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Offering Edmonton Real Estate Website with EREB IDX Integration!2020-03-31T01:14:55+00:00

We Design Edmonton Real Estate Websites with MLS® IDX (Reciprocity)!

In 2017, we successfully integrated with the MLS® IDX Reciprocity feed from the EREB (Edmonton Real Estate Board). Over the years we’ve had significant demand and inquiries to expand to Alberta. For many years, we did not pull the trigger as our existing demand from the BC Regions (especially our hometeam region in Vancouver & Lower Mainland) kept us more than busy as we expanded our client base and team size at a great pace.

Esposito Team Real Estate Edmonton Listing GalleryEsposito Team Edmonton Real Estate agent mobile view team

Our latest Edmonton Real Estate team Website Launched – Esposito Team

The Esposito Team (Edmonton Realtor®)’s website is a prime showcase for our Edmonton MLS® integration! Not only does this site feature a custom-designed and branded marketing page, but it also has our comprehensive MLS® search tools and pre-set listing pages built in to highlight some of the key regions that this team is active in.

Esposito Team Portfolio
Esposito Team Real Estate Team Responsive Website Design

Our MLS integrations offer several benefits to our Real Estate Agents:

Easy, Accessible MLS® Search for Customers

  • Quickly filter by city, area & property type

  • Further narrow down by bedrooms, bathrooms, size, price

  • Look for Waterfront, Ski-Hill Properties etc.

  • Mobile-Friendly search form with finger-drag sliders

Google & Facebook/Social Ready!

  • City/Subarea dense URLs for better indexing on Google

  • More properties on Google through deep indexing across cities/subareas/pages

  • Higher chance of being shown in search results through better city/area/street keywords in URL and page

  • Looks great when shared on Facebook or other social media through proper Open Graph image/title/description tags

Are you an Edmonton Area Real Estate Agent seeking to improve your online presence?

Our boutique designed templates and customization options, along with our new MLS® integration, can help you reach new heights!

Apart from great websites, we also provide boutique branding & logo design to help you set you apart in this very competitive field.

Our Portfolio
Website Templates
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Introducing Fairview

Check out our newest and most sophisticated Template yet!

Ready for ultimate performance and looks? Fairview got them for you. Our newest template comes fully equipped to serve Edmonton Real Estate Agents.

Discover Fairview

Suit-up for your next meeting.

Whether it’s a listing presentation you need, or a buyers/investors handbook, Brixwork’s design team has you covered.

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    Designed With Purpose – Functional Website Upgrade Showcase For 2018 Q12018-05-10T00:11:01+00:00

    How Do You Stand Out Amidst More Competition and Fewer Sales?

    April 2018 marked the lowest sales activity in the Lower Mainland. With more real estate agents in the foray than ever, this means increased competition for everybody.

    Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal. Built on top of on our premium templates, we offer a variety of custom design options for individualized upgrades that can help you find your own voice.  Helping you get your unique message & successful stories out is a big part of our work. Every custom project starts with a consult & discovery of what makes you special!

    Today we feature some of our favorite custom-design projects from the first quarter of 2018 that we are exceptionally proud of!

    Devon Owen

    • Facts & Figures Based Case Study, Custom Designed & Animated

    • Days on Market and Sold/Asking Price Ratio To Showcase Proven Results

    • Beautifully designed mission statement and word-art design

    View Case Study

    Ali Mahmoudi’s Custom Designed Homepage & Sign-Up Page

    • Beautiful & Bold niche definition intro with extra-thick typography and beautiful photography

    • West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Downtown featured prominently

    • Direct call-to-actions for newsletter sign-up and agent intro

    View Case Study

    Sidra Subzwari – Fully Custom-Tailored Website

    Sidra Subzwari Real estate marketing website design display

    View Case Study

    What Sets You Apart From Other Real Estate Agents?

    Whether it’s your solid performance, a specialized niche in specific presales, or being a neighbourhood/community expert, there’s always something that sets you apart in this competitive market.

    How will you swim through increased competition?

