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3.5 Billion Users Were Stranded When the Facebook Network Went Down2021-10-19T23:37:32+00:00

“I just use my Facebook page as my site.” is how nightmares begin.

If an on-the-fence lead decides “I’m going to reach out to that agent,” they need to be able to look you up easily even if your Facebook page goes down. Social Media brands come and go (MySpace, Vine & Periscope – do you even remember them?), but your own website remains your ultimate online storefront.

#1 – Your Own Website Is The Most Important Online Presence Tool!

Every business needs their own website, independent of any SM. Here are some things that your website can deliver if designed properly, that a fleeting social media network cannot:

Things that Facebook & Instagram Are Great For

  • Steady & constant content for brand awareness (under the Social Network’s branding, albeit)
  • Great at sharing open houses, new listings & other activity.
  • Direct and indirect traffic to your website (the end-goal)
  • Increase your reach through engagements (likes, shares, comments) to meet people you never would have!

Things that are better, or only possible on, Your Website

#2 – Your website is your own benefit – nobody else’s interests!

Any social media network is designed to keep users on their platforms longer for their own revenues. While it is a great platform for businesses to promote their brands on, always remember that Facebook is looking out for Facebook’s interest first, not yours

You own your domain. With the right website platform & web designer(s), you can get a website that is 100% built for your interests and tailored to your business model – no more conflict of interest!

#3 – Never Put Your Eggs in One Basket – Don’t Forget Other Networks!

Influencers who fail to diversify their exposure between different social media channels run into more hard times & regrets. Take these lessons to know that every business needs to take care of their digital well-being all around to be more successful.

Just like holistic wellness, it’s important to look at all aspects of your online presence.

#4 – How Do You Contact Leads & Clients if networks crash? Get #s and emails!

If that new lead isn’t in your CRM, you risk losing a deal. It’s easy to DM somebody over Instagram, until it goes down. Whenever possible, after the initial contact is made, get an email address & a phone number if possible. Having alternative contact methods and an organized lead tracking system can prevent losing deals.

#5 – Treat All Social Networks As a Gateway To Your Own Website

Postings & descriptions with links back to your website all serve to bring more traffic and increase your ranking on Google in the long run. This is the best long-term strategy to getting more business online. Social media traffic requires to to forever commit the work, while Google rankings have much longer permanence.

#5 – Treat All Social Networks As a Gateway To Your Own Website

Postings & descriptions with links back to your website all serve to bring more traffic and increase your ranking on Google in the long run. This is the best long-term strategy to getting more business online. Social media traffic requires to to forever commit the work, while Google rankings have much longer permanence.

Diversifying the social presence is a good idea.

Many agents have found success using Tiktok, while Twitter can still serve as a great backlink tool. Just like a balanced stock portfolio, or a holistic approach to well-being, diversification to bring more traffic to your website (the end goal) is the best long-term approach – never rely on just one or two networks.

How We Build High-Performing Real Estate Websites Just For You!

Measurable Performance & Human Psychology As A Foundation

Brixwork’s websites are geared towards better lead generation & conversion. Studies show that short forms without gated content are more effective, and our easy contact forms deliver exactly that. We analyzed what styles of pages keep visitors longer, clicking more, and increase the odds of filling out the email form – and we build our sites accordingly.

Brand-Consistency & Beauty are first & foremost, because looks matter!

One of the most important thing for any real estate website is the brand consistency. The better your website & print media/signage match, the more memorable your brand becomes – also known as “Brand Awareness”. Our custom websites can be perfectly tailored to look exactly the way it should, and we offer boutique agency-grade branding services for Realtors/brokerages/presales!

Real-Estate Specific Framework from Ground Up To Save You Time

You deserve better than a cookie-cutter system like WordPress. The Brixwork system was built just for Real estate from day 1, and managing listings & photos, presales/buildings and agent profiles is easy. It gives you the right amount of control where you need it, while the visuals & structures are perfectly finessed by our design/coding team for you.

