If You Build It, Will They Come?

Yes and no. A good-looking business website is great when your potential customers and associates look you up. But what about new leads? What about the vast opportunities of home buyers/sellers out there?

Our Search Engine Optimization systems, revamped in 2017, are designed to bring new & fresh traffic to your website to help grow your inbound leads.

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A Simple Goal

To get you more sales by acquiring
more quality leads from search
engines and Social Media.

NestPresales.com traffic increased
10x in 12 months.

A Strategic

Code-level upgrades to achieve
performance from the ground up!

Purposefully written website
content for the right keywords!

Quality backlinks and well-written social shares
to be discovered by humans & Google!

A Simple Goal

To get you more sales by acquiring more quality leads from search engines and Social Media.

A Strategic Approach

  • Quality backlinks and well-written social shares to be discovered by humans & Google™!

  • Purposefully written website content for the right keywords!

  • Code-level upgrades to achieve performance from the ground up!

Why Seo?


With more real estate agents entering the fray in many major cities across North America, competition is heating up even further — for a pre-determined size of a pie, real estate agents have even more colleagues to compete against. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reports over 14,000 Realtors® actively licensed.

Seniority matters in Search Engine Ranking

The established, high-traffic real estate websites started a long time ago, or had a tonne of time/effort/funding into it, or often, both. Best time to start is now, just like real estate investments.


A new collaborative report by Google and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has uncovered some interesting insights into the ways digital media is used in the home buying process. One of the most eye-catching statistics included in the report is that 90 percent of homebuyers used online resources to find their new home.

More Visitors, More Leads

Many of our clients experience as much as four times the traffic to their websites with our SEO programs. More visitors, more leads, more sales!

Broader Opportunities

While the search engine competition is higher than ever, more specific & diverse search queries mean more first-page ranking opportunities

Proven Results & Stats

Many clients have experienced 3 to 5 times increase in Organic Google search traffic with powerful content-building and upgrades. It works.

Cheema Group

Often real estate websites with MLS® Reciprocity (IDX) can contain tens of thousands of listings — meaning that many meaningful listing information pages with geographically relevant keywords.

Before: 20~40 impressions a day resulting in 0~4 clicks a day.

After: High of 809 impressions and 24 clicks in a day!

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Nest Presales

With rich original content on multiple presales and buildings entered, the NestPresales.com website is a great example of a successful content marketing campaign. Not every website grows its traffic by 5X in 3 months – but this website was successful in doing just that.

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The Brixwork SEO Advantage

Search engine optimization of a website is a complex game – it has internal factors, and external factors. The Brixwork team is able to handle both aspects seamlessly, while following all Google guidelines to avoid blacklisting.

Foundations First – Engineered from the Core

Great rankings start with the internals of the website. A solid navigation, great internal links, and unique content are the foundations. We fully developed the Brixwork website CMS from scratch, and we can work wonders with it to customize the structure while preserving a clean and beautiful look.

A True WordPress™ Blog & Rich Meta Content

We can improve your website’s relevance to your niche areas/keywords with unique, custom-written content that is relevant, as well as intelligent deep links to specific MLS® listing results within your website.

A Deep & Detailed Sweep of the Pages – Meta Data & Titles

Page titles, descriptions have a massive impact on Google™ rankings. Our team will custom tweak your major pages, your listing sections as well as the blog articles to improve how your pages rank on Google™.

Don’t Get Blacklisted by Google, Say No to Black Hat – All White Hat!

Don’t get smoked by Google’s algorithm updates. Using black-hat methods may return short term results, but once you are blacklisted like BMW once was, you may never find your way back. Black hat methods refer to tricks & shady tactics to FOOL Google into ranking a site high, but these temporary highs are often blown apart when Google catches you, or updates their algorithm to combat attempts to fool the engine.

Relevant, smart & Permanent Backlinks

Instead of focusing on high-volume of short-term backlinks that can potentially get your website blacklisted, we focus on building real, relevant and long-term backlinks from great sources to slowly but surely improve your ranking.

Socially engaged for immediate impact

Active posting on social media of the newly generated pages on your site helps drive immediate traffic to your website, while the quicker crawls triggered will help build longer-term rapport with the search engines’ algorithms.

More than tricks or gimmicks – a philosophy

Improving traffic over a few months period is great. What sets us apart is the long-term results. When our clients’ sites reach their goals for the selected keywords, they often remain at the top for years, giving testimony to the true quality of our Search Engine Optimization for real estate websites. A properly executed SEO campaign is a long, grueling yet rewarding process with long-term results, and we’ve proven it over and over again – no shortcuts, only genuine work.

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Both SEO Packages Include The Following

  • Essential tracking setup (trusted 3rd party apps)
  • Installation of a true WordPress Blog (On Mth #1)
  • Website speed upgrades and tweaks (On Mth #2)
  • Monthly reports with progress and actions tracked

Our SEO work follows high standards

  • White-hat techniques only to avoid risk of black-listing
  • All custom-written content for high quality postings
  • Authentic, well-researched content that is compliant
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per month

  • Moderate degree of website structure, blog & in-page link upgrades
  • 8 Custom written, unique blog posts per month
  • 10 submissions per month only to quality backlink sources
  • 8 Facebook & Instagram static image postings
  • 2 Facebook & Instagram Wave video postings



per month

  • Heavier degree of website structure & header/footer upgrades
  • 12 Custom written, unique blog posts per month
  • 20 submissions per month only to quality backlink sources
  • 12 Facebook & Instagram custom static image postings
  • 3 Facebook & Instagram custom Wave video postings