    There are more real estate agents entering the market, as well as many well-established agents with a solid foundation. A custom-designed solution from Brixwork can help you make a unique statement while still utilizing the great SaaS platform that we offer with full MLS® integration with many real estate boards across Canada.

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      Brixwork Version 4.4 Launching With Speed & Function updates2018-04-19T05:54:27+00:00

      Faster Page Content Load Mechanism!

      Major speed & load mechanism upgrades, auto-add to Mailchimp lists, and some user interface upgrades to make your website function better & easier to use!

      More Speed Upgrades (Up to 3X)

      Over the years our page content system was upgraded significantly to offer more functionalities – custom fields, attached main images & PDFs, excerpts, custom meta titles/descriptions and more! These processes tend to tack on top of each other as we build, and it was time for a major overhaul.

      Without affecting front-end functionality, we managed to re-arrange the system so that the data retrieval takes a fraction of the time & effort it used to. This means your websites load faster (our testing showed as little as 1/3 of the time to load) while reducing the load on the server to decrease lags during peak traffic times. A big shout-out to the Neacsu Denner Team (Luxury West Vancouver Real Estate Specialists) for working with us to provide feedback on these speed improvements!

      Mailchimp Integration

      Mailchimp is our recommended email marketing system for newsletters & listing updates. The Brixwork core has been upgraded so that you can enter your Mailchimp account API key to allow automatic addition of emails from any contact form trigger. Thank you to Colin & Lynn at Nest Presales (Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam Presale Specialists) for inspiring and providing feedback for this upgrade!

      To utilize this feature, your contact forms must indicate that ongoing promotional/marketing emails will be sent to the recipient. Some of our newer websites have been built with this feature in mind. For older websites built before 2018-04, you may need to invest into some minor re-design or re-arrangement of the pages before enabling this feature.

      Ensuring you remain within the CASL legislation’s boundaries is 100% your responsibility as the business owner, and Brixwork does not assume responsibility to any penalties/damages caused by enabling this feature before you consult the CASL regulations or your lawyer/managing broker/real estate council.

      User Interface Upgrades

      While some of these upgrades were already rolled out ahead of time, the listings & buildings screens have been updated on the back-end. . Our real estate websites aim to help you get the update done faster & easier, and we continue to research ways to help our Realtors® save time.

      • Slimmer rows for each home/building- this made scanning through a long list easier, as well as quicker drag & drop to re-order items
      • Fixed a glitch in the photo gallery upload module where the photos didn’t always upload in the order in which it displays on your computer when you drag & drop multiple photos.

      A big thank you to Kylie Waters of the Rockel Group (Vancouver Westside and Eastside Luxury Marketing Specialists) for catching the photo bug and helping us test the successful fix!

      MICRO UPDATE – Further Tweaks for 4.404

      As our overall network traffic (measured by bandwidth) increased over 20% in March & April compared to the previous 4+ months. This traffic increase was attributed to:

      • Increase in the real estate market in general
      • Some of our top traffic sites had even bigger improvement in visitors
      • Some of our SEO campaigned realtor websites have seen as much as 300%+
      • Our team is building & deploying lots of new websites!

      We noticed some other lags and some bursts of slow times when Google (and other) bots would crawl through our websites in mass. In the micro version update 4.404 released on April 18th, we introduced more measures to speed up thumbnail feeding on photo galleries, which was taking a significant amount of resources, and saw double-digit drops in server utility load.

      What this means in simpler terms – we found more engineering finesse to help our sites load faster with less burden on the servers, so that traffic spikes & popularity spikes do not affect our network as much. Our testing shows that the impact of such spikes was barely noticeable after this upgrade.

      Future Upgrade Roadmap

      Better buildings & listings filtering

      In the coming development sessions, we aim to make our listings & buildings pages on the back-end more user friendly by enabling filtering the items by name/street and/or status to make it faster & easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Many of our clients are high-volume, high-performing real estate agents – we are accommodating our back-end structure to ensure we keep up with the top-performers!