Create an online presence built to impress. Let us be part of your team.

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    Brixwork Version 4.574 For Better Analytics2021-05-05T18:06:19+00:00

    . . .

    Track On-Site Behaviour Better with Google Analytics G4

    Prior to this upgrade, the G4 tracking tag had to be manually and fully entered into the header Javascript block – this is no longer the case. Our analytics code system has been upgraded to gracefully  handle both Universal Analytics (older version with property IDs starting with UA-) and the new G4 (cutting edge with property IDs starting with G-). Lead form send actions tracking is successful, and we intend to implement more advanced tracking such as MLS® or building/presale map search load & triggers. G4 also tracks on-page scroll behaviour – page views are no longer the only engagement metric that shows how interesting your page is!

    Bigger & Better QR Codes

    Did you know our websites always offered a quick & easy one-click solution to generating QR codes that sent visitors straight to the listing detail page? We improved it even further by expanding the size of the QR codes from 150px wide to 450px wide, making it easier to print & distribute on larger formats. With the rise of QR codes during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a tool that will help real estate agents drive even more traffic to their websites.

    Better Support for HoodQ Widgets

    We upgraded our core to enable HoodQ installation on each site a breeze. HoodQ widgets offer a quick & easy summary of schools, parks & other critical lifestyle amenities near any listing. We are offering the installation of the free widget with a small one-time installation fee with a full security/speed check-up added as a bonus!

    Lead Email Send Module Upgraded

    Our lead form emails are much more sophisticated than what meets the eye – it uses an industrial grade email distribution system trusted by many companies such as Uber, AirBNB and more. We upgraded our integration to Sendgrid’s newest standard’s so that future email security changes have almost zero chance of impacting deliverability. Bringing you leads, after all, is our ultimate purpose!

    Property Type & photo modules Cleaned up on Select MLS® Feeds

    Recreational properties, land-only and commercial/business real estate listings on select CREA DDF based MLS® integrations have been improved. Tillsonburg (ON), Kelowna, Ottawa and Halifax feeds were upgraded! The Kamloops (BC) feed (which also covers Merritt, BC) has been completely re-coded to the new RETS IDX specs (moving on from the archaic FTP based feed) to enable more frequent sync of new listing & photos.

    Other Upgrades Over The Past Few Weeks

    • Instagram feed fetch module has increased timeout in case the API responds slower, reducing the odd of errors or faulty hits

    • Rental listing availability module bug fixed (if the date was before the current date, the display would break)

    • Invisible ReCaptcha bug fixed on Yaletown 2.0 contact forms for more consistent human verification

    • Faster mobile/thumb image compression, saving several hundred milliseconds per image (sounds like little, but it adds up when you’re uploading 40 photos).

    • Commercial listing lease rate display modules cleaned up for better $-per-sqft & monthly/annual net rate display

    • Blank city bug fixed on the Tillsonburg (CREA DDF) MLS® feed

    • Agent profile page meta description improved for better Google™ crawling

    • Removal of Google+ (a failed social media network by Google™) from agent modules

    • Removal of many old files no longer needed to reduce bloat on our system

    • Upgrade of many software modules to newer & more secure versions (will spare you the details as there are too many to list)

    • Upgrade MLS® search for REBGV, FVREB & CADREB to better handle Condo/Penthouse/Loft searches

    • Image upload, crop & compression modules made more secure against 3rd party load/hotlinking

    • Den & Flex fields enabled in addition to bed/bath fields (available on new builds only, not available on all MLS® jurisdictions)

    Upcoming Upgrades for our Real Estate Platform

    • See how many views (and where they came from) each listing had within your own ADMIN screen via a native Google Analytics integration via API.

    • Faster page load time & lowered server pressure through utilization of better cache systems and newest server modules (will not disclose details due to security reasons)

    Create an online presence built to impress. Let us be part of your team.

