The Brixwork for Realtors platform has been upgraded again, and now we offer dynamic META description and keyword tags for each content page. You can now define different descriptions and keywords in the <meta> tags on each section, diversifying and further specifying your content to the search engines. The current version # is 3.1.

Google utilizes a combination of the <meta> tags as well as the text content within the actual HTML page to scan the contents of your webpage. Often, the meta description is used to fill the short description on the search results, so this is an important upgrade that will improve the Search Engine performance of the Brixwork for Realtors platform.

To use this feature, go to the “Pages” tab, and then click on the Edit button on any of the pages. On the edit screen, the 3rd tab will take you to the SEO Features and allow you to perform these changes. Keep the description from being too long, and the keywords must be separated by commas.