      Listings Browse History Tracking

      For any leads who enter their email addresses into your contact forms, you will be able to see which properties and which MLS® search filters the visitor used before entering their information. This will allow you to more effectively help these new clients out based on their desires & requirements.

      SSL Now Available on Brixwork Real Estate Websites!2018-08-14T00:43:43+00:00

      SSLs Now Available on Brixwork Real Estate Websites!

      The search engine world has evolved, as well as browser standards for website security. Offering SSLs on our websites is one major step we are taking to offer better performance for our clients’ websites.

      What is an SSL, and why is it needed on Realtor® websites?

      UPDATE (2018-06-05) – Starting sometime in July 2018, the newer versions of Chrome & Firefox will start displaying an unsettling “Not Secure” warning on all websites without an SSL Certificate installed & activated. These two browsers make up for more than 50% of browser usage in Canada, with similar statistics shown across the USA.

      These type of warnings can be unsettling and potentially turn off a visitor from browsing through your real estate website, or use the contact form to submit their email/phone number/name.

      SSLs encrypt and secure any data exchanged by your visitors submitted to your website. In case of Brixwork websites, this pertains mainly to the contact/inquiry forms, which are a major lead generating tool for our customers (and a high-performing one too, especially on listing detail pages).

      SSLs were traditionally not essential for websites without an e-commerce element, but recent changes by Google to give a slightly higher ranking/score for SSL-protected websites meaning this can potentially help your website rank higher – meaning there are other benefits to an SSL Installation than just avoiding scary warnings.

      These new changes in the internet landscape made SSLs highly beneficial, and worth the labour & costs involved – even on real estate websites without any credit card transactions.

      Do not purchase your own SSL!

      Brixwork has a supplier & workflow ready to streamline this. Because of the workflow & automations, we are NOT able to install SSLs purchased from 3rd parties on our websites.

      Learn More About The Details & Costs

      Website Pricing Page
      SSL FAQ Page

      We currently have SSLs priced at $10/mth per domain. For more information on costs & pricing, please visit our website pricing page. Or to learn more about our SSL installation & subscription and the details, please visit our SSL FAQ page.

      To proceed with ordering the SSL, please submit a ticket to, or use our contact form below to initiate the order (existing clients only).

      Get a safe SSL-enabled website that works for you

      Contact Us

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        Angell Hasman & Associates Websites Showcase2018-05-10T00:36:13+00:00

        Succesful online, successful in business
        Angell Hasman & Associates Websites

        Elegance and Ingenuity. Those are the vital elements on Angell Hasman & Associates websites brand. Their unique online footprint directly supports their success.

        Angell Hasman has been operating for over two decades, and in that period they have established themselves as one of the leading elite brokerages in Vancouver. With an incomparable volume of luxury sales in West and North Vancouver, they are at the top of the industry.

        Clean Design and Powerful Search Tools

        Angell Hasman needed a website that would showcase not only an excellent layout but also a structure that was powerful enough to manage a whole team. This had to be accomplished while keeping high loading speeds, along with comfortable and clean navigation for visitors.

        View Case Study

        angell hasman website design display

        angell hasman mobile website design display

        A website keeping all these goals in mind

        • Custom designed case studies

        • Agents roster & attached listings

        • MLS® Reciprocity and Featured Listings

        • Luxury Events Photo Gallery

        • Full compatibility on mobile devices

        Individual Brokerage Websites

        We continued to keep those values in mind when we developed some of the most beautiful websites for individual Realtors from Angell Hasman. Today we are showcasing a broad range of templated websites to fully customized masterpieces.

        Sidra Subzwari

        View Case Study

        Nick Neacsu

        View Case Study

        Neacsu Denner

        View Case Study

        D.J. Denner

        View Case Study

        Alfie Yang

        View Case Study

        Joe Isberg

        View Case Study
        View All Case Studies

        A united team makes a powerful online presence

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          Notable Real Estate Websites Launched in 20172017-10-10T03:29:15+00:00

          Bigger & Better Initial Impressions

          The new websites we want to showcase today have some key improvements compared to many of our previous years’ projects. One of the bigger focus was on having a Cinematic Intro on many website sections such as the homepage & team pages, or the listing detail pages which is an entry point for visitors almost 40% of the time.