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      How Brixwork 4.5 Brings You More Traffic With Faster MLS® Sync2021-02-23T22:20:20+00:00

      brixwork real estate version 4.5 real estate realtor websites faster placeholder

      How Brixwork 4.5 Brings You More Traffic

      In August we tested version 4.5 of the Brixwork Real Estate Website platform. It enabled more frequent MLS® syncs in most of the boards we cover (excludes any real estate board data supplied by CREA DDF). This has been launched in September 2019, and we are excited to share the details behind it!

      . . .

      How Does This Help Our MLS® Reciprocity Subscribers?

      New content loaded frequently means your website is more up to date. This results in Google™ increasing the crawl frequency of your website. Ultimately this leads to your website showing up on more search results, at higher rank positions, for street/address/neighbourhood searches!

      More Relevant Google Traffic leads to More high-quality Leads!

      The Brixwork platform always allowed our Realtors® to live-query any listings by MLS # to quickly feature their own listings within minutes of it going live. The rest of the listings were synced 3~4 times a day. This has been improved to almost every hour during the day & early evening (12+ syncs per day).

      Other Upgrades For Even Better Performance

      Further optimizations have been made throughout the system for even better performance faster load-times, and better listing photo sync.

      • Photo storage and timestamping improved for all MLS® regions – smarter storage, faster load times, reduced bandwidth!

      • Smarter global cache systems mean listings & photos load even faster than before, especially for repeat customers!

      • Improved the sync mechanism to reduce bandwidth & delays by over 9x for every MLS® region.

      • Increased default photo size for TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) listings.

      • Optimized file storage mechanisms & sizes to reduce overflow storage (cost savings passed onto you – our monthly fees have increased only once in 3+ years so far).

      • MLS® Sync logging mechanism improved to handle the increased load and allow easier troubleshooting in case there are issues.

      • WordPress core version 5.2.3 has just been released, and websites with Blogs will be automatically upgraded (if not done already).

      Always Be Better Than Yesterday

      This is one of the mottos we live by, and the ongoing investment of time and resources by our team is our way of living up to our words while delivering better value to all of our loyal (and newly onboarding) clients.

      The degree of expansion & improvements could not be possible without the great infrastructure that Amazon Web Services provides us! We are proud to be on the best cloud in the world, enabling us to work faster than ever to deliver better performance to our real estate professionals.


      Jeff Kee & The Development Team

      Create an online presence built to impress. Let us be part of your team.

        This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

        Quick MLS® Search On Dashboard For Easy Sharing2017-11-03T00:19:48+00:00

        The Brixwork website back-end now allows Realtors® to perform quick MLS® searches using simple yet important criteria, quickly feature or share the listings by direct URL, or Facebook/Twitter.


        Key Benefits:

        • Show properties on your own website, with your own branding, rather than through a generic MLS® platform that is standard.

        • The visitors can browse your site further for more properties and other pages.

        • More exposure of your brand to clients mean more brand recognition.

        • Quickly share listings on Social Media

        Version 4.04 Released With New Features & Bug Fixes2015-02-20T23:39:12+00:00

        This morning Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc. version 4.04 was released with numerous new bug fixes and some new features.

        4.04 Release Notes (February 20th, 2015)

        • When featuring MLS® listings, the screen would freeze after processing. This has been resolved.
        • Menu labels on the new navigation system glitch fixed (only applicable to sites set up after February 2015)
        • Maps within the Homes & Buildings sections no longer affected by mouse scroll or screen swipe.
        • You can choose whether the street direction come before or after the street name. In Vancouver, “W 4th Avenue” is common, whereas in Calgary “3rd Street SW” is more common. This default can be set on a site-wide basis, and can be set on each individual property so it can be overridden on a case-by-case as well.
        • Instagram feed has been updated as per slight security changes on the Instagram servers which was blocking our API calls.


