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If you Build It, Will They Come?

Yes and no. A good-looking business website is great when your potential customers and associates look you up. But what about new leads? What about the vast opportunities of home buyers/sellers out there?

Our Search Engine Optimization systems, revamped in 2017, are designed to bring new & fresh traffic to your website to help grow your inbound leads.

More Visitors, More Leads

Many of our clients experience as much as 4 times the traffic to their websites with our SEO programs. More visitors, more leads, more sales!

It All Starts Online

Over 70% of Canadian consumers checked out a business online before making a decision. Upgrade & unlock your website’s potentials!

Proven Results & Stats

Many clients have experienced 3 to 5 times increase in Organic Google search traffic with powerful content-building and upgrades. It works.  

How Our Real Estate SEO Works

Engineered From The Core

We start by improving your website, above & beyond the competition. Better deeper links, better usability, and visitor flow optimizations are critical.

  • Mandatory WordPress™ Blog Installation

  • Re-Design The Navigation Structure

  • Upgrade The Listing Display Scheme

Content-Driven, Result-Oriented

We increase your website traffic with a combination of quality content that satisfies Google bots while helping visitors find the right information, fast & easy.

  • Custom blog posts for listings in your niche

  • Custom set MLS® searches for better crawling

  • Custom tweaked image tags and link titles

More Competitive Than Ever!

There are more Realtors online than ever before. The effort and technology required to compete is increasing – we are prepared to handle it for you.

  • Social media promotion (organic and paid)

  • Depth and variety in MLS® searches

  • Reputable backlink acquisition

Things to Consider for SEO Campaigns

More than Tricks or Gimmicks – A Philosophy

Improving traffic over a few months’ period is great. What sets us apart is the long-term results. When our clients’ sites reach their goals for the selected keywords, they often remain at the top for years, giving testimony to the true quality of our Search Engine Optimization for real estate websites.

So many claims of “1st page within X weeks” are rampant these days. Building a long-term ranking requires a true dedication to quality content and an exquisite website build.

A properly executed SEO campaign is a long, grueling yet rewarding process with long term results, and we’ve proven it over and over again – no shortcuts, only genuine work.

Choose your SEO & Packages Now

Both SEO Packages Include The Following

  • Essential tracking setup (trusted 3rd party apps)
  • Installation of a true WordPress Blog (On Mth #1)
  • Website speed upgrades and tweaks (On Mth #2)
  • Monthly reports with progress and actions tracked

Our SEO work follows high standards

  • White-hat techniques only to avoid risk of black-listing
  • All custom-written content for high quality postings
  • Authentic, well-researched content that is compliant
  • FAQ coming soon!



per month

  • Moderate degree of website structure, blog & in-page link upgrades
  • 8 Custom written, unique blog posts per month
  • 10 submissions per month only to quality backlink sources
  • 12 Facebook & Instagram static image postings
  • 4 Facebook & Instagram Wave video postings



per month

  • Heavier degree of website structure & header/footer upgrades
  • 12 Custom written, unique blog posts per month
  • 20 submissions per month only to quality backlink sources
  • 18 Facebook & Instagram custom static image postings
  • 6 Facebook & Instagram custom Wave video postings