          Full width images with menu items overlaid on top, as well as video background intros became more popular. Optimization for mobile devices for a better first look was also a major focus – not only for visual purposes, but also for load-time purposes. There have been many engineering improvements under-the-hood that contribute towards a much faster loading time, which is loved by both clients and Google™.

          How Customization Can Help Realtors®

          Truth is that every real estate agent in town has equal access to the current MLS® listings, all sales history of any property, as well as the same statistics provided by each respective real estate board. Even our template websites get the hand-crafted attention to match the colours & text, as well as the overall feel, to your brand specifically. Our customized websites help to distinguish our agents even further from the crowd. Impressions do matter, and therefore custom designed real estate websites with hand-crafted labour behind them makes all the difference.

          Not only is it better looking – but having a brand-specific message, with a unique set of content helps your website stand apart from the crowd on search engines as well. Content is king when it comes to SEO.

          Ken Stef (Custom Designed Website)

          ken stef real estate branding and website design
          ken stef real estate branding and website design

          Cinematic Intro Homepage with Video

          Ken Stef (Vancouver Westside Realtor® specializing in luxury residences)’s custom illustrated branding was brought to life beautifully in this custom designed website.

          View Case Study

          Kevin Lam (Custom Designed Website)

          Vancouver Realtor® Kevin Lam Custom Website Design
          Mobile Responsive Real Estate Website Design for Kevin Lam

          Custom Listing Icons with Cinematic Intro

          Another beautiful usage of the Cinematic Intro, but with a gorgeous Vancouver photography gallery is showcased on Kevin Lam’s website. His listing gallery icons were also customized to be a seamless tile of 3-per-row with a neat hover effect for better information delivery of real estate listings.

          View Case Study

          Nest Presales (Presale/Building Search Enabled)

          Vancouver and Burnaby Presales Map Search Website Design
          Vancouver and Burnaby Presales Map Search Website Design

          Presales and Buildings Google™ Maps Search

          Nest Presales has a more specific niche which our team helped them capitalize upon. Not only is there presale search module easy to use, but coupled with the amount of rich information on the presale buildings, their website has performed outstandingly well on the Google Traffic front.

          View Case Study
          Other Case Studies
          Inquire About Your Website

          3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Property Detail Page2019-06-20T23:07:33+00:00


          With almost 40% of site landings occurring on listing detail pages, the homepage is no longer the only home base


          Our Google™ Analytics data shows that more than a third of visitors land on listing or building detail pages of real estate websites. This means that your property detail page can mean a lot more for your branding! Your homepage is no longer the only first impression of your website – your listing section should be as beautiful as your homepage.

          #1 – It’s Often Your First Impression!

          As mentioned above, if almost 40% of your visitors are seeing the listing/property/building detail page first, this is your storefront in the digital world. Making sure this page looks even better, with your branding fully present, can make a big difference in brand awareness and repeat visits.

          “New visitors spend an average of 2 minutes 31 seconds on site compared with 5 minutes 31 seconds for returning visitors.”

          – From The KissMetrics Blog (8 Important Stats From 18,000 Websites)

          #2 – More Features & Better Google Performance

          More 3D tours, PDF floorplans and other custom features available offer your visitors much more to enjoy, while giving Google much more valuable data to index on your website. This is a far superior investment to creating single-property websites on a case-by-case basis. Boost your image & ranking at the same time!

          #3 – Make Your Clients Even Happier

          Every homeowner loves being featured in the spotlight. Our listing detail page upgrades allow you to showcase your own listings with far better design & photos than the 3rd party listings fed from the MLS® Reciprocity systems. When these pages are shared on Facebook and found on Google, they will look fantastic – making your homeowners even more excited!

          Westlynn, North Vancouver listing by Ali Mahmoudi

          Recommended Upgrades for Listing/Building Detail Pages

          Cinematic Intro

          • Gorgeous first impression with the full-width photo of the property that fills up the screen from the top!