        Future Development Plans Coming Up

        The Brixwork system is a forever evolving platform. We don’t charge a subscription fee just out of formality – the funds our clients pay goes towards betterment of the system as a whole for the benefit of all our clients against their competition outside.

        • Dashboard to include more insights, potentially directly integrating Google Analytics into the page.
        • Duplicate building module detection mechanism.
        • MLS Search forms updated with slide-out or in mechanisms.
        • More (yes, even more) upgrades pertaining to URL controls for SEO purposes.
        • LinkedIN share buttons made universal.
        Brixwork Version 3.9.6 Releasing Tonight2014-06-03T21:13:22+00:00

        We are rolling out an update to the Brixwork core system later tonight, version 3.9.6, which includes numerous improvements, bug fixes as well as improvements in the MLS® search functionalities. This round of updates have a heavy focus on functionalities on the internal side, as well as improving our MLS® listings filtering function which will lead to better targeted SEO results on Google™.

        MLS® Search Function Improvements
        • Added function to allow for minimum bedrooms, and fixed bedroom numbers. Traditionally users were only able to use 1+, or 2+ bedrooms for minimum settings. Now we are able to provide solid “1 Bedroom Condos in Vancouver” or similar results.
        • Able to search listings by listed date (custom function that is setup on a site-by-site basis, not a default function on search yet).
        Some bug fixes:
        • Page deletion mechanism fixed to avoid empty instance running
        • Lot size and Frontage size calculation was off for REBGV data (they changed the unit increments).
        • Home retrieval function returns boolean on lack of property ID in database (useful for coders to determine whether home exists or not by simply returning the boolean)
        • Semi-transparent image rendering improved on Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome
        • Condo storeys class added, previously only accessible through the data array ($home->story, the database was set up without the “e” so we have to live with the minor typo, as we cannot overhaul all existing sites).
        Feature Improvements:
        • Lead forms are able to send to multiple emails in an array (useful for partnerships or groups)
        • URL fix for Facebook shares when Facebook converts space/semicolon characters to ASCII
        • Google Analytics code update to enable demographic data scraping.
        • Default gallery image size increased to 2400 pixels in light of larger monitors becoming standard (existing sites may need manual adjustment).
        • Added default animate-fade-in elements that can be easily applied for a smoother & more interactive user experience.

        Future Updates Planned

        Here at Brixwork we are committed to continuously upgrade our system and software to keep up with the demand of changing technology. Here’s more items we have on the roadmap:

        • Hourly sync of same-day listings only
        • Instagram feed into your websites
        • User interface changes throughout
        Paper Thickness & Weight: First Impressions2021-10-07T16:48:23+00:00

        Like we said in our article Beautiful Design is Functional Design: What’s on the outside counts, and first impressions matter[…]Websites and printed material that are designed beautifully are also more functional.

        We stand by that statement. First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to print media. When you hand someone a business card or mail out fliers for a new listing, it is the style and quality of that product that is influencing people – for better or for worse.

        As on of our five senses, texture has a great impact on our perception of the world. Think of the satisfaction of that fizzy coca cola. Or imagine the feeling of cashmere against your skin. It makes all the difference and the type of paper you use for your marketing material is no exception.

        The many factors of choosing the right paper stock:

        In order to make a quality decision about what first impression you want your marketing paper to give, you must first understand the many factors that effect what kind of paper will put your best foot forward.

        1. Your market & the image you want- are you are selling homes to a middle class buyer? offering rentals? or grand, luxurious mansions?

        2. Purpose of this print project – is this a wide scale mailout for an open house? a new, upscale business card that you can write notes on? or a professional, clean folder with your own personal style?

        3. Quantity of printing- do you want 50 feature sheets for your open house? or 500 for a mailout?

        4. Budget – money, money, money… it always plays a part and the amount you want to spend can greatly affect the type of stock paper you will want to use.

