The One-Page Website Trend – It’s Pros and Cons

Many real estate web providers offer one-page websites dedicated at specific properties only, rather than an entire agent/brokerage website. While this has some advantages, there are many other disadvantages to consider before moving in this direction.

The biggest benefit that Realtors® may see in this is the fact that a specific domain such as can take a customer directly to view the listing. However, this can be achieved just as easily by pointing any domain directly towards a specific page within your existing website.

Isolated Domains Mean Less Google Ranking Opportunities

These single-property domains has no permanent presence. It’s also not part of your primary domain that you have kept, and will keep, for years to come, which means there’s no Google ranking accrual that happens. It will provide one or two backlinks while it’s alive, then when you scrap it after the listing sells, it’s gone. There are no permanent benefits of these single-property websites to your long term Google ranking.

Single Property WebsiteUpgrading Own Listing Page
Google Ranking of Your DomainOnly a backlink or two to the primary domain, and temporary while the home is for sale.All data attributed and credited towards primary domain for permanent search position gains!
Easy Access by Easy DomainYes, by means of DNS configuration.Yes, by means of simple forwarding of a new domain!
Link DestinationThe visitors are limited to only that property unless they dig deeper to your primary site. Short term duration of visit.Any visitor can easily be guided to other listings, or a full MLS® search where available. Keep visitors longer!
Long Term VisibilityOnly if the domain is renewed each year, as well as separate website fees are paid again and again.Forever present on your own website/domain as long as you wish.
Design FlexibilityEach property can be differently laid out for uniqueness – but also may lack brand consistency.All property detail pages within a website are consistent, and can be customized ONCE to look great over and over!

As you can see, the cons of a separate single-property website greatly outweigh the pros:

  • Overall less effective for long term search engine presence of your primary domain

  • Additional ongoing costs of separate websites & domain maintenance is higher

  • The set-up requires a bit more administrative/routing work each time

Then, Is There A Better Way?

A better Way To Utilize Single-Home Domains With Your Existing Website

In the above example, the domain simply forwards to the West Vancouver home detail page on making the matter simple.

  • Easy-to-remember, Easy-to-type domain that can be used for print, social media, emails – everywhere!

  • Great looking landing page for the property detail itself with plenty of custom upgrades

  • Boosts keyword relevance and search ranking for the primary domain,

  • The property page is permanent on your website for as long as you wish to keep it (active or sold)

Making The Right Impression With Customized Listing Detail Pages

Our real estate websites can be customized and upgraded to look better, perform better, and suit your branding & marketing needs. If more people are landing on your listing detail pages, putting more effort is a natural step to increase your website performance – such as time on page, pageviews per visit, and conversion (contact) rates.

Furthermore, our Google Analytics data shows that more than 1/3 of website visitors enter through property detail page – so it deserves as much attention and upgrades as the homepage (which is the other most common entry point of our websites).

Individual property websites can often look enticing with its big beautiful photos and a customized layout & look. Often these pages evolve in design quickly, since each piece is a stand-alone. With Brixwork websites, one upgrade can apply to all of your own listings, MLS® Reciprocity listings, or both!   

Ali Mahmoudi’s home detail page for this gorgeous Westlynn, North Vancouver home features some stunning upgrades that showcase how beautiful a listing detail page can look. This page is worthy of a grand entrance to Ali’s website, with a great first impression factor.

  • Full width panoramic image that starts from the top of the browser (Cinematic Intro) with the branding/navigation neatly laid on top
  • Critical information of the home (address, price, bed/bath/sqft) is easy to find
  • Full width image galleries, mobile-optimized for quick swipes
  • Embedded Google Maps and Streetview to experience the home