          • Great placement of your brand on top of the lead photo, along with the key navigation features

          • Easy browsing for visitors by presenting the most critical data first

          Even More Media (3D Tours, PDF Floorplans, Videos)

          • More flexibility to add custom home tours from your own sources

          • 360 Home Tours, Matterport and many other tours embeddable

          • Home tour videos via Youtube & Vimeo supported

          • Floorplan and brochures in PDF format can be attached as well

          • Search engines crawl content within PDFs as well, giving you more exposure on Google™

          • Further enhanced for easy mobile photo browsing

          Check Out Our Portfolio

          Contact us for a consult today

          Sign Up
          Contact Us

          Your Brand & Presence Expanded Further

          • More custom designed elements to bolster your own brand

          • Custom-coloured Google™ Maps® to match your colours

          • Agent(s) photo and information repeated for further brand recognition

          • Brokerage websites can have 1, 2 or 3 co-listing agents featured with photos

          Our Listing Detail Pages Are Great Out Of The Box

          All of our stock listing detail pages already come with the following great features:

          • Mobile-responsive design, built-in

          • Standard Google™ Maps® and Streetview®

          • Search-engine optimized URL and Title/Keywords with city/area focus

          • Rental-specific data such as Pets Allowed/Disallowed, Furnished/Unfurnished (for property managers)

          • Social-Share friendly tag structure to maximize your exposure

          Do the drapes match the carpet?

          Did you know you can also upgrade your listing page, so it’s consistent with the great custom visuals on your listing detail pages?
          Why Upgrade Your Listings Gallery Page?
          Custom Website Design
          Branding & Logo Design
          Portfolios & Case Studies

          Beautiful Design is Functional Design2017-11-03T00:24:22+00:00

          Not just a pretty face

          What’s on the outside counts, and first impressions matter. But also think of the phrase, “not just a pretty face”, and that’s what we’re all about. Websites and printed material that are designed beautifully are also more functional.

          Whether it is creating a great first impression or helping the customer to use the product seamlessly, a clear, simple design enhances every aspect of a product’s quality. In this article, we will discuss how beautiful simplicity appeals to a customer’s three main desires – functionality, ease of use, and a visually appealing design – and why those apply to real estate marketing.


          Simplicity is Key

          Unless you’re designing a cockpit for a Boeing 747, targeted only towards very highly trained professional pilots, the design of a product must be clear & simple, allowing untrained customers to easily get a grasp of it. Take the iPad, or the iPhone as an example – a brilliantly simple design that captivated dozens of millions of users around the world – as a well-designed consumer product.

          With a minimal number of buttons and on-screen instructions, it creates a clear set of choices to the user. This avoids confusion and complex directions for the customer. It’s no wonder the product was a massive success!

          How we apply these principles to our websites:

          We believe in easy & minimalist navigation options.


          We’ve all been to those websites that have a seemingly endless number of things to click on, then gotten lost and confused and, probably, didn’t even find what we were looking for. When people are faced with poor navigation options, the majority of them will impatiently leave your website, or hit the “back” button to go back to the Google results. Google also detects these Bounce Rates which can potentially hurt your search engine rankings!

          Pairing a simple navigation system with great photos peaks interest and desire. People love looking at and clicking on beautiful things. With a fantastic set of photos for your listings, people will stay longer on your site.


          By offering potential and current clients a fewer number of  navigation options via clear grouping, visitors can easily find the answers they want and know that communicating with you will be the same. That’s how we design our real estate websites. 

          • Keeps potential customers on your website longer
          • Engages your brand further
          • Generates more leads

          How these tactics lead to a better visitor experience and better results for you:

          The longer a customer stays on your website, the longer they are exposed to your brand & name, thus putting you in the front-of-mind awareness zone.


          More Time X Brand =  More Brand Exposure


          Another important aspect of the length of time spent on your website is Google’s analytics of visitor behaviour. As a potential client spends time on your website, Google monitors the time spend and evaluates how valuable your website is to users.

          The more value that Google places on your website, the higher your search engine ranking can go. This of course leads to higher volume of visitors, converting into higher number of leads.