        Print Graphic Design and picking the right paper thickness

        Thickness: Pros and Cons

        Bigger = Better is often the mantra, but it isn’t always true. Here are some examples:


        1. Thicker paper feels luxurious & serious, like you spent a million bucks on it.

        2. You’re more likely to be taken seriously with a thicker card than thinner counterparts because it FEELS like you’re serious. It feels like you are getting down to business.

        3. It is able to handle specialty applications such as foil stamping better without distortion. This can add some really professional, and – lets face it – pretty cool effects to your print media.

        4. It wins more draw prizes. Thicker paper is more likely to catch the fingers when they draw for that free lunch!


        1. Thicker paper stock prices go up by a big margin! i.e. Our 16pt cards with laminate can be as cheap as $120 (1,000), while a 29pt card can quickly exceed $500. That a big budget difference…

        2. Less cards will fit in your business card holder. You’ll need to keep on top of refilling that stock you cary around with you.

        3. When paper is too thick, it’s hard to fold over without breaking the edges… which means that any colour you have like black will look cracked and peeling on the fold. So folders, folded booklets or pamphlets should be limited to a certain thickness (16pt max, 14 is safer).

        So now that you’ve learned about the pros and cons, when is it ok to use thick paper?

        When to go thick:

        1. Business cards

        2. Single-sheet cards that are not folded

        When to keep it 16pt or under:

        1. Folders or folded feature sheets to avoid cracking.

        2. Lower quantity print-jobs. Thicker paper is more expensive in small quantities than in bulk.

        Printing has such a wide variety of options & specifications that it can be overwhelming. If you are interested in printing with us, please inquire with our design team to discuss your needs.

        We specialize in branding & print media design for real estate agents and will know exactly what will help your print media give the first impression you want.

        6 Benefits of our New Toronto MLS Integration2013-08-27T22:20:10+00:00

        How We Got There

        Years ago, we took the step to integrate our servers to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver MLS (REBGV) to launch one of the finest real estate websites & marketing services for our clients in Vancouver. Since then, we have since expanded our territory to five other Canadian regions—WLS (Whistler Listing System), KADREA (Kamloops & District Real Estate Association), RAHB (Real Estate Association of Hamilton and Burlington), FMRA (Fort McMurray Real Estate Association), and, most recently, TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board). And we cannot forget about our one USA territory, CBOR (Columbia Missouri Board of Realtors) integration that was done a few months ago.

        We have had overwhelming support from real estate agent clients from all around the country, and we have finally taken one big step forward towards the Eastern Canadian region…

        Welcome, Toronto!

        Toronto, now our sixth Canadian region, has been connected to Brixwork via MLS® RETS integration to bring you the best listing search & display results for our clients in Toronto. With special thanks to the lovely staff at TREB, we are now officially launching our services in Toronto, Ontario.

        Our CEO Jeff Kee will be making a business trip to Toronto between September 3rd ~ 12th (2013) with meetings set up with some agents & brokerages. If you wish to have a private consultation, please fill out our contact form and he will do his best to make it happen.

        6 Benefits Of The TREB MLS® Integration via RETS

        Here are some of the Benefits that our Toronto Real Estate Agents, and their clients, can now take advantage of via Brixwork Real Estate Marketing:

        Benefits to Real Estate Agent
        1. More fully branded search tools and pages for clients to use
        2. Effectively define your niche area through pre-defined listing pages
        3. Easy to share listing search results and detail pages by email, social media etc.
        Benefits to Customers
        1. Map based or list-based option to easily search for listings
        2. Easily save search results which auto update any new listings upon future visits
        3. Easy to share listing search results and detail pages by email, social media etc.

        If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at the MLS Integration Page on our website.

        Version 3.9 Released With Updated Infrastructure2013-05-24T23:53:57+00:00

        In the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on releasing our new version of BRIXWORK Real Estate Websites. This update was heavily focused on improving the back-end system. We had some very useful feedback from our clients, and we’ve monitored the parts of the back-end that had the most questions & inquiries around it. This allowed us to identify the parts that our clients found to be most confusing, and presented us with the opportunity to improve our product for the better.

