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Better Real Estate Websites Start With Better Software – 2021 Upgrades on Brixwork2022-05-03T04:29:20+00:00

Real estate website demo with HoodQ, instagram widget and Google Maps on Listings

Featuring A Bespoke Website for Jason Jennings (Sotheby’s) with the HoodQ widget and a native Instagram feed upgrade

Better Core, Better Functions, Better Real Estate Website Performance Achieved throughout 2021

The entire real estate industry had to adapt, shuffle & grow to continue serving the public in one of the most essential services. The COVID19 pandemic has made online presence more important than ever for our clients, and we’ve made many improvements to our real estate website system for better results. 

Since March 2020, The Brixwork creative squad moved quickly to pivot and offer even more digital/web based branding & marketing support, such as:

  • Digitized listing/buyers presentations on Google Slideshow
  • Better designed Canva/Mailchimp templates to give our Realtors® autonomy and agility in their online marketing.
  • Higher-grade storytelling web designs, and more uniquely branded/styled custom websites for an even bigger impact online.
  • Increasing range of options & modules available on our websites to bring even better online presence for our real estate professionals.

. . .

Functionality Upgrades, Bug Fixes & New Features on the Brixwork Website System

Our real estate specific website architecture with real estate specific features is, of course, one of our utmost priorities to continue improving. Here are just a few of the most notable improvements made throughout 2021, further to the numerous website system upgrades we completed throughout 2020:

January, 2021
  • Improvements to Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics code management, and resolve redundancies for better website traffic information.
February, 2021
  • Commercial MLS® integration enabled for Penticton CREA DDF.
  • Lead email dispatch module upgraded once again with Sendgrid’s API for better delivery & security.
March , 2021
April , 2021
  • KADREA (Kamloops MLS® feed) feed improvements for better bedrooms & den handling. 
  • Bedrooms & Den display functions upgraded throughout, inspired by the bug fix on Kamloops MLS® feed.
May, 2021
  • Condo/Penthouse/Loft filters improved on Vancouver/Fraser Valley/Chilliwack MLS® Reciprocity for more concise MLS® searches. 
June, 2021
  • TikTok icons enabled (only for websites built at this point & forward, please email support for upgrading older websites to include this social media link on your real estate websites)
July, 2021
  • Cloudfront (AWS module for blazing fast photo loads) load modules updated to reduce/eliminate blockage at browsers with sensitive security settings.
August, 2021
  • MLS® photo fetch modules upgraded to streamline better across multiple MLS® Reciprocity and CREA DDF feeds.
September, 2021
  • Reciprocity data exchange module replaced & upgraded for all MLS® zones for faster & more concise data exchange (IDX) as well as easier maintenance for our engineers. 
  • Email dispatch module’s cc/bcc bugs fixed to account for user error of entering redundant email addresses. 
October, 2021
  •  URL bugs for trailing slashes fixed, and photo extension bug (.jpg VS .jpeg) fixed for improved usability. 
November, 2021
  • Polygon based MLS® listing filter system created. Useful for searching listings by any geographic boundary such as School Catchments, proximity to major facilities and more.
  • Merged Kelowna BC and Penticton BC MLS® feed (CREA DDF based) to one feed as the boards merged their listings, enabling Realtors® in each zone to show listings from each other’s areas. 
December, 2021
  • Commercial listing entry functions dramatically improved – Lease rates (base rent & additional rent) entry & calculation, zoning/occupancy entry re-designed.

To Learn More About Real Estate Website Systems and How To Choose What’s Right For You

Here are some handy pages to help you choose the best solution for you. 

Websites Designed Just For You, And As Unique As You Are!

We are industry leaders at delivering bespoke, fully branded, custom designed websites for those who want a unique & specific presence – check out our custom websites services, made possible by our flexible & real estate specific software. 

You Deserve Better Than a WordPress Website

If you don’t have the time/patience to wrestle with website editing tools, learn how Brixwork differs from WordPress when it comes to real estate websites. Websites that look better, and take less time to manage listings/photos/floorplans on, is what our premium real estate clients are looking for. 

Presale/Project Marketing is A Breeze (and a Beauty) on Brixwork

We design some of the best boutique presale marketing websites on our real estate only platform. Our boutique branding & print design services, as well as showroom/signage design, puts your new communities in the A-league.

Jeff Kee & The Development Team

Facebook API Outage Disabled the “LIKE” buttons2012-02-04T04:09:47+00:00

UPDATE – as of 20:50 Feb 3rd, it appears to be fixed as per Facebook’s status updates.

This is an update as of 19:57 on Feb 3rd Friday, 2012 – Facebook’s Javascript platform is having an issue where it returns absolutely no viable results, consequently breaking the “LIKE” buttons on BRIXWORK {real estate} websites. This includes most of our newer websites. However it backfired this way tonight. We’re terribly sorry for it, although this is an event completely out of our control. Perhaps they were too busy & excited with the $5 billion IPO and they lost focus on the development side of things.

Anyway, here’s the Facebool SDK status page: http://developers.facebook.com/live_status/ if you like to check it out.

Facebook JS is down!

I see some other realtor sites by your competition still having the LIKE buttons displayed. What’s up with that?

The really ironic thing about this breakage is that the folks who are using the old iFrame embed method on their sites are having no issues with the LIKE button. We, as we thrive to be cutting-edge all the time, used the HTML5 method. This is the recommended method for 2012, while the iFrame method is so 2004. For being up-to-date with technology, tonight we suffer the humiliation that our buttons are down, while our competitors’ buttons are mostly up (as they are still stuck with the old technology which is going to be phased out soon). Such is life, and such is irony.

How do I post to Facebook?

Well you still have options, obviously – the easiest way is to simply copy-paste the URL of the page you wish to share or “like”, and paste it into your status update box on your Facebook profile pages. That will do the trick for now.

March 31, 2022

Sotheby’s Realtors® Website Design Showcase

Brand compliance doesn't mean you cannot stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these flawless websites we designed for Sotheby's Realtors® across Canada!

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April 23, 2022

Hiring – A Client Coordinator Position is Open at Brixwork

Do you enjoy writing and communicating? Are you able to learn new software & tools quickly? Do you want to be part of the growing digital media & marketing industry? Are you comfortable with leveraging social media reach? Do you want to work hard, learn fast, and have fun? Check out our latest job opening.

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August 27, 2021

Tri-Cities Realtor® Website Showcase

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October 3, 2021

Listing Presentations & Buyers Guide Booklets, Supercharged

You deserve better than generic, mass-produced, templatized listing presentations or buyers guidebooks. Stand out amongst thousands of competing Realtors®!

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October 12, 2021

3.5 Billion Users Were Stranded When the Facebook Network Went Down

Our clients deserve the best, which is why we are consistently upgrading and improving our software. Better analytics, faster image load speed, and much more!

Written By Jeff Kee| Company Updates, Features & Development

December 25, 2021

Hiring – A Content Curator & Social Media Manager Position

Do you enjoy writing and communicating? Are you able to learn new software & tools quickly? Do you want to be part of the growing digital media & marketing industry? Are you comfortable with leveraging social media reach? Do you want to work hard, learn fast, and have fun? Check out our latest job opening.

Written By Jeff Kee| Company Updates

December 27, 2021

We Are Hiring – Entry Level Front-End Coder / Tech Support!

If you like creating beautiful things online, and would like to work in a dynamic team, and learn new skills in this industry, this job is for you.

Written By Jeff Kee| Company Updates

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