          Listings & photos are the easy winners when it comes to page views

          Taking up 95% of page views, the homepage & listing pages are the most popular pages on a Real Estate website. Like it or not, page views are still heavily focused on listings & listing photos, as opposed to About, Contact, and other pages.

          First Impressions and other marketing strategies:


          On the web

          The moment a visitor first opens up your website, the first impression is made. You wouldn’t walk into a first meeting with a client wearing track suits, and your website shouldn’t do so either. Your website is your digital first impression.



          On Paper

          This applies to your printed material as well. When you hand someone a business card, the thickness, feel & design is judged. Is your presentation folder neat & heavy enough to make that impression? What about your listing sheets?


          Now that you know how important design is, get better looking!

          Brixwork Real Estate Marketing offers a full range of services for agents looking to make the best first impression, and a lasting one.

          We offer web design, branding, social media marketing, search engine optimization, business cards, print media for mail outs, open houses and more. Our experts have been hand picked for their design skills and are ready to offer you their full attention.

          As a high end, graphic design boutique, we are able to give you the best of the best. Your success is our goal.

          Beauty and elegance should not have to be sacrificed in the name of function.

          When designing a product to entice and please potential customers, functionality is key… and a clear, beautiful design takes the product to the next level. We can help you do just that.

          If you are interested in learning more take a look through:

          Custom Website Portfolio
          Branding & Print Media Design
          Sign-Up to Get Started Now

          3 Stand-Out Instagram Posts for Real Estate Agents2018-12-17T21:32:52+00:00

          Instagram is extremely popular as the second most used social media platform after Facebook (it is also owned by Facebook) and its instantaneous mobile reach to your audience is incredibly valuable.

          To Help Our Realtors Capitalize On Instagram & Facebook

          We’ve all seen the “Happy Holidays” or similar postings throughout Instagram, but many of them are poorly designed, or regurgitated from an meme-creation website, and it lacks the finesse you deserve. This year we are introducing our own line of pre-designed holiday postings to be fully branded to your own specs (limited to Brixwork subscribers only – if you wish to sign up with us, click here).

          Branded Holiday Instagram Postings For Real Estate Agents

          We have thoughtfully pre-designed some Instagram post images that can be altered to quickly fit into your brand and business. To avoid too many duplicate copies, we are limiting these for use of Brixwork clients only, and no other entities are permitted to use these custom designed elements without written permission from Brixwork.

          Order Now

          Halloween Posting (Oct 31st)

          Halloween Instagram Posting

          Castles, Cats & Bats

          Simple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

          Customization Offered: Placement of your branding. Halloween colours are set & finalized. 1 Draft, 1 Revisions offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
          Cost: $58




          Thanksgiving Meme (Oct 10th in Canada, Nov 24th in USA)

          Instagram Photo For Thanksgiving - Realtors

          Word Art!

          The ever-so-popular, attention grabbing, witty & crafty word-art meme, custom designed by Brixwork! They are very popular on Social Media. This can be quickly customized to your branding. Note that the order deadline for Canadian Thanksgiving is already over (October), and we are providing this for our US customers.

          Customization Offered: The background colour, text colour, and the business name at the bottom. Note that we did not include any room for a logo on this one – your logo emblem will be visible above the image with your username clearly on Instagram however. 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate.
          Cost: $58


          Christmas Posting (Dec 25th)

          Xmas Instagram Posting Option A for RealtorsXmas Instagram Posting Option B For RealtorsSimple, yet striking contrasts to pop out from the queue of Instagram posts this Halloween can be yours!

          Customization Offered: The colours adjusted to your brand, and placement of your branding. While we used black & white to simplify, feel free to get colourful on this one! 1 Draft, 1 Revision offered. Additional customization to be billed at our regular design rate. 
          Cost: $88



          New Year & Chinese New Year Postings

          Coming Soon from our design team!

          To Order Your Own Instagram Postings click on the link below to fill out the form, or email us directly at!

          Order Now

          Why Instagram?