        Listings & MLS® Integration

        This is the most important core of our website system, and ours is very powerful on Google (and a focal point when we develop our software). We have made improvements that will especially benefit our clients who utilize the MLS® Reciprocity. This makes up more than 90% of our clients!

        MLS® to OWN Listing Conversion Module Cleaned Up

        The ability to convert an MLS® sourced listing to your own is an old feature. However we made improvements to the user interface, with more information-filled dialogue that lets you know what is happening. Sometimes MLS® listings take a day or two to be loaded into the public database (then funnelled to the BRIXWORK master database) and the new system clarifies this better.

        Removal Of The Facebook LIKE & Tweet buttons from the back-end

        We had experimented with adding the Facebook LIKE & Twitter Tweet buttons on the back-end, under the HOMES section, to make it easy for you to share your listing. However these modules caused more glitches, slow-downs of the system. We decided it wasn’t worth keeping. Instead we added a quick link module that will let you open the property detail page (the public page for customers) very quickly, and you can use that screen to share your listing on social media. The social media share buttons on the front-end are still intact of course – they are very useful tools for marketing.

        Integration With More MLS® Systems Across North America

        We’ve had growing popularity not only in our home city Vancouver, but across North America. We have now added the following MLS® integrations:

        • Hamilton & Burlington, Ontario
        • Fort McMurray, Alberta
        • Columbia, Missouri

        You can see the full list of the MLS® Reciprocity integrations we offer for real estate websites here.

        Other Modules Improved

        Text Editor & Other Code Structure Updated to Latest Version

        The user interface modules that we leverage are constantly updated, so we like to keep on top of that as well. The modules updated include:

        • TinyMCE (Text content editor for pages & listings)
        • jQuery & jQueryUI (user interface modules such as the tabs, buttons, drag & drop modules etc.)
        • Image Cropper module

        Website Email Generation System Improved

        The email forms throughout our clients’ websites have been improved further. We now use a dedicated outbound email service provider at a nominal cost. This system allows for great deliverability of emails in a quick timeframe. But even more interesting is that this system allows us to track the open/click/geographic statistics of the emails generated, which can be turned into valuable marketing data later.

        What’s Planned For Future Updates

        Some items we are planning to improve upon include more support for rental modules, as well as generating link snippets for Craigslist postings. Also the pages module will receive some upgrades to make it easier to navigate between top pages and sub-pages. As always, we’re working hard to improve our infrastructure!

        Version 3.8.7 Released with User Interface Refinements2017-10-10T23:26:20+00:00

        This is our first software upgrade across the BRIXWORK system in Q2 of 2013, and here’s what’s been improved. This upgrade focused mostly on the user interface in the back-end of your BRIXWORK Real Estate Website platform.

        Accidentally Leaving Page During Editing

        Some clients experienced issues when editing a property or a page, they would accidentally go back a step, or leave the page in some other way. This posed the problem of losing unsaved edits. We improved our system by implementing scripts that prevent the user from accidentally leaving the page. Unless the system is prompted to switch you to another page, or you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom, you’ll be given a prompt that asks you if you’re sure you want to leave the current page.

        If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

        If you hit the backspace button, or another link by mistake, this pops up to ensure you intended the action.

        This functionality is currently available on the Homes edit page, as well as Pages edit page. We will be rolling this out for the Buildings/Resources sections in the weeks to come.

        Identical City/Subarea Display Fixed

        As we are expanding our MLS® Reciprocity integration to other cities across Canada & USA (new updated list coming soon), we noticed that some smaller areas have the same City/Subarea name. When this happens, we had some awkward displays on the website where it would say “Burlington, Burlington” for example. To mitigate this, we updated our codebase so that if the names are an identical match, it truncates it into just “Burlington”.

