

Clean & simple layouts, modern flat UI design, big & bold elements where it matters – not only does it look good, it makes it easy to navigate for your customers and lead to better retention & conversion rates.

The sky is your limit

While are our base templates have been thoughtfully crafted by our in-house design team, we offer varying degrees of customization so that you can uniquely showcase your tenure, strengths, and marketing tactics for the public.

Beautiful, bold designs

Take a look at our real estate website designs to get an idea of what we can deliver for your business – for Realtors®, home builders and brokerages!

Our Work

Lead Generation & CRM Integration Made Easy

Our Brixwork Software integrates seamlessly into your preferred CRM

What we do to get our clients more leads:

  • Mandatory email forms on all listing pages (the best performers)

  • Available upgrades to enhance the form visually, or move the location

  • Customized call-to-actions that can differ from section-to-section for more interest

  • Enterprise-grade email dispatch system for the best deliverability

  • Integration to most major CRMs made easy to save you time

  • Optional Mailchimp list sign-up offering better value than just MLS® listings

What we don’t do for better performance:

  • Forced registration or withholding information – studies show that people move away from websites that create bottlenecks to obtain what they deem as public information. This seemingly clever lead-gen mechanism is more likely to drive people away.

  • Require too much info with too many fields to fill – research shows that forms with fewer items to fill out get more action. “When do you aim to buy?” or “When did you last renovate?” are more likely to deter users from filling out the form right away.

We've been helping realtors for over 10 years. That's over 10 years of time spent developing, creating, and honing the Brixwork System

Real Estate Specific
For More Than A Decade


We’ve been helping realtors for over 10 years. That’s over 10 years of time spent developing, creating, and honing the Brixwork System


We want your business to grow without boundaries – that’s why we offer unlimited listings & unlimited photos (excluding MLS® Reciprocity listings) for all websites – all at high resolutions for the best photo galleries!


Embedded Google® Maps™ & Streetview™, optional Walkscore™, PDF feature sheet & floor plans, virtual tour links, optional building/development information systems – let your visitors learn more about their favourite properties.


We have a full-scale MLS® IDX Reciprocity integration through the multiple real estate boards in North America to bring all listings in your region into your website, as well as CREA DDF® integration for other Canadian regions. Read more about MLS® integration and the list of boards serviced.


Directly send any MLS® listing to your customers to view on your beautifully branded website. Show all of your office listings automatically, or send any custom MLS® search results easily to your clients (available for MLS® IDX add-on subscribers)!


Define your real estate niche and improve your ranking on Google with our pre-defined listing pages (“Condos in Coal Harbour” or “$2M ~ $3M Houses in Kits”). All of our listing and search results pages are URL/title/meta optimized for better performance on search engines.


Our optional multiple agents feature makes our platform great for real estate teams, as well as brokerages with large number of agents. Show off impressive team rosters. Listing leads can be re-directed to the appropriate agent(s). Most importantly, we want you to grow on our system!


Our Google® Maps™ based search function is the best buyers’ tool for precise geographic targeting and finding the right home. The basic version is included with all subscriptions with MLS® integration, and the enhanced is an available add-on with an additional monthly fee.


Our real estate websites feature direct embedding of any Youtube or Vimeo clips, directly on your listing detail page – and will play on all mobile devices as well. Web pages with embedded videos show much higher engagement. We can customize your page to show Matterport 3D or other immersive tours, right within your page as well!


Urban real estate agents farming specific buildings or pre-sales – rejoice! Our building algorithm allows grouping of buildings & listings (automatically fed from MLS® where available), as well as showcasing of development photos, videos & features to effectively market your niche.

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Having an amazing website isn't enough to get you to the front page of Google Search; that's why we offer dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Our Tech Stack
Is beyond Great

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Performance under the hood

When it comes to technology, we are no slouches. We spare no expense in regards to our server costs.

Built For Real Estate, Exclusively

Spend less time managing your website, more time selling. Our PHP (same language upon which Facebook™ is built) based engine was built from ground-up to effectively handle real estate listings, photos, floorplans & videos in the most efficient manner possible.