          Instagram is one of our most recommended methodologies for our real estate agents for better social media brand awareness because:

          • The sporadic nature of access (no bloat – purely images/videos). More people quickly check their Instagram feeds between tasks, while in line, during lunch, etc.
          • The visual nature of it (more focus on photos rather than its descriptions) means it’s better for branding propagation.
          • Easier to be discovered – the Explore feature on Instagram is more often used by people to find fresh new media, giving you more exposure even to those you are not connected to (yet). This is the stark difference between Instagram and Facebook, as Facebook posts are available to those who have you as a Friend already (unless you run a paid/sponsored ad).
          • Easy to share to Your Website & Facebook – Our in-house developed Instagram widget automatically posts all of your Instagram photos directly on your website. You can view a demo on Nick Neacsu (West Vancouver Realtor®). As you post your pictures on Instagram, you can immediately share it to Facebook & Twitter as well. Time saved is time earned.
          • The user base is still on the climb, meaning the potentials are even greater. Since the introduction of Instagram stories, many users are expected to ditch Snapchat and use Instagram even more!

          Social Media Is About Consistency

          Constantly being noticed is what Instagram, Facebook and other similar online outlets do for you, and social media marketing is a long-term game of brand recognition rather than immediate advertisement.


          “Through this post I should get a lead. If not, it’s ineffective.”

          The Truth:

          “Let people know who I am, what I do, and how much I love doing it, and be remembered as the go-to person for real estate.”

          April 30, 2021

          Brixwork Version 4.574 For Better Analytics

          Our clients deserve the best, which is why we are consistently upgrading and improving our software. Better analytics, faster image load speed, and much more!

          Written By Jessica Hussey | Company Updates, Features & Development

          April 30, 2021

          British Columbia Realtor® Website Showcase

          We work with Realtors® all over B.C to look their best online. Check out how we ensue each unique Realtor® is given the presence they deserve.

          Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Marketing

          March 25, 2021

          Project Marketing For Presales Showcase

          At Brixwork, we work with developers of all project scales to develop a detailed marketing plan top to bottom to give your project the presence it deserves.

          Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients, Marketing & Promotion, Social Media & Marketing

          January 19, 2021

          Century 21 Agents & Brokerages Website Design Showcase

          Brand compliance doesn't mean you cannot stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these gems for Century 21 brokerages & agents across Canada!

          Written By Jessica Hussey | Design & Visuals, Featured Clients

          October 29, 2020

          3 Benefits of Having Community Guide Pages on your Website

          Custom content pages are a gold-mine for Google™ and even better you can curate the pages to your audience and entice readers to stay longer. Take a peek at what the 3 key benefits of community pages are.

          Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion

          November 12, 2020

          Hiring – Production Line Graphic Designer

          Join our team to create beautiful visuals in one of the most active niches in Canada - marketing real estate. We are a boutique firm with in-house design only.

          Written By Jeff Kee | Company Updates

          September 18, 2020

          Instagram Dos and Don’ts for Realtors

          Good design, consistency and originality on Instagram posts will help you create an impressive feed that will outshine all of the other thousands of Real Estate professionals. Check out the do's and don'ts for Instagram!

          Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

          July 15, 2020

          Digital Dominance for Real Estate Agents in a COVID World

          Modern business requires modern tools. Here are a list of critical cloud software & apps that every real estate professional can use to increase efficiency & close more deals.

          Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Marketing & Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing, Technology & Trends

          April 14, 2020

          Ways To Increase Online Presence & Brand Awareness for Real Estate

          There is increased online presence & brand awareness for real estate during COVID-19 crisis. Check out great ways to increase your website engagement here!

          Written By Martyna Noworyta | Design & Visuals, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Marketing

          July 15, 2019

          Offering Edmonton Real Estate Website with EREB IDX Integration!

          Hello Edmonton! Brixwork has completed the integration of the EREB MLS® IDX (Reciprocity) system. We are bringing our beautiful website templates with great search engine & social media performance to Edmonton real estate agents! Take a look through our website design options!

          Written By Jeff Kee | Features & Development

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