SSLs Now Available on Brixwork Real Estate Websites!

The search engine world has evolved, as well as browser standards for website security. Offering SSLs on our websites is one major step we are taking to offer better performance for our clients’ websites.

What is an SSL, and why is it needed on Realtor® websites?

UPDATE (2022-11-08) – As of November 2022, Brixwork’s client websites have SSL enabled by default as part of our base subscriber package.

UPDATE (2022-09-15) – Google has announced it is adding HTTPS Reports to Google Search Console, providing analysis of which pages on your domain are SSL-enabled and which are not. It’s possible this could be an update to previous changes which affected the ranking/score of SSL-protected websites.

UPDATE (2018-06-05) – Starting sometime in July 2018, the newer versions of Chrome & Firefox will start displaying an unsettling “Not Secure” warning on all websites without an SSL Certificate installed & activated. These two browsers make up for more than 50% of browser usage in Canada, with similar statistics shown across the USA.

These type of warnings can be unsettling and potentially turn off a visitor from browsing through your real estate website, or use the contact form to submit their email/phone number/name.

SSLs encrypt and secure any data exchanged by your visitors submitted to your website. In case of Brixwork websites, this pertains mainly to the contact/inquiry forms, which are a major lead generating tool for our customers (and a high-performing one too, especially on listing detail pages).

SSLs were traditionally not essential for websites without an e-commerce element, but recent changes by Google to give a slightly higher ranking/score for SSL-protected websites meaning this can potentially help your website rank higher – meaning there are other benefits to an SSL Installation than just avoiding scary warnings.

These new changes in the internet landscape made SSLs highly beneficial, and worth the labour & costs involved – even on real estate websites without any credit card transactions.

Do not purchase your own SSL!

Brixwork has a supplier & workflow ready to streamline this. Because of the workflow & automations, we are NOT able to install SSLs purchased from 3rd parties on our websites.

Learn More About The Details & Costs

SSL is included for all new subscribers by default in the $70/mth base subscription. For legacy subscribers (pre 2019) at $60/mth, we offer a FREE installation when you add for $10/mth (effectively bringing you to $70/mth). For more information on costs & pricing, please visit our website pricing page. Or to learn more about our SSL installation & subscription and the details, please visit our SSL FAQ page.

To proceed with ordering the SSL, please submit a ticket to, or use our contact form below to initiate the order (existing clients only).

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