Pre-Scaled For Mobile Photo Galleries

All gallery images are pre-optimized to multiple size stages so it loads faster on smartphones, tablets, laptops and large desktops. These extra efforts put in by our engineers provide a superior solution for mobile browsing.

Cloud-Based, Off-Loaded Photo Storage

New feature (April 2017) – Off-loaded media storage on a global distribution network means faster load time on all of our websites while reducing the load burden on high-traffic times. This also allows for our websites to be more versatile with better security & even higher uptime, and load faster from around the world, not just North America!

Dedicated Server Environment for Premium Features and Tight Security

Here at Brixwork we build on dedicated servers for full control of the environment, so that even the hardware & server settings are optimized for our real estate client segment only – for a smoother running website with minimal interference.

Mobile-First From The Core – A Standard, not an option, since 2012

Our back-end framework is built on a responsive core called Bootstrap (developed by the engineers at Twitter), and many of our new websites’ front-ends are built on the same platform since 2016. More than a third of real estate website traffic is mobile-originated.

Local Support Staff with Real Estate Specific Training

Our Vancouver-based local team specializes in real estate websites and know your lingo for better support, on a powerful support desk platform – email support on steroids!

Having an amazing website isn't enough to get you to the front page of Google Search; that's why we offer dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services



Having an amazing website isn’t enough to get you to the front page of Google Search; that’s why we offer dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Play Well, Share Well to Drive More Website Traffic

Sharing listings & search results on Facebook has never looked better. Facebook LIKE buttons, Tweet buttons, and Google+ make it easy for you and your visitors to share any sections of your website (listings, buildings, pre sales or search results) to improve traffic.

Custom Meta Title & Descriptions for SEO & Social

Enjoy full control of all the meta titles & descriptions (for Google™) on all your listings & buildings, as well as general pages. With an optional WordPress blog add-on, you can add an infinite amount of SEO power on your own, or through our dedicated SEO services.

Enjoy More Google & Facebook Traffic

Many of our clients have experienced significant increase in website traffic after switching to Brixwork, thanks to the great URL structures on all listings (including MLS® Reciprocity listings), active Social media engagement, as well as mobile responsive performance.

Built To Be Found & Favoured By Google

An incredible looking site isn’t enough to reach the top page of Google’s Search page. Proper code structure, mobile responsive design, keyword & title placement, and good navigation are some but not all of the features the Brixwork engine offers to improve your position on Google. With our dedicated SEO programs, we have delivered some fantastic results.

Keyword-Driven Easy-Share URLs & Static Pages

Each MLS® search result forms a new & unique stand-alone page for Google the moment it is shared through social media. Each search result is rich in keywords (“Vancouver”, “Condo” etc.) in the URL as well as title & descriptions, making it highly relevant for Google search results.

True WordPress™ Blog Integrated (Optional)

Share news, new listings & more with your customers while boosting your Google™ ranking! WordPress is a powerful publishing platform that seamlessly integrates with the Brixwork platform to give you the firepower you need.

For those who are too busy to bother with the self-serve SEO tools built into our website, we offer dedicated & managed SEO services.

Our SEO Services

Easy backend, local support

Depending on what type of design you choose (template or custom) the set up costs will vary.
We have flexible options.

Easy Website Management

Keep busy with your sales, not your administrative work. Our back-end has been praised by many clients as the “Easiest back-end to use!”, and has been described as “Smooth! and Simple” – it means more face time with your customers.

Dedicated For Real Estate

Because our system was built from ground-up just for the real estate industry, it is intuitive, straight-forward with just the right features. Many other systems will show 20 buttons where you only need 4, but not with Brixwork. Self-maintenance has never been easier.

Local & Real Support

Our support channel has a great array of instruction manuals on how to use our back-end system to maximize your website. We offer tech support by a dedicated email queue for direct & concise troubleshooting through a multi-agent support desk system.