        MLS® Listing to Own Listing Conversion Photo Glitch

        When converting an MLS® reciprocity database listing to your “OWN” listing, some clients in different jurisdictions other than Vancouver had issues where the photos won’t come in. We’ve fixed that issue, and positively tested the photos flowing into the local website when this conversion happens.

        Multiple Office Locations Supported

        Some brokerages have multiple Office IDs assigned from the board. Many clients started asking for an “Office Listings” page that displays listings within the brokerage only. To address clients who wish to display listings from all branches of a brokerage, we’ve updated our listing retrieval module to allow multiple Office IDs. If you wish to expand your “Office Listings” parameters to include other branches within your brokerage, please submit a support ticket with the office codes and we’ll handle it.

        Lead Forms On Websites Updated

        The email forms on your websites (on your listing display pages as well as contact & other pages) have been universally updated. Since we switched our email routing to a much more secure channel to avoid your leads ending up in spam, the delay has increased by a few seconds. To mitigate this, we have included a pop up that shows a progress bar indicating that the work is in progress. While this is a very minor change in the user interface, it has a great impact on keeping the users engaged to your website.

        Rental Modules

        You will notice a new “Rental” tab when editing a home. While this feature is enabled on the back-end on a beta mode, it takes extra installation labour to make it happen on the front-end. We will be offering setup of Rental sections on our clients’ websites upon request, and with a nominal set-up fee. This feature is still in beta mode. You are welcome to enter things and fiddle around with it, but it won’t show the rental only features on your website.


        August 27, 2021

        Tri-Cities Realtor® Website Showcase

        We work with Realtors® across the Tri-Cities area to establish a memorable online presence. Browse stunning websites designed for Royal LePage & RE/MAX agents.

        Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

        October 12, 2021

        3.5 Billion Users Were Stranded When the Facebook Network Went Down

        Our clients deserve the best, which is why we are consistently upgrading and improving our software. Better analytics, faster image load speed, and much more!

        Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates, Features & Development

        October 3, 2021

        Listing Presentations & Buyers Guide Booklets, Supercharged

        You deserve better than generic, mass-produced, templatized listing presentations or buyers guidebooks. Stand out amongst thousands of competing Realtors®!

        Written By Jeff Kee | Design & Visuals, Technology & Trends

        March 25, 2021

        Project Marketing For Presales Showcase

        At Brixwork, we work with developers of all project scales to develop a detailed marketing plan top to bottom to give your project the presence it deserves.

        Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Marketing

        December 27, 2021

        We Are Hiring – Entry Level Front-End Coder / Tech Support!

        If you like creating beautiful things online, and would like to work in a dynamic team, and learn new skills in this industry, this job is for you.

        Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

        January 19, 2021

        Century 21 Agents & Brokerages Website Design Showcase

        Brand compliance doesn't mean you cannot stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these gems for Century 21 brokerages & agents across Canada!

        Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

        April 30, 2021

        Brixwork Version 4.574 For Better Analytics

        Our clients deserve the best, which is why we are consistently upgrading and improving our software. Better analytics, faster image load speed, and much more!

        Written By Jessica Hussey | Company Updates, Features & Development

        October 25, 2020

        Hiring – A Content Curator & Social Media Manager Position

        Do you enjoy writing and communicating? Are you able to learn new software & tools quickly? Do you want to be part of the growing digital media & marketing industry? Are you comfortable with leveraging social media reach? Do you want to work hard, learn fast, and have fun? Check out our latest job opening.

        Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

        October 29, 2020

        3 Benefits of Having Community Guide Pages on your Website

        Custom content pages are a gold-mine for Google™ and even better you can curate the pages to your audience and entice readers to stay longer. Take a peek at what the 3 key benefits of community pages are.

        Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion

        November 12, 2020

        Hiring – Production Line Graphic Designer

        Join our team to create beautiful visuals in one of the most active niches in Canada - marketing real estate. We are a boutique firm with in-house design only.

        Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

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